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  1. I went through the effort of creating Genesys friendly versions of a lot of the Blessings from 3E before I modified the approach into individual spell charts for each caster. This means depending on the career you use you’ll have your own set of effects and modifiers just like the standard Genesys system, divided by your deity or college. So far I’ve only applied it to Sigmar, Shallya, Ranald and the Gray college, as those were the ones that interested my players. I’ll get back to the others after playtesting. Until we do that, I’m working on Disease rules and a couple of adventure conversions from the 3E material. I’m missing a couple of the PODs, but I have everything else.
  2. Originally I had all my spell effects set as the equivalent of Talents, only you don't pay XP to unlock them, you gain certain ranks of them as you move into new Careers. I've got Sigmar and Shallya figured out utilizing a modified version of the existing magic lists, but they're also two of the easiest ones. Once you start getting into Morr, Verena, and Manaan, you start to have to create unique lists, so that will take more time. There's a working draft of Sigmar. The good thing about doing it this way is it reduces the number of unique spell entries by eliminating some of the more common effects.
  3. No, I appreciate the perspective. I am cutting out anything that looks like a tiered set of spells, so you won’t have Fireball 1 through 5, but I’m trying to keep anything that’s unique. One thought that’s coming to mind is how a hybrid of the two would work if only the outlier spells had individual choices but the casting lists in core were retained for all other applications.
  4. I thought about doing that, but you'd end up with a five paragraph long talent listing out what you could and couldn't do in each spell list, and adding a bunch of new effects on top of the existing. As it stands I've got converted versions of the spell actions from 2E/3E with some modification, that I'll be printing out to see if I can compile them into an Order/Faith specific list. For instance, Shallya has a bunch of different heal spells that work mechanically differently, but it might be possible to compile it all into a "Shallya Heal / Shallya Augment / Shallya Barrier" section to allow for mixing and matching, as long as you were willing to cut out the more niche spell effects. Could be another possibility for an optional rule.
  5. The 8 Orders and the 9 Faiths. Although there's also the Hedge Wizard and the Runepriest, but they're a little different than the others. Edit- I should mention that I'm going to include the "Classic" Genesys magic rules as optional with the spell types split up as best as I can for the different Orders and Faiths with the note that players and GMs should try to ensure that any particular effect is in the spirit of the caster's variety. Gives some different options if people prefer the more freeform and less tied-to-flavor system.
  6. The only reason I was going to tether it to the blank results is that it was statistically less likely than rolling the same number of threat results on a set number of dice, and wouldn't trigger at all on particular checks (simple or easy, without setback dice). However, I'm on board with the concept of tying it to the threat/despair side since it does make more sense and fits in with what people expect from those die results, I'm just going to have to look at how often you generate the result to see if it's happening too much. Having three blanks come up on a single roll isn't particularly likely, but three threats can happen quite regularly. I am planning to use the Despair as a +30 to the roll if it isn't the trigger, as it gets away from a potential priority issue if you had a Despair and three threats rolled at once and they didn't add the same amount to the roll. Despairs will continue to be somewhat rare due to the lack of upgrading on unopposed checks, though there are enough opposed rolls in the current system I'm using that you're going to see Despairs come up when you're trying to cast things like mind-effecting spells on unwilling targets that have the Discipline skill trained. The thing to watch for there is if it means certain spell schools that have a lot of opposed rolls are miscasting at a rate significantly higher than those that tend to have unopposed checks. I'm planning to get rid of the strain mechanic, though characters can substitute strain for power to provide options when they're only 1-2 power short of a spell instead of spending an additional turn channeling. I'm also getting rid of the spell effect charts and moving back to a spellbook-type system where you have specific spells you can use, since splitting the existing charts up adequately between 17 different varieties of casters wasn't working out so well.
  7. Miscast work mechanically like critical injuries in that you roll D100 on a table and add +10 to the roll for various reasons, but they don’t add critical injuries to your character. For the actual effect, they use something similar to the Chaos Manifestation charts from 2E, meaning you’d have to roll an awful lot of miscast results to get anything really bad. The 1-10% result is that you cause any food supplies you’re carrying to spoil, for instance.
  8. I'm working on a conversion of the WFRP casting system, and have two possibilities. The original working model is to gut the Power pool and just convert it over the to Genesys system using strain to cast, while adding the Prepare quality to more difficult spells to represent the time needed to channel power. One issue I have with this is it means that simple spells consume the same amount of strain as more difficult spells, which doesn't make much sense thematically. A solution there would be variable strain costs, but that's going to impact the strain economy which is already taxed. Last night I started looking at reintroducing the power pool, meaning that casters will now have to track power levels and perform Channel Power actions or regenerate power over time. This adds a lot of mechanical complexity on the part of the player, though I've eliminated as much as possible. It does seem stronger thematically and gives a push-your-luck element to the magic system, which I'm in favor of. The biggest thing here is if you consistently roll poorly on your Channel Power actions, you're going to be unable to cast the higher difficulty spells, which just isn't fun. Want to cast a Fireball Barrage? Either roll well and you can cast it next turn, or if you roll poorly it might be three turns until you're ready to go. I think this worked better in a game like WFRP where battles took many turns to resolve in some cases, but it's not something I've seen in Genesys... generally battles are over in just a few turns, so spending half of your time building a power pool up isn't much fun. What I'm leaning toward at this stage is a hybrid of the two; you can use power from your pool to cast, or you can substitute strain for power. I also wanted to get some feedback on some Spell Miscast mechanics I'm working on: The thought was that if at least three of your Negative dice (setback, difficulty, challenge) on a Spellcraft roll come up with blank results, or a single despair result, you suffer a miscast. For every additional blank or despair result generated, you add +10 to the miscast roll, which is set up mechanically like critical injury rolls. The biggest thing I'm running into is the setback dice greatly increase the chance of miscast for each one added since they have a 1/3 chance of being blank. On one hand, it makes sense to me since black dice are generally added by circumstances outside of the norm, which would have more impact on your ability to cast without mishap. However, it could be over the top and result in making talents that remove setback dice basically a requirement, since if you're rolling 7-8 negative dice the chance of getting three blanks is pretty high. One solution I have is to chance it so that a miscast only results on three blanks generated from your difficulty and challenge dice, but this has the issue of not representing the added risk of casting spells while distracted, etc. The other thought is to just use the Despair and Threat symbols and have miscasts trigger on a number of uncanceled Threats or a Despair, but the set point is more difficult to establish since you have advantage results to consider, which also makes the results swing to the extremes more. The main thing is that I'm trying to avoid going too far down the rabbit hole on increasing the mechanical complexity, since that isn't what the system is about, while maintaining the feel of the setting. I've already moved the entire system to a "spellbook" based system where you purchase specific spell effects like talents rather than using the Genesys charts, though I'll be including optional rules to use a greatly restricted version of the charts depending on your Order or Faith for those that want things more freeform. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions all, both the IMs and the replies here. I think the first step is to reach out to some artists on Deviant Art and see if anybody minds use of images with attribution, or see what a commission would run if not. My personal artistic skills are limited to drawing maps and plats for work, so I'm not sure that's much of an option in this case. For formatting, I'll probably keep working in Word unless I hit a wall on the tables, then I'll see about dropping it into GM Binder.
  10. Unfortunately I don’t have any HTML knowledge, and I’m using custom fonts as well, which I understand don’t work in GM Binder. Word seems to do a decent job of the formatting, mainly I just need to get the tables worked on. Labor intensive, but it does the trick.
  11. As I move farther along on my WFRP Genesys conversion, I’m going to start getting to the point I need to start doing formatting. After taking a look at some of the other settings produced by the community, I’m impressed by the quality being put out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photoshop talents (or the program) to create artwork for myself; I’m working mainly in Word to get the page layout right which is a struggle, but it’s coming along. Are most people mostly creating their own or are they commissioning work from a source like DeviantArt?
  12. I'm interested to get an idea as to how the Magic system presented in the GCRB is being received. I'm basically scrapping it entirely, except for the Strain-to-cast system, and going to specific named spells from certain schools with variable Strain costs depending on the rank, so they're essentially talents that are restricted based on class. From what I gather, that's not at all a popular way of going about things. I've found several posts with even less restrictive systems than what I'm working on that weren't treated particularly kindly, but the Genesys magic rules out of the box to me are good for a high fantasy type game where magic is everywhere and a Wizard is a Wizard is a Wizard, though. I guess how I look at it is that the Genesys magic system represents a home toolbox with basic screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, etc... all the tools that people can name off the top of their head, and you can use them as you see fit, but it lacks the specialized tools that really give individual wizards a strong theme and move magic beyond the bare minimum. Long winded way of saying that I'd like to see what the consensus is on the system introduced in the GCRB when it comes to settings that utilize magic in more than a cursory fashion.
  13. I’m planning just to use the WFRP adventures once I get done with the WFRP Genesys conversion (60% done or so now, with a looot of formatting after that). Not a huge amount of work to do so except I haven’t yet decided on the best way to deal with progress trackers. I also just found The Enemy Within 3E in a box in my garage (apparently I bought it?), so that’ll be a fun one to convert too.
  14. Not much worry with me charging money; looking at the production values of the settings others are putting out, mine would be in the bargain bin even if I did think I wanted to charge something. Writing something up in Word doesn't quite measure up to the Photoshop jobs that seem to be the norm around here. Still, if somebody who wants to create something at a higher level can draw some inspiration from what I'm working toward, it'd be worthwhile. Given a few more weeks of work and I think there will be something ready to post.
  15. Darrett

    How to handle traps?

    I don't require a check to set traps, unless you're trying to set one in the middle of combat or something along those lines. It's assumed you have the time and skill to set a trap as long as you have Skulduggery higher than the Complexity rating of the trap, which is a number I set for each trap entry in the Gear section. Certain traps also have a Concealment bonus which adds Disadvantage dice to the opposed check. If a player or NPC does something to trigger the trap or they search for it, it's an opposed roll; Skulduggery of the "setter" VS Vigilance or Perception of the "triggerer", depending on the trap type and the circumstances surrounding the trap trigger. Skill in Athletics or Coordination can add advantage dice to a Vigilance check, and players with a skill specialization in an applicable skill can also provide aid to nearby allies on their checks if they're the unlucky ones who set it off. As far as disarming, that's a Skulduggery check VS the Complexity rating.
  16. Thanks for the information all. Just to clarify, I don't intend to charge money for it; I've mainly been working on it for personal use and got to the stage where it occurred to me that there are likely others that would enjoy the possibility of playing WFRP in the Genesys system. Sounds like there's a risk in a C&D, but I don't mind that risk. I've done some initial review of the stated trademark policy on both the FFG site and the Games Workshop site, and if I'm off in my interpretation, and they want to send a C&D, then I can address it at that time. Kind of a "never hurts to try" situation.
  17. Has FFG indicated how open (or not) they are to conversions of other systems they have to the Genesys system? I’m a good way in to a WFRP 3E to Genesys conversion, but the concern I have is that unless the conversion notes are set up in such a way that requires the player to have the WFRP ruleset, I could see FFG taking it down. That said, since they no longer produce 3E material, I’m not sure why that would pose much of a problem for them. So far, I’m avoiding using any of the graphics or flavor text, but the class/race names, as well as a lot of tactics and abilities are direct conversions with some changes to remove clunky mechanics and make them work with the simplified Genesys system. It’s not the end of the world of this isn’t allowed since I can just use it for personal purposes, but when you get 90 classes in and have pages and pages of work done, you’d like to save others the same.
  18. I'm in the same boat. My players often don't know what to do without pretty obvious prompting; even in the AoR beginner game they didn't know what questions to ask or what to do when trying to enter the hangar, for example. Part of it is that none of them are sci-fi fans, so they don't have that background to draw on. As an example, when they get to the point that the group of storm troopers were outside the blast door, they didn't want to get into a fight, but couldn't think of a way to draw them off. They'd been pretty stealthy so far, so I suggested they stage an alarm using the captured uniforms they had, or some kind of gas leak by slicing into the computer systems. They liked the idea, but one of them said "I'd never have thought of that". It may be that we'll just have to continue as a more choose-your-own-adventure game. The players like it, it just isn't as much fun as a GM.
  19. Just because it's a pet peeve: Freedom of Speech applies only to the government suppressing your speech. It doesn't mean you just get to say whatever you want whenever you want in any situation.
  20. Good news. I have them on DvD, but I'd love to have a Blu-Ray version that doesn't have all the horrendous edits. I'd take a THX version as well, but unedited works.
  21. I've yet to fly the A-Wing or the Phantom. Not in a hurry on the Phantom really.
  22. The impression I got at gencon was that the initial game could be played basically as a Star Wars dungeon crawl board game, but that there were also rules covering how to turn it into a more standard skirmish wargame, which is going to continue to be supported with expansions. Ah, ok. My only interest was in a dungeon-crawl type game, so the base game would be all that's necessary.
  23. Not planning on leaving, but the most obvious reasons I can think of are: Lack of supply of "required" ships (Falcon), greater influence of FotM lists, and less emphasis on maneuvering as turrets and high maneuverability ships with boost become prevalent.
  24. I'm considering picking up IA. Not really sure why it would eat up money over the long term though; isn't it a one-time purchase of a board game?
  25. Ew, metagaming! Maybe his group doesn't mind that, but I found long ago it's better if you just don't get into situations where you're seen as actively working against the players except as a story device or as the villain directly.
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