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  1. The constantin pattern gun cutter is massive! I do have a recommendation and remove the seating. Or if you will have seating have it on the walls and one central pylon. The current positions are not conducive for an assault. Also cargo space is not necessary. Have a look at the C-130 and how it uses its cargo space. Very little weaponry for anything but a civilian transport. Not enough storage! Any armoury would be on the top deck, instead of the lower deck. You may also want to have a survival pack which is accessible from inside/outside.
  2. "They spit on me" 10 points to you for figuring that adventure idea out ^^ Equally it could be like Enemy at the Gates. The 40k version of Stalingrad...
  3. Change the environment. Small cramped situations. No direct visibility. Things that shrug off bullet damage. Have a rival sniper. Have chaos of civilians. Also you can force them have to deal more with other situations. See what you can do to highlight the other characters whether in or out of combat. An entire adventure to kill off an imperial guardsman who has gone off the reservation may be interesting.
  4. How deep do you really wish to look? How deep are the desires that you are seeking. We are not interested in the experience but in the yearning, the want, the desire. A man who has a larder full of food, his hands thick with fat, is not a true worshipper of Slaneesh. The one who kills him, roasts his body and uses it to feed the starving populace hammering outside his high walls is. The man who covets his brother's happiness, the wife who seeks her beauty are the true secret cultists of Slaanesh. Often they are unaware of their descent into the realm of chaos worship until it's too late. I's not our act of consummation. It was the dalliance. It was your empty promises. It was you lowering your inhibitions. It was your shyness turning to forcefulness. It was your single minded hunger consuming your very spirit. And when your want was complete, you turned to seek out the next. Now Slaanesh has entered your heart.
  5. I'd be looking to playing in a play-by-email game of Black Crusade. One that demands a post a week (opposed to every day or even multiple posts on the same day).
  6. Thank you for the update Claw. Unortunately my training and work schedule would not allow me to consistently post every few days. If I end up posted on geparde status, may end up disappearing for a few months at a time with little to no prior notice. Good luck on finding players. -C
  7. I'd be interested in playing a character. Maybe someone picked up on the space hulk? Can you tell me more a bit the game and also about commitment level? Are you expecting players to respond every day/week/intermittently?
  8. Slaneesh, but then again I have been known to even make jello hard.
  9. Perhaps we should just call it a brew? http://comicsagogo.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/asterix-and-tea.jpg For me recaf means any caffeineted drink. It could be an energy drink, Irn-Bru, tea coca leaves or coffee. It can also be some kind of synthetic variant of amphetamine that colours the water and tastes bitter when drunk. Like soycaf, it's not the name it's the world over children are told that this is a "grown ups drink" .
  10. We played through two scenarios. Shokk attack gun. Demanding lots of red bits. It ended up where they took a hulk of a rhino up a mountain and using it as a sled. It ended with a human commissar being turned intoa squig, having a rhino land on him? Next scenario The Orks stole Christmas to save it. Mayhem ensured. Murderous Squigs with dynamite in presents. Ecclesiarchs in gift wrapping being fired from a Very BIG Gun. 'nuff said.
  11. I have to say the scenario is very well balanced with a strong outcome function. I would like to see more scenarios like this.
  12. HI Calgor, I would be up for that. "These eyes can do more than see"
  13. This is all personal opinion, but I got asked this question in the beginning our campaign. Vox can also include pict screens as well. I'm sure that Days of Our Lives is still running. There are TV shows, reality shows, there are also Live shows as well. However, it is all organised and vetted by some subsection of the administratorium. There are intranets. You can plug into a ship intranet, you can plug into an administratorium intranet, but all of these systems run independently and have numerous human cut outs to prevent you from accessing everything. There is no search function unless you are accessing a specific sub-system physically, and asking it the right questions. There is no global vetting process either. Things like the Warhammer40k wiki or Lexicanum would be near mythical databases of information. Most information systems are filled with hyperbole to downright erroneous or out dated data as well. Bug hunting or bug fixing doesn't happen. It either works, or it doesn't, and data entry is incredibly dogmatic.If you want to send an email even between departments it's better to print it out and have it hand delivered. if you wish to show pic captures of juvenile felines at your cubicle, you will have to do so with a dataslate you smuggled into the office.
  14. Dark Heresy has a lethal system. And the players should be aware that during a surprise round they can all be killed, equally they can kill them enemy in a surprise round. There is no encounter level (ECL), so the best way is start them off with some easy, but smart opponents and then when you know how badly they got hurt you can then up the lethality. You may end up killing characters, but that is part of the game. I also recommend with combat rolling in the open, the less fudging you do, the more fun everyone has. I've had players talk about how awesomely lucky an opponent was with a grenade when it killed the warband.
  15. I would house rule it, depending on the environment. Say if they are on a world with chlorine gas fogs, mercury pools and other poisonous and dangerous environmental conditions and they decide to take a dip in a mercury pool. They would take fatigue and damage. Same way also with extreme cold weather, where they start taking damage instead of fatigue, after a certain point.
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