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  1. Once again Universalhead shows that he is a class act. Universalhead is a major talent. He has an uncanny skill for this stuff. Telling someone to "go make their own" is like telling someone to paint their own The Last Supper if they want it so badly, when you know DaVinci has one that is nearly perfect just sitting in his garage. I was lucky enough to print off a hard copy of UH's WFRP 3 player aid before it was taken down. It is near tatters now, but I doubt I could play the game without it. I sure don't want to. I use it all the time and yet I STILL BUY JUST ABOUT EVERY WFRP3 PRODUCT! It sure ain't preventing me from buying more stuff. The only way that I can describe the player aid to those that have never seen it is you know the movie Pulp Fiction where they open and look into the briefcase and their faces are bathed in a golden glow because they see something amazing that the audience doesn't get to see? Yeah, well, I feel like that. Whatever you imagine about this player aid, it's not even close. Imagine away, you will not realize the level of awesomeness. This is the best player aid Universalhead has ever done, and that is saying something. He has created many spectacular, and, like Arkham Horror for instance, even legendary player aids. Please FFG, pay Universalhead one dumptruck full of money for the player aid and then sell it to us.
  2. Does anyone know of a good random dungeon or random adventure generator? If not specifically for WFRP 3e, then one that could be made to fit without too much fuss? It seems that the WFRP 3e system would lend itself very well to spontaneous encounter creation, and I would really enjoy something like this.
  3. Dustin said: After laying everything out to see how much room this game is going to take up, I see this is never going be easy and will never fly with my players: who like sitting on comfy couches with a coffee table between us all (for dice, maps and maybe minis) and our character sheets on clip boards. To play this game, we have to all be VERY careful to not shake the table or else we might screw up the order of things. I have seen this complaint about WFRP 3 from a few different sources now, and it baffles me. More than not, we play on my family room floor. The abstract combat and the modular parts seem to add to the flexibility. All you need is a flat space in front of you. Do people that play D&D, or any of the other numerous RPGs that include tactical systems with battle boards or dungeon maps really have an issue with the space and layout of this game? If the standard is that an RPG must be able to be played on loveseats with clipboards, then no wonder some try to label this game as a board game. And if that is the case, why do RPGers limit themselves that way? I mean, it’s fine if a group prefers to play with pencils and clipboards, there are several games that support this, but if it comes to the point that a group hates to play any other way, then it seems that the group has imposed a self-limiting factor on themselves to the exclusion of many fun and innovative features that may require a table or floor.
  4. Yes, Even with many rules and features specifically included to promote party actions and teamwork, it works great with two. The system handles everything just fine and the sessions fly.
  5. 1. The first is a sort-of technical question, how well does WFRP incorporate into Descent? meaning, can I use the props/dungeon tiles that are included with Descent to further enhance WFRP? how about the miniatures? All the bits of Descent fit perfectly for D&D 4e, but the tiles and props would not provide any functional benefit in WFRP3 because of the abstract nature of encounter distances. They might be used to add an atmospheric visual aid. The miniatures from Descent could replace the cardboard stand-ups that come with the WFRP3, and in fact, many of the Descent monster minis (such as Beastmen) would align nicely with the bestiary in WFRP3.
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