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  1. Who says Chaos is really trying anyway ?
  2. mrady said: Kyorou said: I want to play a mouthy scoundrel of a guard who gets routinely punished for his attitude but gets the job done no matter the odds. why not just do "the dirty dozen" 40k style, Meh. Wouldn't that be the Penal Legion's gig ?
  3. I want to play a mouthy scoundrel of a guard who gets routinely punished for his attitude but gets the job done no matter the odds.
  4. Dok Martin said: Simsum said: 5a. The system needs a core rulebook. 5b. The system needs a core rulebook. No, it doesn't. A core rulebook would severly restrict the evolvement of the line. That approach nearly destroyed Hero Systems and pretty much destroyed the World of Darkness. For good reason. Indeed it worked so well for WW they're now releasing new editions of the Old World of Darkness lines… Seriously, imagine what would have happened if FFG had chosen this path. We would have a single set of rules : DH's, set in stone. That would make for a pretty arid book and people would still be complaining they have to purchase at least two books to have a complete game. My wish for OW? I wish for a setting that does justice to the awesomeness that is the IG. I want grim epic, heroism and betrayal and tragedy. And tanks.
  5. H.B.M.C. said: I'm really surprised by the amount of people who don't like the 'Class/Career/Rank' system. As far as I see it, a system where you don't have that and can just buy anything is more open to 'meta-gaming'. If there was no structure of progression why wouldn't you take the best upgrades to start with? What do you mean by "best" ? More powerful ? More appropriate for the character ? More funny to play ? I remember playing a fixer type of guy in a gangster game. Due to my choices in character creation, my character was totally useless in a fight and carried no weapons anyway. As any upgrade that had to do with hitting or shooting people wouldn't have made much of a difference, I never picked any. That didn't mean my character wasn't extremely competent at what he did and wasn't known by half the city as the guy to go see whan you need something 'special". H.B.M.C. said: I mean, could you imagine playing, say, Diablo II except there are no different character class. There's just one class, who can take every skill, spell and special ability in the game? Where would be the sense of identity beyond the one in your own head? BYE Being a trained physician does not only matter in your head. I'm pretty sure the patients care too. Yet some physicians can also be very good at hunting deers.
  6. N0-1_H3r3 said: Background packages and the like are fine - they're taken as a whole or not at all, and can be considered as a single entity. Just going "Oh, your character is allergic to monkeys, have 200xp extra to compensate" is what, in my experience, doesn't work. Well, it depends on what kind of players you have. I had some great time GMing Deadlands and L5R and the Edge/Hindrance system has never been a problem. The way I see it, powergamers will always try to abuse the rules and munchkins will always make an annoyance of themselves so it is easier to just get rid of those players rather than limiting everyone's options in order to make the game powergamer-proof.
  7. deinol said: I don't get why people use novels as a reference point for starting characters. Do you think Aragorn is a level 1 ranger at the beginning of Lord of the Rings? Experienced characters should be able to emulate characters from a story, but RPGs always start below that and leave room for improvement. Always ? Feng Shui doesn't, nor does Agone and other non-reward-based systems. I can understand why DH took the zero-to-hero approach (it is the most common) but it was in no way a necessity.
  8. Would it be possible that, once someone has been declared heretic (for whatever reason), every crime he commits or has committed is requalified into an heresy, as it is part of his (broader) crime of heresy ? That would explain how some "mundane" crimes get listed in the DotDG Most Wanted profiles and stranger things are known to happen in real-world judicial systems.
  9. Inquisitor sapiens potensque said: LuciusT said: Honestly the desire for starting characters to be chumps is where DH really lost me. To me, the idea of playing Agents of the Holy frakking Inquisition and starting out as chumps is completely contradictory. I wanted a game where I could play characters like Eisenhorn, Betancore, Godwyn Fischig, Harlon Nayl, Patience Kys and Kara Swole. Those that were introduced during the game DID start out as chumps. Betancore was a hooker! Fischig was barely competent. Well, the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books were about Throne Agents, I think. I don't know why BI decided to adapt those books into a game where characters start as mooks... Actually, Bequin was the hooker. Betancore seemed extremely competent from the start (but he had worked with Eisenhorn for some time before being introduced). About Fischig, well, I don't recall him going through much progression (he starts as dumb as hell, gets a little better then falls back to amoeba-level dumbness). I don't know much about Ravenor's team because the first book almost bored me to death and I had to stop reading but they seem competent enough (if bland, clichéd and uninteresting).
  10. The Glen said: Couple the shortage of clerics with the fact the book mentions the church is a very greedy organization several times. Why do they charge so much for confessions? Because they can. They can but it makes no sense from an economic perspective. It's like selling ipads to Haitian IDPs. Technically, you "can" but you won't because those people have no money to pay for them. Even the Imperium's small middle-class wouldn't be able to afford it. Nobles can but they're a very small market (unless you can persuade them to get a confession several times a day, you won't be making much money targeting them exclusively. Besides, 75 thrones is actually a bit underpriced for a nobles-only service). 75 thrones actually do make sense in terms of game balance. So, I support I-don't-remember-whom's idea of the BoM confession being the "deluxe" version of the common confession, which is performed by a layman, has no game effect, and is cheap as death.
  11. The problem is, what are you going to do when a second player has to burn a FP to have his character survive ? If you don't allow him to get Cybernetic Resurrection, he will feel cheated. If you don't impose stats penalties, then the first one will feel cheated (he had to spend xp to recover stat damage). If it's Cybernetic Reconstruction for everybody, your party will look like a Star Trek Borg squad (count on players to utter the classic "Resistance is futile" line on every occasion).
  12. Rakiel said: His example was an idea put forward, not something within Blood of the Martyrs itself. There is only one confession, and it has an in game effect. I know. I should have said "would be misleading".
  13. Baldrick said: If FFG had put an entry in BoM saying "Any priest can take a confession, it will cost the PC or NPC 1d5-2d5 thrones and afterwards you feel better about life but no game effect..." then it would be realistic but utterly pointless for the book. They've described a significant undertaking that leaves the player fortified against the horrors that they might face.... To quote the page of BoM. (p126) "Confession The character spends time with a Ministorum clergy, divulging his sins (both real and imagined) in a private conference. The clergy will then assign a proper penance (such as monetary fines, recitations of prayers, public services, or even corporal mortification). Once this is complete, there character has reaffirmed his faith in the God-Emperor , allowing him to reduce his next gain of Insanity Points by 1." Table 5-7 on the same page says that this Confession costs 10 Thrones in materials even if a PC cleric does it for free. As they say at the top of the page they have only covered off the services that acolytes might find useful. We don't have rules/costs for blessing of marriages, celebration of the harvest etc. Likewise a 1-2 throne confession taking 15 mins is of no practical use for an acolyte but the unwashed masses go every month or so. Seems fair but then I think the name FFG has chosen for the service is misleading, as it would mean there are two different kinds of services that qualify as confession, one that costs nothing or almost nothing and has no game effect and one that costs 75 thrones and has an actual game effect. Calling the second one "major confession" or something would have made things clearer.
  14. I have a DH playlist with some Silent Hill tracks, a bit of Halo 2 and some stranger stuff (Dark Sanctuary, Iszoloscope and others). For scenes on Imperial Worlds, I also list In the Nursery and some music from the old Emperor of the Fading Suns video game. The Mass Effect OST would be more suited for a DW game, imo, sounding more heroic and all.
  15. Nojo509 said: No mention of the Slaugh, I wouldn't mind more wormy fun. *Throws stones at him*
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