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  1. Looking forward for another glorious tournament. This time we already have an Austrian nations cup team. What about you Jogo? Already prepared? Bring a new laptop this time. Gary
  2. I'm not quite sure if you did, but I think yes. I wanted to know : A) if it's possible to use a quest without a unit on it. Answer: NO B) if it's possible to pay 0 ressources to get a 0 cost unit back into play with this quest (Can cost X be 0? Can I "pay" 0 ressources?). Answer: YES (but I'm still uncomfortable with that. I'm pretty sure, that this combo works with one single quest.
  3. Thats the clarification I wanted. =D But why do you need 2 of the quests to resourrect the milita unlimited?
  4. We had a similar situation on the european championship on castle stahleck. An order player had the high elf quest return to glory a dwarfen grudgethrower and an empire peasant milita in play. He sacrificed the milita with the thrower, returned the milita to the game with the quest for X ressources (=0) without having an unit on that quest(!) and sacrificed it again, and again, and again, and again,... In my opinion this is shouldn't work.
  5. True Jogo. And they get stronger. But we don't know most of the upcoming cards yet. Maybe we'll have new ways to destroy or disable the mining tunnels, or even better cards?
  6. I'm also looking forward to those woodelves. Also deckbuilding gets more interesting by every new battlepack. Old strategies change. New strategies arise.
  7. At the moment Order seems quite overpowered. At the european championsship we had a lot of empire and dwarf decks. These are quite strong. Also High Elf indirect damage decks are gaining since March of the Damned. The High Elfes healing ability gets much better if you combine the elves with the lizardmen.
  8. There was no response to my idea, so I thought it wasn't welcome. But indeed your name tag was very nice Zukar. =) If we announce the same idea soon enough next year, it might get realized.
  9. Well you're right. Why wouldn't they? Guess I just wanted to be 100 % sure, because I'm just building a deck for the nations cup (european team championship) on castle Stahleck and don't want any unpleasant surprises. Anyway - Thank you Dam - also for the answer on my last question. Deagal
  10. Hey Folks! I've got a question: If I have a Ugrok Beardburna in play with lets say two damage on it, and I attach a War Paint on him. Does he get +4 power then? The same question is: What if I play multiple War Paints on one unit with damage? Ugrok Beardburna: Hero. Warrior. Limit one hero per zone. This unit gains for each damage on it. War Paint: Attachment. Attach to a target unit in your battlefield. Attatched unit gains power for each damage on it. Thanks for help, Deagal
  11. Hey there, I've got some questions: If I sacrifice a unit with the grudge thrower, all attacking and defending units get +1 power. If I get that unit back with stand your ground - does this unit have +1 power too? The card text seems to state that, but the intention seems to be, that only units who are in the zone while sacrificing get stronger. Greyseer's lair: Kingdom. Lower the cost of the first Skaven card you play each turn by 1. If I have one greyseer's lair in play and I play another one as the first skaven card, then I get this second lair in for 3 res. Does this second greyseer's lair reduce the cost of my next skaven card too? Or is that impossible, because the next skaven card isn't the first skaven card played? There were some other questions too - I'll post them later on. greets, Deagal
  12. Greeting fellows, my best friend Stubi and me are also still looking for a third member of our austrian (or maybe part austrian) team. The only thing we demand of you is that you are motivated or motivatable to win. Playing and deckbuilding skills are overrated. What we need is fun playing and confidence in our success. We also have a stylish idea about some kind of corporate identity for our team. @ Gollum: if there won't show up two players to fill our teams, we could join forces for a french-austrian alliance. :-) Deagal
  13. The units/supports are destroyed simultaniously yes. But isn't the same way like Troll vomit, that you can choose in which order the cards go to the discard pile? This way you would just have to get this unit into the discard pile first and the book would trigger, wouldn't it? Or wouldn't it trigger because it's destroyed too? xD Hach...
  14. Hey Ultimadark, you may play each race against each race. You could also play Empire vs. Empire if you would like to. It is definitley allowed. It's just not allowed to mix order with distruction cards. I have played draft only once and think it is fun, but most of the time I play with self constructed decks. This way I have my own army, with my own strategies. Most of the WH:I tourneys are played with self constructed decks. About the card Judgement of Verena: Some players think of her as totally overpowered. Others say the combo of Verena and Will of the electors is not stable enough to rely on. In my eyes Verena is very strong, but your enemies can defend themselfes with developments - so they have the chance to respond. Apart from that Empire hasn't got much unit or support removal, thus without Judgment of Verena lots of Empire decks would be nearly unplayable. Deagal
  15. Ok, I think that answer satisfies me. I somehow thought that the card is then a unit and a development, but it's essentially a development and thus probably not discarded if the unit is destroyed. At least you can let your enemy assign two damage to that card and then take it back to your hand with long winter.
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