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  1. There is a copy on ebay right now for $30 + $20 for shipping, so id say thats a little steep, if I could find it for $30 including shipping id probably grab it. We played through the intro adventure and we'd like to make our own characters before playing long arm of the hutt. I plan on buying the full version when it comes out and was thinking I could use the beta rules as a second book for making characters but if there will be a bunch of erratta to print off and differences in the classes and abilities Im not going to bother with the beta. I didnt follow the whole beta process so I just wanted someones opinion who had. Looks like we'll have to stick with the pregens until spring.
  2. I have the beginner box and will playing through the included adventure and then the Long Arm of the Hutt. Once we are through these adventures I am confident that I can create some more of my own using the little that is included in the beginner box but I was wondering: Is it worthwhile to try and track down a copy of the beta rulebook or should I just wait for the full game? Do we have any idea how different the final rules will be from the beta?
  3. I love the tokens. Much better than having to scrounge up a bunch of pennies or glass beads.
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