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  1. Scuicidal? Didnt I just die last week? Stupid anti psker rounds. Total BS. Im thinking about dropping the game all together since I just spen a year wasting my time apperently.
  2. GM let ya. Ya rolled realy well. It lead to more cool stuff and mad fore great story telling. Tell the others to stuff it. That was ausomesauce!
  3. huge expantion oportunities in the form of maps and minis for major 40k battles. Armageddon anyone?
  4. Your +10 attempt to invoke my nerd rage has crticly failed! lol Sorry u dont like the book dude.
  5. Yeah they were pretty good as usual.
  6. OH YEAH Space Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to play this in our group!
  7. That totaly answers my question thanks a bunch!
  8. Hello my fellow Questerians! I have a Temple Calix psyker under the savant militant path. i think i am templar segundus rank atm. Anyways these are just repacment titles for the actualpsyker paths right? So even though the name is savant warrent its templar secundus right. So I can pick advances from the savant warrent on pg 76 main rule book right? i guess what im lookin at is gettin toward ascension book. Is this possible on the calix path? Thx
  9. I dunno. Im trying to stay away from the supplement so the surprise isn't ruined.
  10. Well its funny cause we spent a better part of year getting crap xp for our sessions. I petitioned the GM, he listened, and we get decent xp now. Maybe im just being paranoid but it does seem that I keep getting the shaft.
  11. Brother Praetus said: Loki73 said: I dont think I have holocaust yet. Fire Storm then? It was one of the AoE powers, I thought. I know you want(ed) Holocaust, thought you took it already. -=Brother Praetus=- Not yet soon though Ok on the current issue!....../RANTON! Also I am aware of the minor powers BUT our GM throughout the length of this year has gone to great length to put stuff into scenarios that limit what I can do. Firstly for a year we were getting 400-500 xp for about 3 months worth of role playing? So I said wtf? we got it changed. Now that I have a Lathe forged force weapon and decent pyrokenesis powers and three attacks with a full action, he's gone and taken that away this scenario. And I cant cast until i get operated on. Even in other games when I cast stuff it mysteriously (space time continuum, warp rift, psy-dampener bu**sh**t) doesn't work half the time and I end roaming the game store bored outta my tree cause my char has no effect on the game at all. Every character at some point in the year has been rolled into the stories or had an effect. I have had none. Well there was the scum as well but hes dropped now. HMM wonder why? When I support our hand grenade throwing, axe wielding maniac guard player I get scorned for that too. The thing is I am a bit of a glass cannon, I can dish out melee damage just as effective if not more so than our guard player and I can cast it up. But if start taking damage I can get wasted quick...unlike the guardsmen. Even at other times the GM has rolled the effects of my casting without me doing it. And I was like .....WTF? Look im all for a challenge but this is getting lame. I had lined out goals for this char and have accomplished them thus far, after a years worth of role-play! I could think of hundreds of other things I could be doing on wed other than being frustrated by a GM that want to play god. I gm's dnd for a length of time. Let the players dictate action according to story but dont let them have and control everything they want. I get that! But seriously? Maybe the suicide knife would be a good idea.....oh wait that would be gone too. lol. /rantoff peace out Loki73
  12. Now NOw LeBlanc13, you know that I wont commit suicide and the GM knows this. I will turn on all of you lol. And eat your souls! Why all the Psyker hate? Really?
  13. OOH OOH ! 40k camping! Im down for that and I hate camping! I play at the lgs NOW only 1/4 miles from my place! =)
  14. Good news! To bad Blood Angels release that month too. Oh wait im not buyin this book for another year...thats how long it will take to get there with our current progress. lol.
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