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  1. that is true the shield on the wrong character can lead to a boost in the OL's CP but on the right one say brother glear <-forgot the spelling lol the shield can be a pain in the Threat oh PS : i am gonna have fun picking on you today see you in a few hours
  2. ummmm ya guys relax i just meant that its a wickedly good shield in my circles i call wiked things broken i didn't mean that the shield is too strong for the environment i just meant it was in my opinion the best shield so far . Sorry for the confusion. Confucius says : A bird in hand makes hard to blow your nose.
  3. well for one there is no other shield better in my opinion and two it looks cool lol
  4. we have done this a few times and am just wondering if it is legit . hero #1 is attacking with a breath weapon hero #2 is in the breath attack's range hero#1 rolls his dice and hero #2 has hero #1 reroll any bad dice rolled. hero # 2 obviously takes some damage but all the critters in the breath die to a wikedly strong breath attack can this be legit?
  5. He he he not a problem oh btw can you bring the kids seats to the store tonight i forgot them in your car when we went for coffee Thanks
  6. agreeing with TheQuitter i love those cards and having special cards depending on the weapons or abilities of the heroes sure does help slow them down oh and also removing effects like web or burn to your boss is just wicked and probably the best card is destroying weapons or armour sure can halt an attack just saying those cards are probably the best upgrade besides your critters
  7. I have to agree with everyone else but i think the question should have been does guard interrupt the skeletons activation since the wording on Dead Heads ability is you can explode a skeleton at any time during the skeletons activation. Now we all know that guard interrupts a turn but does it infact interrupt the already activated skeleton he is still activated and he is still activated when the guard goes off and even after he roles his dice and even while taking damage he is activated until he is dead. That was the point i was making, that the wording on Dead Head tends to lead to a discussion about the OL's Turn and the activation of a skeleton . Who has Priority the Guard wich interrupts turns or the skeletons explosive ability in which i may activate at any time during the activation of a skeleton. I ended up agreeing with the players JWS and TheQuitter But all i wanted was that they understand my point of view plus i wanted my skeleton to explode he he he
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