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  1. Long time 40k player with a fondness for using plasma weaponry but limited skill in the use of numbered cubes, which has led to a lot of my marines having to eat their own plasma. At the appropriate point during one game my brother pounced on the latest victim and replaced him with a base upon which he'd modelled a pair of melted boots. When it game to picking an online gaming persona I decided to own my glorious defeats.
  2. Or, to put it another way: A-wings have a superior chance of causing damage, X-wings have a chance of causing superior damage.
  3. I'll be getting one ISD, because Star Wars, but then I shall wait and see what other Large ships turn up in Waves 3+.
  4. I just got my despatch notification for all my wave 1 stuff and my long awaited core set - I shall manfully try not to cry on the cardboard tokens once they're here.
  5. When it comes to buying miniatures my usual benchmark is "worthy of Mordor". Maybe I should switch hobbies before my wallet kills me in self defense.
  6. Although interesting, it could affect game balance when a ship can effortlessly catch large numbers of tightly grouped Squadrons with its Anti-Fighter Barrage.
  7. My 2 cores will ship along with my Wave 1 pre-orders. Who would have thought a generous discount could feel so bittersweet? I think my soul just shriveled up and went into hibernation for 5-6 weeks.
  8. The basic strategic purpose of the Interdictor is to allow a fleet commander to choose his battlefield. An easy mechanic to demonstrate this would be a post-deployment Obstacle shuffle: once players have fully deployed their fleets and set Speed counters, but before Round 1, the Inderdictor's owning player can remove up to 3 (half) of the Obstacles and re-place them using the usual restrictions. Since the opposing player knows about the presence of the Interdictor, they'll have to choose between pushing further back into their deployment zone or risking a first turn collision for themselves - it effects the whole start of the game with one simple rule that can be provided by an upgrade card, with the option of a 7th Turn extension also available with a second upgrade.
  9. Another interesting facet is that Whirlwind ignores the Unwieldy limit, so you could go crazy with a pair of Power Fists...
  10. I don't want to even think about what fraction of that lot I already own; after 15+ years of collecting I have the horrifying suspicion it passed 'a quarter' and started heading towards 'a third' quite a while back.
  11. One of my recurring protagonists is an Explorator-Magos who usually Customises some of the party's personal weapons as bonus payment for completing an endeavour for him. As hoped, they started seeking him out for additional work, no matter how suicidal - so far included Yu'Vath constructs and Slaugth. Close encounters with the Rak'Gol will be up next...
  12. No need for after the fact effects either; RT "Die defenceless-cripple-with-stuff-we-want!" Roth "Oh noes!" Ship "MUTINOUS ACTIONS DETECTED! COUNTER PROTOCOLS IN EFFECT!" Roth "Whuh?!" *Bridge vents to space, Auto-Defence lasers turrets pop out of ceiling, concealed doors open to reveal dozens of Murder-Servitors emerging from Stasis-chambers...* Roth "Oh, right. Forgot about that..." If/when my players reach the Light, I would at most allow them to retain it as a mobile space station, more than that would start to seriously sidetrack the campaign.
  13. You could ask the GM to allow it as a Customisation, maybe drop the bonus to +5 to keep it in line with the other examples.
  14. I usually don't use critical success/fail tied to a specific number as it's a minor issue in a game that's less about pass/fail and more about degrees of same, and with re-rolls available. Someone who has a high degree of skill, doing something simple, with a number of other advantages sufficient to give him a chance of success of 120% shouldn't have to worry about spontaneously combusting while backing his car out of the drive. While someone unskilled attempting something dangerous, using poor quality gear with a 15% chance of success deserves everything they get for rolling 5+ degrees of fail, and are unlikely to avoid it with a simple re-roll. In my experience, critical fails happen without assistance. Example; PC fires Battlecannon, rolling 99%; rolls a 1 for Reliable, rolls a 0 for missile/grenade jam. Result; cannon destroyed, PC down to 1 wound, NPC VIP guide on crits and catapulted clean off the turret, falling 5m to the ground; killed on impact.
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