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  1. Thank you @Terefang! Have not seen this before.
  2. Thank you mate. Will pursue this line. Much appreciated. Been so busy with a bunch of projects that I just could not get a clear view of where to start and where to go. Really appreciate the guidance.
  3. Yeah. WH 3e is hugely under appreciated. Sadly don't own it anymore. For the most part while I am a fan of the setting my gaming group just do not like the Old World at all. They are intrigued with the whole Conan and Lankhmar type of fantasy though. So that's why I am up here tapping the input of the community.
  4. Good question. I'd think that twisting their bodies and mind is mostley where i'd want to go but not to the extent that the player looses a character - just want them to Want to keep pushing the boundries of hubris and power. I want magic rare enough, and dangerous enough that only the players that really want to pursue power will. The group I want to run this for is my 30+year d&d/epic/heroic fantasy group, so even they have never done S&S... They are excited about trying something completely different in theme.
  5. Thanks mate. I'll have a look. And you are right, the setting should set the tone.
  6. I am just soo tired of epic fantasy, heroic fantasy and D&D type fantasy. I need something else. So, with nothing but time on my hands - I cycled back to the one genre that I have always wanted to run but haven't gotten to in 30 years... Sword & Sorcery. Well actually there is another, Pulp Adventures but that's another discussion. I want to run this without divine casters or Tolkien influences etc. I have the Mongoose d20 Conan books. But i don't want to run a conan game. I want to run games with more political intrigue and mystery. AND I want run it in Genesys. How would you wonderful people do the corruptive sorcery from Sword & Sorcery? By that I mean - in S&S the magic is dangerous and it has a price. The caster can push the casting but the price gets higher.
  7. I am really looking forward to this. KeyForge scratches my itch for weird settings. I'm all for this format introducing new content - if I can't get a book.
  8. @IamGazrok Just a question. I don't run settings like Terrinoth. Would you say Terrinoth is a good setting to bring OSR and similar players over to Genesys? What type of stories play to the strength of Terrinoth?
  9. Wow thank you for all of these! Definitely going to raid your Drivethrurpg stach. This will seriously help getting these guys to get the flavour of Terrinoth and the dice fun of the Genesys system.
  10. Okay. So I get to run the Terrinoth setting to a number of guys that only play OSR games. A friend of mine set it up and after a long discussion over some really good local craft beer, they have indicated that they have an intetest in trying Ghosts of the Saltmarsh - (they don't want to play 5e). My questions(s) are as follows: (1) How would I go by in letting Saltmarsh feel more Terrinoth - is there a specific town and region I could use? (2) Are there creatures from Terrinoth that I can rather substitute for - Bullywug, Assassin Vines, Bodak, Sahaugin etc.? Creatures that are distinctly Terrinoth? (3) Any guidance on converting creatures to fit Terrinoth? Not interested in a 5e to Genesys mechanical conversion guide - more the community's wisdom and how to make them feel interesting in the Genesys system... Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you mate. That helps. I'll pick up SotB then. I like the favours idea a lot better. Thank you again!
  12. Hey guys. A quick question - does the Expanded Player's Guide have any rule like Obligation, or will I have to buy SotB to get them? Anyone created similar mechanics? My group is quite keen to bring across Icon type relationships (from 13th Age) into our pseudo earth game. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks mate! Seriously great. Beware I just might call on you again in future for weapon stats 😄
  14. Okay, here goes. My group and I are gearing up to play a fantasy game set on earth and I am excited. It is very broad strokes and the onus is on the players to create the details of their character culture - with some oversight from myself. Right off the bat my best friend wants to play a character from India and that's brilliant. But she had to go and choose the weapon that I have no idea how to stat: the Urumi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi Generally I'd just tell her to use a normal sword stats but she is so excited about it, I'd thought I'll ask the community for help. So I call on the people that are far better at it than me - please help! For the sake of my sanity! Thank you in advance!
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