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  1. Thank you all for your input . I have over looked some important issues in my attempt to make combat more suspenseful. The biggest being that the characters are trained combatants and should be able to interpret the combat and ultimately make a decision on which attacks to dodge. So I will inform my players that we will be doing things as per the RAW. Also, it was mentioned that I may not have informed the players ahead of time that I was using a house rule. As I look back on it I believe this to be correct. This is something else that I will have to make an effort to correct. Thanks Again.
  2. As a GM I am always concerned with making my games both fun and chalenging for the players and and myself. To that end I try to add a little supence to my games from time to time. In my most recent game I decided that when it comes time for the characters to roll to dodge that I would not tell tem ahead of time weather or not the attack would hit them. This seamed fine for most of the session untill we got to a major NPC that had multiple attacks. The NPC was focused on one character that had caused alot of damage in comparison to the rest of the group. It deciede to use all its attacks on the major threat (the character). I rolled all the attacks and then asked the character if she would like to dodge and which attack she would like to dodge. To which she asked which attacks hit and which one missed. I tolled her that she didn't know which ones hit as they haven't landed yet. She replied that that was crap and that she should be able to know which attacks hit so that she didn't waist her dodge on an attack that would have missed anyway. Now sometimes I can be very stubborn, especialy when someone is getting all upset with me like she was, so I told her that that was the way I had run the entire game and I wasn't going to change it now. So, my question is, is my player correct? Whould she be able know before she rolles which attacks are going to hit? I would like to keep the air of suspence, but I also want to be fair to my players. Any advice or guidence from other GM's would be helpful.
  3. Glyff

    Art prints...

    I love art work on the cover of the Rouge Trader rule book. I was wondering if FFG had any plans to make some of their art work into prints/posters for sale. I would love to have if to frame and display in my game room.
  4. Did you ever get these maps done. I would love to have some maps for my game.
  5. The errata states that the Explorator gets the security skill at rank 1 for 200 xp. When does he get the +10 and +20 security skills. I did not see it in the core rule book, and the errata does not say.
  6. Ah... thanks. Guess I was just missing something. :-)
  7. I was sondering why the boarding pike (i think its in the inquisitors hand book) was listed as exploding damage. Is this a typo that just hasn't been caught or am I missing something?
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