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  1. I get put off by these dense setting books - things like leaders, prices for goods and lodging, population percentages etc, I have no use for or bearing on the stories I tell. I like to create as I need. Terrinoth is perfect for games that require little player buy in. It is generic in flavour. A perfect canvas to add your own ideas to. *Edit: With all that said, the setting flavours I prefer, are Yoon-suin and Caliphate Nights.
  2. @drainsmith Thanks for this. Reading through it now. Will definitely be a huge help me to shift mentally from the games I'm used to run like Fate and AGE.
  3. @DrVecctor Thank you so much. This is great news.
  4. Hey guys. I have a question about the Genesys SotB setting. My groups and I are huge fans of the noire investigative genre and cyberpunk/transhumanism esthetics. So we have been looking at the SotB setting. Genesys has been a huge hit with my groups and we have very little interest in other systems. We have a distinct dislike for gear porn, hacking and huge combat encounters. We prefer more subtle tech, tech that plays less of an integral part - the mystery and characters are more important. Something like the French movie Renaissance (2006). So I guess my question is - Can you do more noire investigative futuristic scenarios or are there other settings that is more suitable for this type of gaming? Thank you in advance.
  5. GnosisNoise

    Dresden Files

    Also have a look at @Johan Marek Phoenix Knight OmniSphere: Earth Beta: The Unseen World (sorry I have no idea to link to a post from my phone ) It is a very good starting point also.
  6. There is a RPG based on the books that is not bad. Doing it in Genesys could be possible, just get your head around the concepts. The actual effects are the only rolls needed, much of the descriptions can be fluff... A skills for each "metal " maybe? Mind you that is just a quick thought. If I were to do it I'll use the novels.
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