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  1. Essentially, as Ian said, the idea is to tie multiple game systems into one narrative, each one telling a part of the story and shaping the world that our characters inhabit and roleplay within. Warhammer games where units and characters advance (assuming they can survive) with skills and abilities, and where territory captured and lost effects the Political landscape of the Empire. Some of these Characters have been encountered by our PCs in the Roleplay, some are Characters that will appear in the Roleplay in the future. Similarly, the Mordheim games are tied together by storylines that bring in our RPG characters and demand storytelling as well as gaming from the players. We're just kicking it off, but it's proved extremely good fun so far.
  2. rings said: I know this will put our European friends in a tizzy, but I have to pay extra to get a Saab or BMW so there. Happy to pay a bit extra to get them, but bar ebay us Europeans don't have any option, and even ebay relies on people who have them deciding to sell. Looks like it'll be a lot of fun though. Very jealous of anyone getting to go!
  3. Many thanks for the preview. I just want this one out in the Uk, pronto! Any chance of finding out the Talent sockets for the Witch Hunter Captain and / or details on the Seal of Sigmar?
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