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  1. yeah if you don't have many goofy friend cards then a valor form might sit in your hand for a while.
  2. well who knows they might start it back up again there, because it has been going in order kh1 and final mix, maybe COM, and they just got done with the cards from kh2 so they might start making new cards with the Birth by Sleep and the Keyblade wars that will come out eventually. but this is just a guess and there is still no chance that it will come back here. and i know how you feel i just heard about it this year so i was ready to get some cards but then learned it was discontinued. but don't worry there are still stores out just almost nobody who plays it.
  3. oh wait this is just an alternative way to play
  4. so wait we are not able to use Dark Riku or Ansem this is bs. they abandoned us and now they start banning the cards that we have. WTF
  5. yeah and because you have to start by playing level 1 heartless friends it can take a little while to get to those really high ones.
  6. yeah it is probably a good thing you can't like if you find out that your next person you play against does not play world cards which means that they have a high level in magic and have a good amount of curing and magic and probably a race deck because you can't use magic against other players. so if you did have a side deck you would probably put less heartless and more attack card and maybe a Phili in the deck. so my guess is they didn't want anyone with an unfair advantage against there opponent.
  7. yeah if you only play with english cards (like me because i have not found any japanese cards) then it is probably the most worthless card ever.
  8. i have seen axel's rings and they say that you can discard it so you can deal three damage to a target dark card so because of the way it is worded can it be discarded to deal three damage to lets say Dark Riku? i thought that it would be to powerful but because of the way it is worded made me a little confused.
  9. it actually does not expand any of the old card to the new ruling so only the 4th set will be able to have and unlimited amount of shadows in your deck but since it does not say you can have more than one on the field at once i'm not sure if you can play them at once. thats only if you are using them as friend cards. and because the new cards have the new homeworld icon the old sets are missing a big part of the game such as the new Hundred Acer Woods says that all HAW friends get something extra (cant remember exactly), and since there are no new HAW friends it does nothing right now unless you have some japanese cards.
  10. yes the only friends you can have are twilight town friends and there are 7. but you can also have the samurai nobodies.
  11. yeah this game is really cool and that roxas card you have is a super rare so make sure you don't trade him for a couple of commons or so.
  12. you mean you bought them at a store in america. what was the name of the store and do you know a good online place that sells them?
  13. lackey is not that bad after you get used to it which is kind of hard at first. but can be nice way to play ccgs with other people but right now no one has added KH
  14. on what online program will it be on?
  15. I found a place to buy some Break of Dawn cards although it was just 2 starter decks and a couple of booster packs. i took most of the booster packs though.
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