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  1. I hear the Dark Eldar are now interesting. Instead of shallow BDSM elves they are now supposedly somewhere between Cenobites, Fae Lore, Vampire Lore, Psychic Lore, and Transhumanism (how I heard it described on RPG.net). Which has me, to say the least, interested. If someone who plays the TT or collects TT books for lore would be so kind as to illuminate the major changes (fleshing out/additions) to their lore I would be ever so grateful. Alexis *smiles*
  2. Rapier said: I haven't read the novels you're refering to. I was providing my take on the Iron Warriors as they were presented some time ago. My understanding was that Horus, Fulgrim, Angron and Lorgar fell to chaos intentionally - that is, turning their back on what the emperorer represented, for their own glory. The following is based on my own interpretation of the setting; One small nitpick. Fulgrim did not "fall", he was posessed by the Laer Blade's inhabiting Daemon after he killed Ferrus Manus. In a moment of serious regret over the horrendous atrocity he had commited the weakness he showed allowed the Daemon of the Laer to take him. It is surmised (by some) that Fulgrim is a vertiable prisoner inside his own flesh. Locked away in the recesses of his own tormented mind. Did his own hand seal his fate? Yes. But he did not fully "turn his back" he took the side of one brother over another and in a moment of weakness slew his closest brother. That broke his will and left him vulnerable. The Laer Blade's Daemon now rules Fulgrim's flesh. Fulgrim alas, does not. Now Lorgar (first to fall); Angron (bound to fall since he never forgave the Emperor for the chance to die with his fellow Gladiators); and Mortarion (who never forgave the Emperor for doing what he could not on his homeworld and defeating his adopted father the Wardlord) are the ones I consider the truly fallen by choice in addition to the obvious Horus. Lorgar, Horus, Mortarion and Angron are the ones I consider the fallen by choice. Alexis *smiles*
  3. Also I was a dork to originally list cover as $250 I guess the purchase felt more grandiose to me than $200. Alexis *smiles*
  4. Due to the fact there are two on Amazon right now for $225, I will sell mine to a forum member for $180! Alexis *smiles*
  5. I am about to embark upon a life changing journey. I am about to circumnavigate the globe. This will take me a couple years and requires me to sell a lot of my "things". Among these things is a Deathwatch Collector's Edition, that has never done anything but sit in its case on a shelf. I could sell this on Ebay for $300, and likely get it sold to some jerk who would gouge with it later. So I am leaving it to the fine je....I mean folk here ^_~ to take advantage of this instead. I will ship the item via USPS Priority Mail, insured the very next business day after the money hits my Paypal. $180 (I wont even charge the tax I paid) + Shipping of $10. Images speak louder than words. T.a.r.d.i.s@comcast.net or PM Here. http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/GypsyCaille/DSC01118.jpg http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/GypsyCaille/DSC01119.jpg http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/GypsyCaille/DSC01120.jpg http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/GypsyCaille/DSC01121.jpg http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/GypsyCaille/DSC01122.jpg Alexis *smiles*
  6. Even though they cannot license the setting, they could license the GAME SYSTEM. I am already using this system for nearly every game I play. I am in the middle of retooling it to be rankless and more horizontal and vertical based in its progression rather than simply vertical as we get with ranks, Mechanically I have now used this game system to run everything from Modern Day Spy Games, Star Wars (better than D20, not as good for it as D6 WEG but good nonetheless), Fantasy Medieval, Super Heroes and Mutants, Deific Beings and more.. They system stripped down nude, has massive potential across genres. But then again I tend to think of game systems this way. I use whatever core system I think will service my game best, be it HERO, White Wolf, WEG D6, 40k, a hybrid 7th Sea/ Ars Magicka for my alternate history games, or any other system I feel like using for a given game. Alexis *smiles*
  7. Cifer said: @Cailieg The problem with that is that by that reasoning, everything could get its own skill. Concealment? What a broad category! We should have Urban Concealment, Forest Concealment, Concealment by Night, Concealment against technical gadgets, Preparation of Hiding Places, Finding a Hiding Place on the fly,... Obviously by that reasoning your character sheet would become longer than the core rulebook. Thus, simplification is IMO quite in order. In this case, it gets even better: It eliminates rolls. I at least never really knew when to roll concealment versus silent move when a character did his generic Sam Fisher/Altair/Solid Snake/Garret impersonation and infiltrated an enemy base. Roll both? That gives twice the chance of failing. Just one? Which one, when many tasks involve both periods of movement and hiding? Oh wait, there's even more: Shadowing! So when you're following someone, it's suddenly irrelevant whether you find good hiding places or are light on your feet - unless you like to roll thrice for the same single task... No, a generic "Stealth" as other systems use it is a far better solution. You are more than welcome to your opinion Cipher, but, my group and I may like the rolling in of Athletics, we dislike the rolled up stealth. Hero Games 5th/6th Edition did it right, at least as far as we are concerned. Keep it simple, but Hide and Sneak (as they are called in Hero) should remain separate and will in our games. The 3 skills they gave us in DH work just fine. As a GM I have never had trouble calling for the skill I wanted the players to roll despite your assurances that I would need to ask players to roll thrice for something such as shadowing. Some parts of the changed mechanics I like, others I dislike, stealth as a solitary skill I dislike. So, players in my game will still to work on Concealment advances. Shadowing I would let be rolled into "Stealth" with move silently though if my players do not object, since I feel that moving silently/surreptitiously or moving silently/surreptitiously while following someone are close enough to merge. Alexis *smiles*
  8. Agmar_Strick said: Honestly, separate skills for Concealment and Silent Move was a rubbish idea. To each their own. I actually think Move Silently and Concealment need to remain separate skills. Knowing how to be light on your feet =/= knowing how to properly use a gilly net or similar in concealing a position. One is a physical skill revolving around light footed movement, the other really more of a perception/intelligence based action revolving around how to best conceal a position within a given area of terrain. Alexis *smiles*
  9. Khorne- Vlad Tepes, Vlad The Impaler, Vlad III, Vlad Draculea....same man, many names, a whole lot of horror and atrocity at his feet, and Attila the Hun Slaanesh- Elizabeth Bathory and Marquis De Sade Nurgle- Joseph Mengele is the obvious first choice here, and then Typhoid Mary Tzeentch- Grigori Rasputin and Adolf Hitler and and from a certain Dark Heresy-esque perspective you could add Albert Einstein as someone who has been manipulated to that end (in 40k Knowledge is dangerous), he who's quest for knowledge brought us the first radioactive weapons. Oppenheimer is a given in this one too. Chaos Undivided- Genghis Khan Alexis *smiles*
  10. I oredered mine within 5 minutes of the sale going live. Had a snag with cc processing which was resolved the next day. I "think" that is what bumped me from 102 to 544, my **** move screwed me out of a few hundred spots! Alexis *smiles*
  11. My order was number 102, yet I got number 544. Disappointing but it is here. I liked the idea of being in the low hundreds. Alexis *smiles*
  12. I would also like to point out that right in the core RT rulebook Psy section, there is a sidebar suggesting that if you wanted to you could do just this, and convert the DH powers to the RT system. Written by FFG themselves and put in the book, who'd of thunk it? It's not Heresy! Alexis *smiles*
  13. Fire up a thread and I will gladly write up Derek for you. I think it's a wonderful idea. Alexis *smiles*
  14. I agree with you on this one 100% N0-1_H3R3 (by the way I hate typing your name! But I love ya mate and the work you do.) Nothing published is invalid, it just might not be true either. I did the same thing with White Wolf's OWOD; every clanbook might have been true or it might not have been. With Shadowrun's Storyline; in a world where the Corporations rule do you honestly think all the truth hits the streets unmodded? And I do it in 40k; The Imperium of Man, nay the residents of this cold war torn Galaxy do not always deal in truths, but rather in half truths, shaded truths, and less than truths. Canonically Retconned? Or truths the Imperium does not want known? That is for the GM to decide in their own interpretation of the materials, based on which and what they favored and why. Games Workshop stands on the side of the line marked Canonically Retconned; that's fine I am on the other side of that line. Does that make my game canon? Not for anyone but me and my gamers. My own current meta plot revolves around the things you are yourself asking about, and indeed I have my copy of Lost and the Damned on my desk and one on pdf open as I have been working on how to handle the resurrection of the Emperor. Writing a huge notebook worth of notes on who will fal where, as the next wave of war tears the Galaxy, I have plans for a very 40k twist on the Emperor. No easy answers, or I win buttons exist in this universe. Including HIS resurrection. Use what you want from the lore, formulate a story that will enrapture your players' minds; have a good game that you and they enjoy. Thats all that matters. Alexis *smiles*
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