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  1. Out of stock in Spain the first day. 😱🤔😱
  2. Exactly. That is the "no more actions available" option.
  3. I think not. You can choose an interact icon -the arrow- the first time if you have spent an interact action. You do not have to spend one action to interact and another one to click an option with an arrow (at least the first time).
  4. Can Elena use her ability on herself? I think she can't because in the page 19, nearby, says that a component (the hero?, the figure?) is not nearby itself. This brings me to another question: Can a hero use any ability on himself if the ability says "choose a hero"? Or only if the ability says "you", as Guard keyword? So a hero never cannot choose himself if the sentence is "choose a nearby hero"... Or not?
  5. I read It. That's why I made the question. Anyway, It seems that you do not think the same that Casparas. This is what I thought initially. Thanks to both of you.
  6. If I am using Keen Eyes from a space that is two squares away from the target, in the opposite side of a wall, can I count spaces through the wall? I mean, If I count directly to the objetive (through the wall), it is two spaces away, but if I must count "around" the wall, it is 4 spaces away.
  7. I am playing with my wife and we have won 3 of 4, and It seems very easy to us 😳 We are playing with other friends (5 players), and we lost because they wanted to do everything and we didn't remain together. In the case 1, only 4 enemies at a time. In the case 2 all the miniatures and no time to end the mission. It is not a problem of the number of heroes.
  8. I think that you should make that question to FFG. I would do, but I do not have a copy yet, and English is not my native language, as you see
  9. Mmmm, ok. Not so difficult as I thought. I could push other investigator and move with him, or move to a space with water and spend other action to leave It. Too much easy, then.🤔
  10. How should we play water?: Whenever an investigator or monster moves into a space containing Water, that investigator or monster immediately forfeits any remaining movement. Remaining movement for the full investigator's phase or just his turn? Could an investigator be pushed in the turn of another investigator? we played in such a way that we could only move one space even with two movement actions. But we had doubts, because one of us could cast a spell to give an action to other investigator, but we didn't know if that investigator could move again while in a space with water.
  11. Forgive me for refloating this post. Has anyone received an official response on whether the cannon can be fired more than once each turn?
  12. Italian, not Spanish. But It is nice, anyway. It would be perfect if we could filter missions by language in Valkyrie (just a suggestion).
  13. But if the result is two damage in one dice, can I reroll It?
  14. The card says: you can reroll a dice showing a single attack icon. An attack icon is not the same that one attack icon's type, right? So if the dice shows two damage icons, you cannot reroll It, right?
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