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  1. I house ruled a dummy token setup that works very similarly to the Hoax Tannhauser invisibility rules. certain actions or conditions force one of the tokens to be revealed as "the one" and other actions allow the squad to remain hidden. So an enemy has the ability to out the concealed squad and in balance to that, if careful, the squad acn almost "cheat" movement restrictions. It is not perfect but works well enough for me. It makes defending fixed positions while severely outnumbered less of a foregone conclusion in my games. I also allow for more concealed squads in all scenarios for this reason by allowing a command cost to hide certain types of squads, dependent on terrain and troop types. Any ideas for allowing concealed squads ina ny scenario? I mean any squad could conceivably focus on stealth and hiding. Ambushing enemies as written is not particulary engaging to me froma atctical standpoint for the aforementioned reasons. Love to hear other ideas for this.
  2. FotB is out, against all odds. It has re-ignited my interest in the TOI franchise and hopefully if enough other people feel the same way it can remain a viable franchise. So some people hate these threads, I love them. It allows us fan to put in out two cents. So what is the next step? With aknowledgement of what, from our perspective, seems financially viable, I mean. I am no WW2 history buff but I feel like some major elements are missing. The most obvious being the Pacific theatre. I can not remember who posted it but there was a recent discussion about how to handle the close-quarters fighting that I thought was excellent. Jungle maps with some kind of cave system would be cool. I'm also curious about an Italy based expansion but I don't know much about what degree of fighting that happened there. Just what I saw in 'Patton,' basically. An Iwo Jima expansion would be accaptable as a last theatre expansion in my mind. I kind of want a Soviet version of Normandy as well. I was a bit dissapointed by the small number of infantry in the FotB expansion because I enjoy creating and playing large scenarios. There is a whole different tactical rhythm going on when you play TOI on a large scale. I would't mind a linked 'campaighn expansion.; perhaps the Soviet push to berlin? I am not well versed on the history but I'm sure others are. Like Normandy incleded additional British troops, this could include another 14 squads of Russian troops and fifferent vehicles. Additional winter/summer map boards and a linked scenario campaighn. I just feel kind of ripped off for the price considering that FotB has no more stuff then the other expansions yet comes in an unnecessarilyu larger box and costs $20 more. I'd rather pay a little more cash out and have enough stuff to play a large variety of engagements on the eastern front. FotB limits the size to medium engagements with loads of vehicles. Then again maybe I'm in the minority wanting 16 board scenarios. Beyond that a second scenario book is a must and possibly map packs. Army packs maybe? Even with no ore box expansions, the pacific theatre could be covered with a set of island/jungle maps with included scanarios and a set of plastic minis. Maybe sell them as packs with 14 sqaud bases, 6 transport trucks, 6 half/track type vehicles and 6 each of two tanks? They could be released for America, Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan and France. The tool kit nature of the game should be amoped up I think. More historically oriented war buffs could come up with other major theatres of conflict as well. Were there major battles between Japan and China? That as an example could add a whole new element to the game. map packs with a japanese army pack, a chinese army pack and some scenarios. Please feel free to speculate with me, the more interest and excitement we show, the greater the chance we will see more TOI support.
  3. I'm anxious to find out what ffg is going to do with the Tannhauser IP now that the legacy products are out or soon to be out. Anyone hear anything about what's in the works? I'm very happy that ffg has taken the time and put in the effort to build this game but everything so far is old news. I knew about this whole batch of characters ages ago. Can we get a hint from someone? FFG seems to moniter these posts and listens to their customers ideas, so here is my two cents. I would first of all, love to see a Matriarchy troop pack. I've been bitching about this for a while. The voivodes are okay but I se no reason to feild more then one set. Especially since Oksana and Zorka are not allowed to be put on the same team. I want a troop pack with two figures. Stelsky troopers of some kind. And additionally I think the voivodes need new tokens. The oksana ones are okay but only one of each token and can not be used by zorka's voivodes. Beyond that, I want more of the same basically. I want the other Matriarchy divine armor characters, Edison for the Union an Von Carloff for the Reich. A fourth faction would be great, but only if FFG packs it in there and fills a box with two new maps and at least four heros and four troops. I hate playing catch up (the new Coc faction seems useless to me for this reason). The core game has ten figures and two maps. I see no reason why an expansion couldn't. Also a mercenary troop pack would be cool. Usable by all factions as their troop choices. Furthermore I'd like a third troop type for the union and reich. Omega troops for the union, melee specialized. The reich should have some demons as troops. WHERE ARE THE DEMONS!! Lastly I'd like a map set that comes with two boards that can be linked into one big map and rules for larger engagements. Maybe eight on eight with reinforcements. And fixed weapons on the board like machine guns. You would move to a space and use an action to use a gun that is drawn on the map. In the short term some new tokens for irrelevant charcters would be nice. Tala is useless with Hoax available. Gorgei is just a troop at this point, albeit with an extra health level. New tokens to improve those two characters would be great. By the end of the gameline I want nine maps, four factions with 3 troop types and seven heros each and at least four or five "nuetral mercenaries." Maybe that is asking too much but It is a game often compared to an fps. What keeps people playing fpsgames is the variety of maps, characters and weapons. That will work for tannhauser as well. Whatever the case, Let us know whats comin! I want to hear abouit something NEW! I read three different announcements for Daedalus before it finally came out. I want to salivate over something totally new!
  4. I have a couple of questions; first of all, when using vesper, does the circle you target affect enemy models or is it just used to determine which path the 3 auto successes can effect? Meaning, does the special attack hit two models or just one? Also, do all voivodes on oksana's team use the smiljian-b and prime directive 0? Or just the two that she "controls"?
  5. so whats the verdict?
  6. With the equipment cards everyone is labeling Tannhauser as playable. Yeah, for two factions. Where is the matriarchy troop pack? If you feild Oksana no Zorka, which implies only one pair of voivodes. Plus those things are not that great. There certainly isnt any reason to feild more then one pair in my mind. There needs to be a troop pack with two of the same model. The option should exist to feild two sets of voivodes, two troops or one of each. When this gets released I will agree that the game is playable. Until then.... two thirds playable.
  7. Hopefully a troop pack for the matriarchy. One without more voivodes I hope. After that Hoax and the other two figures that were announced by ToY ages ago and I will be ecstatic. I love Tannhauser and Im glad its getting the support it deserves.
  8. You see FFG! There is a lot of love for this game! We just want what was promised. And maybe a fourth faction....
  9. Its been a year and still no daedalus. Troop packs for only two of the three factions and no new characters in ages. Whats up FFG? Can we get a report? Is this game dead to you guys, destined to be an 80% complete game? Can you at least throw us a new map? Will one of my favorute FFG products be relegated to the scrap heap? I mean most of the work for this franchise is already done so whats the hold up? The art is done, the molds are done presumably. So where is my labyrinth???????? Frustrated gamer.
  10. I've heard lots of talk about how these factions are weak and don't work well together but my first deck was a gug deck with syndicate support and it was fine. I've been fine tuning the combination for a while. Adding a strong day mechanic will help a lot too with the latest cards being released.
  11. Um......you guys realize I was being sarcastic right? I have no desire to actually boycott FFG. I just bought Mists of Zanaga. Guess it didnt come across in print. Anyway I am also concerned about the whole dust/tannhauser thing as well. My first reaction when I read the description was thinking they are way to similar. At the very least the fans deserve t he three troop packs daedalus and the figures that TOY already had desighned and slated for release.
  12. So I'm thinking we should all boycott FFG until they drop everything else and put out Daedalus. Its so behind schedule it makes SEPTA look efficient (Philly joke). I loved Tannhauser before and I like it better now that the new rules are out but it still feels like an 80% done game. It desperately needs neew maps and new characters and figures. The troop packs are announced but I'm a Matriarchy player and we need troops too. I've said this before but I'll be irritated if the troop pack is more voivodes. They are cool and all but I can't see any reason to use more then two of them ever. The Matriarchy needs human troops like everyone else. Tannhauser is essentially a miniatures game with very few miniatures. FFG needs to crank up Tannhauser production. I want to see three different troop packs, Daedalus and a new faction in a box expansion complete with two more maps (like Novgorod) as well as a few new mercenaries and a few more characters for each faction. Then it would feel playable and complete and I would be inclined to pull it out more. AND RE-RELEASE WOLF ALREADY!!!!!
  13. So I just wanted to see what people think of the mists of zanaga expansion? Best one yet? Worse one yet?
  14. Well all we can do is drum up support for the idea. I ejoy the core game because it has so much more replayibility due to the expansion cards. That being said, I like the big box expansions more from a thematic standpoint. I think another batch of decks should be released with a new challenge deck for each big box expansion. Actually two challenge decks each would be ideal. Thats 8 new decks to create at thirty cards each. Sixty new challenge cards per expansion would make them just as replayable as the base game. What the hell, why not make adventure decks for each one as well? I can think of a bunch of ideas for adventure decks for each one just off the top of my head. The big box expansions have so much potential, they just suffer from players seeing the same cards every game. New challenges and new adventures would be awesome. There are plenty of items already, there wouldnt be any real need to add more. Maybe a new type of item specific to each ddifferent setting. I'm guessing however that the big box expansions sell fewer copies then the main game. Therefore there might not be enough demand to justify creating new decks for each of them. At the same time, they are decks of cards, how many do you really need to sell to make a profit? The people I know who like Runebound, REALLY like Runebound (myself included). It would ne nice to see that loyalty paid off by FFG producing big box expansion decks to please the fans. They are probably a lot easier to produce then most of the stuff FFG creates. Yet it would give us Runebound fanatics a great opportunity to pull out the old expansion boxes and visit the sands of al-kalim once again without the boredom of repetition.
  15. Yeah, I've considered buying opaque card sleeves and just adding certain decks to the big boxes. I just wish they could make more. That way they could stay in theme.
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