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  1. Yeah, the Crucible is a thing, though official online play would be an improvement, especially if it's cross-platform with a mobile app. Honestly, what I'd want more than online play is offline with an AI. I'd just like to be able to pause play without inconveniencing my opponent.
  2. D351

    Going To Time

    Yeah, this. In my experience on a local level, games are constantly going to time. It's rarely close enough for this to come up, but I can definitely see how this qualifies as a flaw in the game. I've definitely had moments where I saw the clock was getting close and was tempted to rush to have time end on my opponent's turn, but it hadn't really occurred to me until reading this thread how valuable that strategy might be. This could be one of those things that becomes an issue as competitive play develops, especially in sealed. Legal or not, I think the community will frown on this if it's how an important win is made on the tour, much like the issues over "missed opportunity" with forgetting to flip a key that came up recently.
  3. Oh, wow. I guess our local store must have been sitting on those for a while then, lol. In that case, yes, adding playmats is a huge step in the right direction, even if I don't much care for this one.
  4. Deck boxes might be a good thing (depending on quality), but playmats were already in prior kits. I wasn't really factoring in non-changes.
  5. This. I'm hoping we eventually get houses cycled in and out (as would make sense for the lore), but it needs to be only partial. We don't need Android or Arkham as houses; it's too direct and feels... cheap? But I'd love to see a house centered around cyberpunk themes and another with eldritch monstrosities, especially if they make coy references to those settings (as they have already alluded to MtG on several cards). Have a character that looks just like Noise from Android, but call him Noizz or Kacofonee. Honestly, as an Arkham fan, I'm even more interested in there *not* being direct references to Cthulhu. It's been done in so many games. And honestly, a lot of the eldritch monster stuff could be done within Dis anyway. Instead of doing Cthulhu, do some creatures that are obvious alternate versions of the player characters from Arkham and some mythos/magic artifacts. I'd find Ashtray the Hobo and a book named Ghoulish Cults far more amusing.
  6. How does everybody in this thread feel about this?: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/29/for-mars/?fbclid=IwAR13OYuk0W89OxgBaZvEPFUt2yfqOu0UpH8BnasLeKyMfnwjZreOa6xhBdc The prior stuff was fine in my book, but this is a definite step in the wrong direction. The starter set keys look orders of magnitude better than these card keys.
  7. D351

    I wish

    Where'd they say they were doing holiday cards? That sounds interesting.
  8. Anybody else find using/storing the mini card tokens a bit tedious? I've currently got all of my decks and tokens in a super hive and have managed to fit metal keys, a d6, card tokens, and a dice bag full of other tokens and a washer (way better than the cardboard chain tracker) into a small deck box so that I don't have my tokens spread out in multiple places (was previously keeping the dice bag and mini cards in the little drawer in the super hive). I'm trying to figure a better but equally compact storage option that will allow me to stop squishing a dice bag of tokens against the mini cards to keep them from shuffling around, but haven't come up with anything yet.
  9. I've tried writing an email to FFG about this, but that can take a while to hear back from. I'm trying to figure out: is there actually such a thing as chainbound open play (as in getting/using chains in the database in an open play event), and if so, how does one do it in GEM? I do not have access to the information retailers have access to, but am trying to essentially talk my retailer through the process. We think we've figured out how to make it work for tournaments (finally), but have no idea how to do this for open play. I've been told elsewhere to access the Retailer FAQ, but I don't have access to that. I just want to get our events functioning the way they should without trying to convince someone else to make it work/look it up.
  10. I foolishly assumed that this was just a standard thing one does when releasing an RPG. I’ve only attempted to play one game that didn’t have an official pdf character sheet release, and that Game at least had the good sense to include a copy of the sheet that isn’t bound in the book. tl;dr: I support this suggestion.
  11. I know I'm rezzing an old thread, but I'd just like to say that "playing the good guys" is the leading reason I haven't picked up any of FFG's rpgs. The black and white dichotomy in the canon SW universe is too restrictive. Give me gray jedi and teetering Sith. The SW setting needs more moral ambiguity, and I'm hoping to see some of it leak into the new movies. Well-intentioned but mislead Stormtroopers isn't only the more compelling story; it's the one people in the US and Europe should best relate to.
  12. Everything going into the new movies... And a Gonk droid. Actually, every droid ever would be nice.
  13. Undead and Skaven... These I want. As for the other ones, I'd put Bretonnia way low in priority. Same goes for dark elves. This is because there are already humans and elves in the game. I know it's standard to put in chaos and regular humans, even though neither are my favorites. I think the idea for elves and orcs runs allong the same line of two classic favorites who are opposites. I imagine that future releases will be themed instead, because there are some favorites that wouldn't fit that formula. I like the underground theme idea (maybe some tunnels), but I doubt something that big would be a first expansion. I imagine dark elves and undead being released in a spooky pack, hopefully with one or two skaven. Lizardmen and dwarves would probably go in a mountain-themed pack, if the underground doesn't happen. Bretonnia, I have no clue. If this gets enough steam, I'd also like to see more obscure stuff like mummies.... Then again, it'd also be pretty awesome if they released some 40k stuff with a way to mix armies, though I imagine that the 40k pieces would have to be really expenssive, making 40k swarm-armies not work against fantasy armies that would be inherently larger... It would be pretty cool though to play a huge group of orks (or even bigger group of Skaven) taking on a few space marines that happen to be really lost. That said, I can't imagine GW would ever allow the 40k and fantasy settings to even have the option to crossover. Does anybody know if there's any precedent for that?
  14. I wouldn't mind an Android rpg… or better yet a book that gives all of the fun background info of an rpg book without the rules. Mostly I just want more info about the setting, and if I was going to do an rpg would probably use GURPS rules either way.
  15. Anybody else looking forward to some awesome sleeves for Netrunner?… I really wish I could get sleeves of the card backs from the original version just for retro points.
  16. No, and for some reason "No." is too short to post by itself.
  17. Much thanks. I hadn't noticed that you could tell by touch! My g/f and I had opted to put flat marbles on the cards for the tokens until they get taken, but that is highly useful information.
  18. I'd love to play boardgames based on the skirmish GW games, but what I'd really like to see is a nice reprint of one of the old 40k games that was played with chits instead of minis… Really, I'd just like GW to come out with an inexpensive way for players to dip their toes in to the Warhammer games without investing boatloads of cash in minis, then taking forever to paint them. I'd love cardboard pieces for all of the Warhammer and 40k games, including Blood Bowl. I enjoy painting minis, but it's time-consuming and makes it hard to get to know how the different factions play before investing in an army. FFG would do a brilliant job with this, as the components in their games are quite impressive.
  19. Ezel said: Just signed up for this forum a few days ago. The raffle has to still be on since it'sstill mentioned when you join the forum and FFG are doing wonders keeping stuff up to date. I can't in any way imagine that there is not a raffle at the last friday of this month! It is inconcivable if it's gone since FFG is such an amazing company and actually update the news-section often. It would take them like 3 minutes of their time to get rid of the whole raffle thing if it wasn't running so . . . IT IS STILL RUNNING! IT HAS TO !!! EVERY OTHER CONCLUSION MUST BE WRONG!!!! SINCE FFG WOULDN'T LURE CUSTOMERS WITH FALSE PROPAGANDA THEY COULD REMOVE IN 3 BLEEDIN' MINUTES!!!!! I lol'd
  20. It's a shame that Noise wasn't playable in this one. I so look forward to seeing him in Netrunner.
  21. This one should seriously be clarified in an FAQ… I still can't find any mention in the book about whether the pieces are revealed. Also, has anyone come up with a simple way of dealing with the face-down aspect of the DFs? We laid them all down on the table, but that seems to invite memorisation. I'm thinking about using dice to mark how many DF are left on each card and having players draw from a bag, but this doesn't seem very elegant either.
  22. Nice work! Definitely impressed by your shoggoths.
  23. I'd say Arkham Horror. They're all great (And Elder Signs is greatly improved with the recent FAQ), but AH has solo (freakin' challenging) and is great for getting a big group of friends to play. Edited on: However, if you've never played, it can be quite a challenge to figure out the rules just by reading the book.
  24. And, as for what I'd like to see in expansions... 1. Deep Ones and Ghouls 2. Clues that aren't so straight-forward in scenarios that don't play out quite so linearly. 3. Dreamlands Stuff, in one big scary expansion. Esp. zoogs. 4. A truly terrifying set of scenarios involving Nyarlathotep, not necessarily in any particular order or organization, just lots of Nyarlothotep in lots of forms, not necessarily requiring minis (One-Use named minis just seem like they could be a waste of plastic, and for masks would be too much of a give-away), maybe some sort of NPC markers, as some have suggested, or maybe the events involving him would just be described in lots of clues with a mini for when he's revealed (still unfortunately a one-use mini, probably well worth it though). 5. More monsters, always more monsters In that order... Ooh, and Nightgaunts could lead to a really scary storyline, desperately trying not to get pulled out of the house and off to god-knows-not-where...
  25. A few things you guys seem to be missing... Because of the way the components are used, a lot of material could be stuffed in to one expansion. Dunwich and Innsmouth could be packed together with a map tile or two for the Witch House. The only hindrance is the need for minis, which isn't much... Deep Ones. Cultists and Witches are covered, especially with the named monsters rules. But more importantly, don't forget to consider the usefulness of FFGs print on demand process. The expansions could be independent with additional scenarios available as small packages with mixed interdependence. These scenarios would just be labeled with what expansions they depend on, which gives an added incentive for purchasing more expansions, "OMG! They released a scenario for The Haunter of the Dark! (somebody's fav HPL story) We just need a couple rooms from the Dunwich Expansion to play it!" Maybe, they could make the mixed-dependence scenarios available at a discount for the release of new expansions to boost sales. Also, the Print on Demand could have an amazing effect on the community-created content for the game, perhaps resulting in a list of publicly recognised (by FFG) scenarios written by fans that they feel are good enough to list as available through FFG... maybe just a fan-submission system of some sort. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but the potential is all there.
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