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  1. gran_orco


    How should we play water?: Whenever an investigator or monster moves into a space containing Water, that investigator or monster immediately forfeits any remaining movement. Remaining movement for the full investigator's phase or just his turn? Could an investigator be pushed in the turn of another investigator? we played in such a way that we could only move one space even with two movement actions. But we had doubts, because one of us could cast a spell to give an action to other investigator, but we didn't know if that investigator could move again while in a space with water.
  2. gran_orco

    Sea of blood. ..About the ships

    Forgive me for refloating this post. Has anyone received an official response on whether the cannon can be fired more than once each turn?
  3. gran_orco

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    Italian, not Spanish. But It is nice, anyway. It would be perfect if we could filter missions by language in Valkyrie (just a suggestion).
  4. gran_orco

    Combat Vambrace

    But if the result is two damage in one dice, can I reroll It?
  5. The card says: you can reroll a dice showing a single attack icon. An attack icon is not the same that one attack icon's type, right? So if the dice shows two damage icons, you cannot reroll It, right?
  6. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    Being faster. You cannot search in every room. You must run. If you had played the first edition, the guardian was a player, and you couldn't waste time. Same with second edition. Against the goal? Take 6 items, die when the objective is completed, you cannot speak, you must be wounded, nothing happens... There are a lot of cards where you must complete and additional requisite, not against the initial objective. That's because you are insane.
  7. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    Oh, my god. Because It is great! I have played recently with a couple of friends who never played board games. They enjoyed the game, and when they went insane, they said that It was very funny because they had an option to "win" at the end of the game. One of them tried to burn six rooms, and his girlfriend needed 6 objects. But they do not "won" instantly. They "losed", but they thought It was a great game and they want to repeat. Insane cards are not broken. You don't like the cards, only that. If you want to "win", try to not go insane!
  8. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    page 16: Set Fire Action. An investigator can perform this action only if he has a Light Source. Page18: Turn. During the investigator phase, investigators take turns in the order of their choice. During an investigator's turn, he may perform up to two actions. See conflicts (page 2), to resolve disputes. The decision of the turn order can be determined by an investigator chosen at random.
  9. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    Impulsivitea, I think that you should read my previous message about what can you do to challenge these sanity cards (if you support my English, ?). In most cases you have said that the game ends abruptly, or you have been a little excessive with the resolution of the cards. As we choose to do what the card says everytime, I will skip a) (although we want to win, we try to win the rest of players, too). First af all, did you take into account that you cannot start a fire if you do not have an item that allows it? If a player is going to be insane, we do not let him to have a blade weapon, nor an item to make fire. Does he already have one? Steal it. It is not so difficult. In our games, we did't experimented your results. We are 4 vs 1. It is not so easy to start a fire as you suggest. If there is fire on the board, it is not a good idea to let the fire to spread out so much. You are going to have problems, even without this card in play. You said it, the game is ending. The game can end abruptly for whichever reason, not only the fire. Super easy???? The winning condition MUST be triggered at the START of your turn, NOT DURING it. He must be exactly with ONE more investigator. Not 2, or 3. Just ONE investigator and the insane one. And you must have a bladed weapon (see previous point). So, can you explain me how can you see it so super easy if you play the last in the round because nobody lets you to play first? Even so, you must be exactly with one more investigator at the start of your turn. Iy you draw the card during your turn, you do not win immediately, you must wait until the start of your next turn. I think that you are so frustrated with these cards that you are just ignoring them, instead of facing them. It's very difficult to met the conditions of this card. Just in case: the attack action can be used only against monsters. You cannot use it against investigators. The insane investigator can try to push other investigators, spread fires, close doors, steal weapons, undo puzzles... Super easy? Abruptly? If you think so... Not easy for us. Absolutely not. You win IF you die AND the investigation has been complete. I drew this card last time I played. I helped my partners to complete the investigation. In fact, I fighted with the big end monster hand to hand while the other players fired their pistols. I sacrificed for them. The monster didn't attack them because it was focused on me. When I died beacuse my wounds, the monster was nearly to die. They killed it, everybody wins! What is the problem? You only need to die at the right moment, just before the investigation ends. My first impression (maybe I am wrong) is that you are very frustrated with the cards, so you do not understand them, or you are not trying to do anything to face them. You can ignore them for your fun, but I do not agree at all that these cards end abruptly the game. I think that LabanShrewsbury is not refusing your reasoning, but your explanation about what cards do. You will be surprised with the games that I have played where you cannot speak. And they are extremely funny! You must play this card as "your investigator cannot speak" (NOT your player). For example, you cannot share strategies, ideas or intentions as "give me the dagger" (although you can make gestures, like we do). But your player still can tell jokes, laugh at a situation or move, or speak about the weather. I do not see why it ceases to be a social experience. Have a nice day!
  10. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    Sorry, but I think that the card says something like "if you have this card and you are EXACTLY alone with another investigator" or something like that. First af all, we do not leave anyone alone if there is an insane investigator with a weapon. We only finished a game suddenly: the first time we drew that card. After that, the game is harder, only that. It is really funny when a player cannot speak and he wants to explain us his plan. It is really funny when the player interpret his insanity as an rpg (although not everyone does it). It is very funny when nobody wants to trust a madman, but his intentions are really good, because everybody thinks that he wants to kill us with his dagger. And is very funny to trying to stop an insane investigator when we understand his real goal. But you cannot say emphatically that those cards should disappear because they are not fun.
  11. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    When we play, we try to not go insane. When It happens, usually when the story IS ending, anything could happen. It is funny for US. So preventing to go insane is part of the objective. See it as losing if you go insane.
  12. gran_orco

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    This is what we do, and we are pretty successful: - Pushing him; stealing him the object that lets him to make fire; extinguishing the fire... You can extinguish fires with one action without equipment, just moving. - Move away from him if his behavior is suspicious; grab their weapons if he is going to go crazy (just in case). - Oh, that's very funny. Push him again. ACT before him. It is possible that investigators have differing intentions and goals. If this prevents investigators from reaching a decision as a group, the decision is determined by an investigator chosen at random. So if he is crazy and he wants to play first, chose randomly a player to chose the turn order. If you are 5 players, almost certainly he will play the last. With expansions, there are more insane cards, so this handicap has been minimized. So it is less likely that you take a card which could finish the game suddenly. In fact, now I enjoy the new insane cards because its variants! (no spoilers)
  13. gran_orco

    Monster movement & mulitple investigators?

    orco, orco, not oroco
  14. gran_orco

    Monster movement & mulitple investigators?

    1- You must decide as you say. 2- No, he remains there.