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  1. That definitely makes more sense than having it constantly change throughout the game.
  2. But kill off the epic monster before picking a new investigator at the end of the mythos phase.
  3. I thought this was the case, just wanted to get another's opinion on it.
  4. If any investigators are defeated during a round, does that decrease an epic monsters toughness, since their toughness is usually investigator's plus 2? The other question I have is about end of Mythos actions. Can you solve the active mystery first before choosing new investigators? One mystery, I think is was Cthulhu's, seemed to be affected by the number of investigators that were out.
  5. The text for cultists with Ithaqua states that if an investigator loses health on the strength test, they gain a hypothermia condition. If you get one success, you fail the test since the cultist has 2 damage. If you prevent the health loss from another investigators spell, do you prevent gaining the condition, even though you failed the test?
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