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  1. This is my first post of publicly posting this game I made based on the Star Wars Edge of the Empire theme with the Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game mechanics. I feel it belong here because it's first and foremost a Star Wars fan-made version of the pathfinder game and hopefully I can find other fans that are willing to give the game a look and play it. Another reason is the use of the customized SW Edge dice and it's kinda hard to try the game without those dice even if you print the cards out. You should try this game if you like adventure games (similar to a card version of descent, or the dnd games like Castle Ravenloft Board Game/Wrath of Ashardalon) and if you like Star Wars. You can play solo and up to 4 players and it's the player versus the game. What make the pathfinder card game mechanic more interesting then most is the persistent nature of the characters between scenarios and the fact you can upgrade your skills, stats, gear, etc. Remember that this is a first release of a fan product and everything might not be perfectly balanced and work ok. Combat is especially hard to balance in this version since it's much more complex then in the original version (a good and bad thing). If you have any question let me know, I would love to have any feedback you can give me. How to play the game: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DF39wwb0kvYEE9-2nCmJqKLSt1Fjw2H4qzAbxhRDaI0/pub PDF of the cards: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ZFQ7o0s3ZtaEpabkhSbU44Q3c/edit?usp=sharing Published Document of the cards: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pbJgxoxeZrSwvckuhbNbiyn79ZLkW8NqZQ9P09QZ5Ew/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.p Your best bet is to print the PDF, probably print the first page of cards first and make sure the size is correct for your cards sleeves and use cards from other ccgs as cardboard. You then insert the paper into the sleeves. This make the cards more bulky but still very playable.
  2. eprieur

    Android rpg?

    darth_ugly said: I'd love to play a straight-up cyberpunk rpg, and I think the whole dice pool system in WFRP and edge of the empire would probably work pretty well. Either that or something very rules light… Yeah after reading the star wars edge of the empire beginneers game I also thought that it would be well fit for a cyberpunk system I think. It's already gun heavy and some cybernetic already exist in the current sw system. You also already have rules that seem to work for vehicule/starship combat so you can do stuff like mad max vehicule combat off the bat. All that in 15 pages of rules and with a very refreshing to use dice system. The ready to run scenario is very cool to get into the game in 5-10 minutes or less. I would see something like that working very well for a netrunner rpg where they set up a small backstory and drag you into a game. In SW there is slicing and it's only a skill that let you do stuff with computer. There is always a risk of "overdoing it" in netrunner/cyberpunk I think. It then turn into it's own side game and can really detract I feel from an easy going adventure. But, there are ways to go around it, kinda like a pilot is better at piloting then the fighter in the group, a runner is better at running but the other players can still do runs/slice if they want. Which mean that the GM can design scenarios without risking that 2 hours be spent on 1 player running a data fort while the other players do nothing. Example: You have 4 players in a hallway, the door is locked. The runner jack inside the network and try to open the door which would mean a skill check. Depending on results (success might mean the door is opened but threat could mean a silent alarm which activated an ICE program). Player 2 could say I will go help the player A/runner with the ICE and jack in while the other 2 guard the door. Then after 1 round or immedialtly, the ICE triggers an armed response and guards appears at the end of the corridor. Now at that point many things can happen, the runner can stay jacked in and fight the ICE to try to open the door still or do some other action on the network alone or with player B while player C and D are fighting a meat battle with armed guards. Both battles happens simultaneously at the same speed. In a pure meat battle the runner would pull a gun and fight alongside his partners and in pure network battle everyone could jack in and fight multiple ICEs to get inside a fort. Anyway, I hope they do something but writing this game me some ideas…
  3. Many things to answer: -By all crap, I was kinda exagerating. Maybe some of them are good or even great, but like I said, it's clear that Han is a power card and the chances that he is paired with cards of the same power level is slim to none. -The argument that all decks will eventually lead to Han/Leia/Yoda if you remove the restrictions is flawed. This all depend on the game mecanics and how they build the cards. You can look at multiple games and check if the statement is true. Exemple: 1) Star Wars Decipher the original SW game was all about the "Mains". For multiple reasons, but one of the big reason was that non main cards were in general, ****. Especially the first expantions then it got slightly better. Fodders existed also but were mostly non generic. Exemple, Red 6 was the best fodder ship due to it's destiny of 6. Wedge was incredibly strong for a cost 2 character with a destiny of 4 and +3 piloting power, etc. Compared to that you had stormtroopers with destiny of 1, 1 power an 2 forfeit that were mostly unplayable. 2) Then they redid the game with nearly the same mecanics with Wars CCG in 2004 and balanced things differently. Unique cards were still very strong but in general it was better to have 1 unique only + non-unique due to deployment restrictions of uniques. They were strong, but not dominant like they were in sw wars ccg. Generics had strongs stackable effects and the 6 "vader" deck didn't make much sense. They also avoided mega synergy cards that become just too good when you have them all together, examples would be in the old set how Vader + Tarkin + Vader Light's Saber + sense/alter + cards like I have you now, etc, all stack and synergize on vader. Basically don't make mega combo like that, make sure the generics cards are strong enough based on their cost, etc, and you can avoid the pitfalls. In the current game you can compare red 2/red 5 vs xwing. At first glance it seem ok since the x-wing only cost 1, provide at least 1 fighting icon and got 2 lifes versus red 2/5 costing 3 (and in the case of red 5, only having bombardments icons).
  4. Well I haven't played and honestly as a long time deck builder it felt kinda lame. Who knows maybe it's interesting but the idea of having to include 5 crap cards because I want another copy of Han Solo is not something I necessarily like. It's certainly simplier to deck built since you have 100 times less choices. I would even suggest it will make the game more enjoyable for people that like to deck built to some extent but feel it's too complicated once you factor in hundreds of cards. It create an new concept where you don't judge cards you judge packages. So maybe Han is the best card but it's not the best package so it kinda suck overall.
  5. I just read the rules, it seems that you: 1) Pick 10 objectives. And pick the 50 cards that go with it. You can include 2 copies of objectives unless it's stated otherwise on the ojbective which could allow you to built a deck I guess with 5 different objective * 2 = 10. I would then assume that you have to include the corresponding 25 cards * 2 = 50 cards also.
  6. Suka044 said: what about shipment from kaguya? seems like a quick way to score some agendas Place 1 advancement token on each of up to 2 different installed cards that can be advanced. You need 2 different cards to place 2 tokens, you cannot place the 2 tokens on the same card. It's not very good even in current weyland decks and it's not useable in other decks I'm afraid.
  7. Here is the current best runner deck in my group. Even though all 3 runners decks are 'playable' the Criminal one felt it had the most bang for the buck in faction. Stats from the free online platform seems to confirm that across these games, criminals are winning about 60% of the time, ahead of the other runner factions. Here is our take on it (was unable to paste the linkable version, going with text version): Identity: Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core) Total Cards: (45) Event (21) Sure Gamble (Core #50) x3 The Maker's Eye (Core #36) x3 (6 Influence) Account Siphon (Core #18) x3 Easy Mark (Core #19) x3 Forged Activation Orders (Core #20) x3 Inside Job (Core #21) x3 Special Order (Core #22) x3 Hardware (3) Desperado (Core #24) x3 Program (9) Corroder (Core #7) x1 (2 influence) Yog.0 (Core #14) x1 (1 influence) Gordian Blade (Core #43) x1 (3 influence) Femme Fatale (Core #26) x1 Ninja (Core #27) x2 Sneakdoor Beta (Core #28) x3 Resource (12) Armitage Codebusting (Core #53) x3 Wyldside (Core #16) x1 (3 influence) Bank Job (Core #29) x3 Crash Space (Core #30) x2 Decoy (Core #32) x3 Influence Values Totals - Anarch: 6 Criminal: 75 Shaper: 9 I think criminal is the best at forcing the corp to spread out. Meaning it has to defend multiple servers early. They have to defene HQ (identity power, account siphon), they have to defend archive (sneakdoor), they have to defense R&D (in general but also especially with maker's eye). They also have to defend their remote servers (PAD) or simply risk 'giving' bank jobs too easily. Basically they have to defend everywhere which force them to run thinner. On top of that, criminals, through identity power, desperado, account siphon, bank jobs, etc, generate the most revenue currently. Inside job is also not to be underated and help the runner 'save' bits while being 'tech' allowing to skip some bad stuff. Criminals have the worse icebreakers, something that could in theory be a problem but they also have special order which patch that hole nicely with a few out of faction breakers. Lastly they have tools that fit in the current meta (femme fatale for tollbooth, decoy and crash space for tag and bag, etc). Give it a try and let me know what you think.
  8. eprieur

    Android rpg?

    Where is it? Seriously I would buy the game yesterday if something like that was out with a decent system. I've been waiting for a spiritual follower for cyberpunk 2020 for years.
  9. Maybe this is obvious for some but to me, coming from wow ccg and magic with the chain/stack mecanism, etc, this is so counterintuitive that I want to double check if we did correctly. So here is the situation. I win initiative. I finish my marshalling and it's his turn marshalling. He plays Pyromancer's Cache. This ends his player action. Now if I understand this correctly since I have initiative it means I can do a player action each turn if I want before he can do his own player action. The first I passed and he played the cache. Once the cache is in play I play a Dragon Thief using 2 influences. Since the response is to the come into play event we should resolve the Dragon Thief + the response before anyone can do anything else? Which mean I can destroy the cache before he can use it to draw cards? http://agot.dbler.com/index.php?view=card&arsenalid=20237 Thanks as usual.
  10. Hi, a few questions that arise in your last few games. 1) Just to make sure I understand this correctly, Arya Stark Shadow Version: You can put her out in shadow for 2 gold as a player action during the marshalling phase then at the start of the any phase like challenges a player can bring a card out of shadow for X (is this a player action or framework? I think framework). There is only 1 marshalling/challenge phase or do each player cound their own phase as separate? 2) If Arya dies and goes back to shadow, I assume she stay kneeled if she was kneeled during a challenge? When you get her back again out of shadow she keep the same card position? 3) A Lannister Pays His Debts: Can I kneel a character chosen to die for the claim value to pay this card? I just read the timing rule in the fact and I think yes because that character is still in play and in moribond state until the end of the framework action and because the card is a response to losing the challenge but I want to be certain. Thanks
  11. Darksbane, thanks for the list. I realised that I had one Condemned byt the Council but I read it wrong and I thought it suck so I can use that, probably in the lannister deck. And for the Hand's Judgement, I agree it's more limited in this game and that the 1 gold requirement is a problem unless you have a card like Tywin or you skip taxation or something similar. It's probably better in those decks also for those reasons. It's just that I see cards like lethal counterattack and die by the sword and it feels to me that there has to be some counters to those cards.
  12. I have indeed bought another core set + some like king of the north and sea which add a few common cards + alot of specific cards to really start building different decks. What I'm having trouble right now are the "counters" to non characters cards like locations. For example with the starks I can play frozen solid to have a shot at countering some of the more troublesome locations from the opponent. With the baratheon you have the permanent solution of salladhor saan but I have yet to find something for the lannister and the targs that work. And now the starks have bear island in their deck and maybe it's just my noob eyes, but I really have an hard time seeing how the other decks can win when the starks already have so many kill effects and then they get a bear island out that you can't remove. You are basically losing characaters each turn to the claim, then to the cards effects and then if you have something still alive bear island remove it. Also the counters to the effects like The Hand's Judgement seem nearly required in tons of decks but are few and far between (and this card is a *1 in the pack it's in, basically meaning if you want to put that cards * 2 in a few decks you need that pack 6+ times). But thanks for the answers, keep them coming!
  13. Rogue30 said: eprieur said: I read here and there that as a "general" rule, when you build a 60 card deck you put around 30 characters, 15 income/discount locations and 15 other cards. 15 locations and 15 events and attachments. Not 15 gold/reduce locations. 15 locations that doesn't differenciate between gold producing and others doesn't seem like a good general rule to me. Either the gold producing/reduce locations are required in most cases or they aren't. If they are then the question is how many you put in your deck. And I agree that it can vary based on plot cards, the cost of the rest of your deck or other considerations but like I said I'm looking for some kind of general rule.
  14. Thanks for your answer. My idea is to try to keep the 4 decks that come with the core set alive. But like you said it's alot more difficult to get to 15 doing that. With Roseroad *3 and Searoad * 3 it seem that the kings of storm expantion would be a good idea but to be able to keep a few decks with those it would require multiple purchase also. I guess I'll have to get that one and another copy of the core at least unless I find a way to get cheap singles or another source of card (which I haven't been able to find yet). Was that limited choice also a feature of the ccg? If it's the case this seem like a design oversight to me no? I mean the last ccg I have played extensively was wow ccg and a situation like this one over location would be like if they basically only ever printed 6-7 quests and that everyone is forced to play a permutation of those same cards. We could always argue that some locations are better then others but here it's not even the case since locations that provide income other then those mentionned do not exist (I checked the ccg just now and other locations including some that produce 2 golds and more influence also exist but they are not yet in the lcg apparently). Even with a grand total of 39 cards (with most of them house cards) it's not a lot of choice for that important effect it seem.
  15. Here is my problem. I'm playing the lcg casually, have the core set and around 10 more packs from random expantions. I read here and there that as a "general" rule, when you build a 60 card deck you put around 30 characters, 15 income/discount locations and 15 other cards. Now if you look at the core set for say, the starks, in the deck they have around 10 of those cards. You can look at this search http://agot.dbler.com/?view=dsearch&textsearch=&frt=0&rVr=3&pTs=1&valar=1&cbname=1&exP=&cardtype_sel=9&crest= to get a comprehensive list of gold producing locations for the lcg. To that you can add a few of the cost reducing locations and you have a very small list of cards that are supposed to make out 25% of a 60 card decks. Or is there something I'm missing? I was trying to upgrade the decks in core to a 60 card deck and my only solution right now is to buy another set of core to get multiple of the generic gold producing locations (since I already have 3 of some of the restricted ones).
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