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  1. I’m still new to the game and have only played with Fett once (he died kinda quick) was wondering what everyone thought about a list that uses both bounty hunters.
  2. LAAT and republic commandos would make me play republic as my main army I think. The more and more I think about it though CIS will be getting some fun stuff.
  3. Well that’s pretty neat. The more I think about it the more I want to play separatists.
  4. I was just reading the description for the clone wars base set. It looks like there are two wheeled and two shooting posed models in the base set. Or am I reading this wrong?
  5. How will this change the squadron game? What would that be like 60 points for fighters?
  6. It wouldn’t surprise me. That was my first thought as well. The layout of the board suggests it’s expadable. I could see two expansions the mid rim and the galactic core.
  7. I have two fantasy flight play mats. I'm looking for a storage and carrying solution for them. Ive seen some people use the document tubes I was wondering if they are large enough for two mats. Thanks much!
  8. Armada could end in the next year for all I care as long as the come out with the Dreadnaught first! Always been one of my farorite Capitol ships!
  9. I'll be in KC someware between the 14 and the 18. Is there someware I could catch a game or two?
  10. 4 friends and I meet up at Meta Games Unlimited every Sunday at 2:00 pm to play the Star Wars LCG. There is a rather large following of netrunner in the area and would like to see more Star Wars players make it out and play. Just Pm me on the boards for more info!
  11. I live in Springfield and would love to find some people to play X-Wing with. Right now I've been playing with my roommate. The lack of wave 1 ship availability is making my local game store not want to run tournaments for it.
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