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  1. Here is a direct link to the event. https://www.facebook.com/events/485420931522943/
  2. Just a reminder to everyone that the A:NR regional in Morgantown will be held on April 20th at 4:00 PM at the Four Horsemen Comics and Games in the Morgantown Mall. Morgantown is located in north-central WV and is a short drive from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas as well as driving distance from Washington DC and Columbus. Please come out and support our A:NR community and play in regionals! - JT
  3. Any more info on this event? I'm interested in what the prizes are, the start time, etc. I'm about four hours away but definitely want to make it over to practice for worlds the following weekend.
  4. Hello all! Just wanted to stop in and follow up on my post on board game geek concerning the same subject. I've been hard at work organizing and putting together a Netrunner CCG strategy website for articles and active forums and am happy to announce that the project is now live and useable! You can find the web site at http://netrunning.weebly.com Thanks in advance for checking out the website and for making all of this possible! Hope to see you all there! Don't forget to follow on Twitter by searching @NetrunningGames or by clicking the Twitter icon in the upper right corner of the main page. Sincerely, John, from Netrunning
  5. zachbunn said: It's definitely going to be at worlds. On the little hand out they had at GenCon it was on their for worlds. The OP manager also confirmed it there. Thanks for the info!
  6. Was looking around the site for some info on this and couldn't really find a definite answer. One article says Netrunner will be at worlds this year and others don't have any mention of it. I was looking to book and start organizing the trip but would like a definite answer one way or another.
  7. Looking at the video at the 1:06 mark, the winner played Dwarves. He played vs Paul Bitner in the finals who is also the UFS World Champ and Call of Cthulhu World Champs runner-up. He's an excellent player and my round 2 loss in the mirror match. Paul was using a Dwarf board which is a much worse matchup against the Dwarf deck because he has less Flames of the Phoenix and harder to cast Disdains. Also has 3 Master Runes of Spite which is pretty much dead in the matchup. I'm almost positive the Dwarf list had 3 Burn it Down and 3 Demolition. It's dumb that you're FORCED to play those cards in order to have a chance to beat a deck. Even the eventual winner himself said the BT decks were too good. I assume all of them in the t8 beat each other. Destruction is absolutely unplayable while BT exists and it's absolutely annoying as crap. Anyway, congrats to the winner, and to Paul. Despite the Organized Play issues the tournament was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting all the players. - SF
  8. This set is pretty solid as I picked mine up at GenCon and was not disappointed at all. Still, like some have said, it's not good enough to beat Thrower decks. To be honest, rush decks aren't even the problem. The Thrower decks (mine, and others) were beating Orc/Skaven even when they burned a zone on turn 2-3. Once you get to a certain point in the game, typically turn 3, you can't damage them any more. You are absolutely forced to play cards like High Elf's Disdain on a non-HE board, and Mob Up among other cards to remain competitive and it's severely warping the game. Anyone who played vs a BT deck at Worlds can attest to this statement, Also, every single BT deck ran Order in Chaos, btw. That card is also a real big problem. - SF
  9. I'm going to make this short since my blog will cover most of the issues I have with the game and company itself so here goes ... Worlds had 40 people attending. Of the 40, there were (I think) about 6 Bolt Thrower decks. I was playing the deck, and a small team of 3 were playing the deck, as well as 2 other guys that i knew from other games. The problem was that (obviously) there were very good players playing the deck and the tournament was probably going to be a crap shoot. Really, if you believed that BT wasn't degenerate, and you've been hating in the forums for months, you can now pretty much either believe the deck is entirely too OP or just keep hating and continue to be absolutely wrong (Honest, I'm not joking.) I left before the event concluded but I know at least 3 Bolt Thrower decks made top 8 (2 Dwarf Board, 1 Empire Board). I assume one of them won but I don't want to assume. The BT decks were at the top tables all day. My loss was round 2 to a top 8 competitor playing BT and round 5 to Wytefang who was running Dwarves with 3 Disdain and 3 Demolition (beatings). Now, I'm going to briefly talk about Warhammer OP, and I SWEAR this will be brief as I'm still heated over it. First off, we had 40 people. The rule of law is that if you have 16-32 people, you play 5 rounds. 33-64 players, you play 6 rounds. Well .... we played 5. As you can see, that math doesn't work out and things are going to suck pretty bad (as you'll see). Secondly, the end of time procedure is absolutely absurd and needs addressed if this game wants to have even a semi-serious organized play. Here's how it works: If time is called, the game ends immediately. You don't finish your turn, you don't get to ask questions, there are no tie breakers, the game just ends in a tie. ... ............. Yes, I'm serious. This is absolutely unreal and completely unfair. I have nothing against anyone that plays the game, I got along with every person at the event and even made quite a few new friends. But this is unreal. People were being casual about things, talking to friends during matches, hearty chatter with each other, etc. If my opponent was ever doing this, and we tied because of it, I'd be a little ticked, not gonna lie. Fortunately, this didn't happen to me, but it screwed a lot of people. I especially feel bad for Wytefang. Going into the last (I guess) round I was 3-1 and he was 2-1-1. Little did we know that him beating me (fair and square I might add) not only screwed me, but screwed him. To have someone go 3-1-1 in an event and NOT TOP 8 is ridiculous. Listen, if you're a "casual tournament player" and don't care about any of this and think that I'm overreacting ... fine. You can have an opinion. But there were PLENTY of players at the event that felt the exact same way as me. If I'm ever going to play in another W:I event, I need to know that the correct number of rounds will be played and that I'm not gonna just tie with my opponent because he had to pee mid-match or he took a call from a friend while I was attacking for 5 minutes. /end rant. Sorry. BT is overpowered. I'm really done now. -SF
  10. Actually leaving for GenCon shortly and stumbled upon this thread so here goes ... I think you're pretty spot on about the Tier 1 decks, etc except that I honestly think that Empire is tier 1 now. The argument that it has a bad matchup vs Thrower isn't relevant anymore because pretty much all the tier 1 decks have a bad matchup vs Thrower unless they really change some things. To the guy talking about Grimgor + Rip, that combo doesn't work. If I'm not mistaken, that's actually an exact question in the FAQ. Something about Grimgor already being in play when he's Ripped so you don't get the effect. If you want to Grimgor a Thrower deck, you have to do it the hard way. I tested for a good 4 hours last night and here are the conclusions that I came up with: 1. Thrower has no bad matchups. Actual 0. Some matchups aren't as easy as Order control decks, but nothing is less than 60% or so. Is this a problem? Probably, what nothing you can do now. 2. The "Big Orc" deck beats pretty much everything except for Thrower and even still it has a chance. We added 2 Grimgor and 1 Mob Up! to the deck and it was stealing some games. Usually. you actually have to Grimgor twice to win vs Thrower which is real awkward. One time he literally 7 for 1'd me and I still won. Several things eased my mind in testing: I was terrified of people playing with Grimgor and seeing that I can still beat a Grimgor was really nice. One game I won by bouncing his guys over and over again with Flames so he could never get the resources to play Grimgor and won before he could play it. Though that realistically never should happen, it was still pretty funny. Another thing was that Mob Up! really wasn't that bad. You don't really NEED to fog unless you're dead on board and that's usually late enough in the game where you can leave open enough resources to counterspell their Mob Up. If they want to Mob Up to make sure they burn the first zone, then that's their business and something you don't really care about. It's the 2nd zone you need to hold on for dear life for. So, what did I gather from all this? I'm playing Thrower at Worlds unless i lose every pickup game Thursday and Friday. If that's the case, I'm playing the Big Orc deck. - SF
  11. I'm curious as to what you think are also bad matchups for Bolt Thrower. I'll be the first to admit that Orc/Skaven isn't the best matchup but unless they get the "burn a zone turn 2" draw it gets significantly harder. The 6 Scout deck can be problematic too, but you can hide any relevant cards and get them back via Abandoned Mine to ease that pain. Also, you can Order in Chaos cards back which is also pretty good. Anyway, I'm not saying everything is a great matchup, just curious is all. - SF
  12. LOL. Nice story. This thread for sure makes me want to "forget" all my other decks at home except for BT because it appears ppl don't know stacking rules and I'll get free wins because of it! lol I'll play pickup games Thursday and Friday with the deck and then decide that evening on what to play i guess. I'll have to take some time to play in Call of Cthulhu worlds though. haha - SF
  13. @Wytefang: I'm not seeing what is confusing about this. The card specifically says that each player with at least X developments can discard his hand and draw X cards. In our examples, 3 is not at least 5 so you don't have to option to draw. Not sure why that's confusing. Again, with the Bolt Thrower, if you let the scenario play out that far to when they activate the bolt thrower, and you respond with Long Winter, they can simply respond to your Long Winter by zapping you a bunch. Which is what Clamatius was saying. The stack resolves last in, first out, so your bolt thrower damage will resolve 1 by 1 before the Long Winter resolves on the stack. Having a magic background will help you understand it better, but I think we're doing a good job here. To answer another one of your questions, you simply can't pay 10 to do 10 damage in 1 packet to your opponent with Bolt Thrower. If you had 10 developments in your battlefield, then sure, you could do that. Because you just have 1 development, you cna only do 1 damage X amount of times and it will only do 1 damage each time. Therefore, a simple thing such as Toughness of 1 can completely shut you down. You either need to bounce the toughness guys (via Flames, Pilgrimage, etc) or have a 2nd development in your battlefield for packets of 2 damage. Hope that helps. EDIT: I reread Reap and it even says X OR MORE developments so it should be even more clear that if you have 3 Developments to my 5 that you can't draw cards. -SF
  14. I'm pretty pumped for this. I really hope they have demos or something about it at GenCon! - SF
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