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  1. I still think the first buch of releses are all planned in advance and by the end of the year we will have a model pool similar to warmachine prime for legion. if the missing numbers are like what is around them, them most likely they are the eventual imperial commander, and the unit themed to them. By december I think we will have the following for Imperial and rebels. 3 commanders (Luke, Han, Leia VS Vader, Veers and ???) 1-2 Operatives (Boba Fett and Chewie, but maybe a second with the droids being the rebel choice.) 2 corps (rebel troopers and fleet troopers VS Stormtroopers and snow troopers) 1-2 Support Vehicle (AT-RT and Speeder bikes) 1-2 Support weapon unit (E-web and the Laser cannon) 1 Heavy vehicle. (AT-ST and T-47) 1 Heavy support weapon unit.
  2. I’m not saying soon by any means, rebels and imp need to be fleshed out prove the game financially viable before we get scum...there is just enough there now. The slaver infantry on Kessel would look great as miniatures.
  3. So I think Solo gives enough film cannon military style units to round out a scum and villain as a faction in Legion. They even their very own film cannon force user in the era now with Maul.
  4. I’m a hard pass on a Fett movie. He is a chump who has never actualy done anything interesting on screen. I’m tired of them trying to force it so no thanks.
  5. I could see them doing a C3P0 and R2D2 pack where you can take one or the other or both as a single operative choice.
  6. I have been thinking the same thing since the second non SW article of the day had been posted.
  7. That is the real key. play the mission above all else.
  8. speaking about lightsaber wielders...force push makes it so you just wasted an activation instead of the opponent.
  9. I love how people think they are entitled to such a fulfillment system but choose to ignore how much implementing the system would actually cost...and how any "empty box" would probably have to cost $50 or more for a custom choice of 3 ships...
  10. No there is a difference dice pack are probably mostly profit for FFG...the consequence that their starter sets are probably sold at break even or sold at a loss to have a better introductory price point for new players. Oh, wait FFG/Asmodee is not allowed to make money right? the fact that they make money and can keep making money is the only reason we get a game at all.
  11. That would take a multimillion-dollar logistical distribution and fulfillment system that could only be used once every 5-10 years....would you be willing to pay the price for that system where each ship would probably have to close to $15 each a set of components...Because that is about what it would take for your pipe dream solution. It is not the cost of printing components that is the cost of things..it is the packaging and getting you things that is the majority of the cost here..the more SKU you have the more things cost. basic logistics...thus FFG made the move to lower costs as much as possible...3-5 SKU. the kits we are getting with the components to cover most players possible. Factions seem like an obvious split..and will be good for the health of the game as it opens more design space by restricting cross-pollination combos.
  12. you bought x-wing V 1, you received X-wing V1.....unless all products are scams...then I got scammed because the bread at the grocery store I bought last month molded.
  13. If you want V1 stuff...look to 3rd party resellers who just had their inventory made near worthless....you can have your fun over the summer on the cheap while you wait for V2
  14. So that is my guess for wave two. Each faction gets a "Close support Gunship"....that might actually get me to buy into this game....my poor wallet... rampant speculation!
  15. I don't disagree with you, but I don't think FFG's business strategy factors in "single clan players". I would love to see each deluxe box being an event in the lore. Have 2-4 clans featured but give all clans at least a few things in the box. But I also oppose new factions being introduced into the game at all, much less in deluxe boxes.
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