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  1. gobliin

    I'm lokking for players near montreal

    I'm not from montreal either, but I live near it. I ask for players in Monreal because I though it would be easier to find some.
  2. gobliin

    I'm lokking for players near montreal

    Yes, I know a few places where we could play. It would be a pleasure to show them to you. So when will you move?
  3. I want to play Lotr lcg but my group of friends are not so interested in playing. So I'm looking for new players to play with. I live in Repentigny. I though that we can meet in a local game store ( montreal or repentigny) so that we could play a few games. If you are interested, just contact me. Thanks. By the way, I speak french and I'm good in english.
  4. gobliin

    some info please

    I played the game mostly solo and it is true that it is very hard and you need some specific cards to succeed, but this is mostly because the card pool is low for now. Even if I didn't win a lot of games, I always feel that I might have a chance to succeed.
  5. If a location is in the staging area when it get is las progress token, does it still consider explore or does it have to be the active location to be consider explore?
  6. I like the idea that you have propose for a tournament. Personnaly, I think that the addition of a sideboard could help. A 15 card sideboad could allow you to adapt to your partner or to the adventure that you are facing.
  7. gobliin

    RtM hero?

    I was wondering where did you get the information about this card?
  8. gobliin

    Idea for 1v1 play

    I think that it could be a interesting idea. It would keep the basic mechanic of the game and it would allowed some competitive environnement which could be good for organise play.
  9. Have you try the nightmare variant? It should increase the difficulty of the general experience. Personally, I don't think that we should restrict Gandalf. The thing about restricting card come from competitive TCG. I don't thinl that it is a problem when a card is a must have if it is easy to obtain in a cooperative deck.
  10. gobliin

    Choose heroes or draw randomly?

    My players always choose their characters, and I have won all the games I have played. But I play descent to have fun, and, knowing my players, they wouldn't like it if they would have to draw theirs characters. But there is something interesting with the people I play with. Even if they are powergamers (in RPG), they can find interest in any characters, even those who seem lame to some. For exemple, one of them really like Aurim and he hate that people call him weak because he see potential in him. I bought Descent because it seem to have almost everything that a RPG have. The thing I like the least about descent is that it is a competitive game (unlike a true RPG), but I know that where the difficulty of the game is. That why I have difficulty restraining myself ; I fear that by doing so it will be to easy for the players. I think it is better to let your players choose their hero, since they will be stuck with it for a long time.
  11. Thank for the information. It is really appreciated. There is a lot of interesting tips.
  12. Me and my friends has just started playing descent a few week ago and I'm totally hooked. I try to find on the internet some tactic and ideas how to use the characters or some tips for the Overlord. I found a site with a lot of information about the game himself, but it doesn't have a lot of tactical information. I also try to find some on this site, but without great success. I'm still new to this forum, but I'm also sure that we cannot post link to other site here. So one of my intention is to know if there is such a place. Also, maybe you can talk about your favorite character and how you like to use it. Which skill suit him best? How to you equip it? Or if you play the Overlord, what are your best trick?