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  1. Hello dear Micronauts I am Professor Tortuga, some french mad scientist researching Micromutants around the world ! I'm sending you this message to say Micro menace is spreading onto the world, because some new armies have been discovered by our services ! We are a little community but we would be proud to see you and your comments on the blog :we made a Fan Blog about micro mutants and we sent our creations: You'll know the gasterorists ( Terrorist snails), Myrmyztecs ( Aztecs ants), Mare Fructos (from Sunken Atlantis), Staphylum Microman Imperium (discovered in the ruins of Pompei and Xenomutants ( Creatures from outer space like Alien Movies). You can download directly on the website PDF's with Unit Powers, and the drawings too ! Just print the drawings on sticker paper and stick it on blank counters. Print the cards to know the powers: They are ready to play ! We have another army, not completely ready yet, the Anarchykopters (Anarchist Dragonflies). Not all these armies are in english but we can translate if you are curious ! Check regularly for news ! Deeply sorry for my bad english. This is the blog adress: http://micromutants.canalblog.com/
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