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  1. mischraum.de said: I assume I don't. But I want to be sure about this because I want to include Literature Professor ("While every card you control has the Miskatonic affiliation, Literature Professor gains...") and a neutral conspiracy card in the same deck. You assume right. So if you played against another Miskatonic deck, you would end up sharing the advantages of the said conspiracy card. Be careful when you play them though, Conspiracy Cards add up to the required three stories a player needs to win the game.
  2. First of all, welcome to the forums. Now, to answer your query about using neutral cards as a resource in domains, yes you can. Check out the bottom left corner of your cards, that symbol you see is called a Resource Icon. Basically it shows that the card can be used as a resource you can exhaust to pay for a card. All cards except the story cards have them. Oh, and be wary of Transient cards. Sure they count as two resources but they're only good for one time. If you attach one to a domain and exhaust it to pay for something your transient card is destroyed and is put in the discard pile. They are not hard to spot too, since the card will have the Transient keyword and two faction symbols and an arrow at the bottom left of your card. I think that covers everything regarding the allocation of resources. Have a nice day Ashlynne. Cheers!
  3. Here are some of the horror films I like: 1. H P Lovecraft's Necronomicon: To Hell and Back 2. Humanoids from the Deep 3. Devour 4. The House on Sorority Row 5. The People Under the Stairs 6. Bram Stoker's Dracula 7. Sleepwalkers 8. May 9. Children of the Corn 10. Hell Night There is no specific order to them though.
  4. Thank you Sir. Your help is appreciated and I shall take note of what you said. Cheers!
  5. This card can really help out against Agency then. Get someone with Investigation (for offensive use) or someone with Combat (for defensive).
  6. I have been looking for quite sometime now and have only been fortunate enough to come across one. I have The Call of Cthulhu by Lovecraft himself which was illustrated by John Coulthart. I just figured that I am not the only one who is interested in collecting such treasures as their availability is limited, and would like to ask if anyone has resources from where I can download them. Thank you.
  7. The number of cards in a deck's at least 50, right? And story cards and domains don't count to this 50-card minimum. So, since I just play this casually, can I have 53 as it is required that each player starts with three domains? I ask since logically if one is to take three cards to turn into domains from a deck with 50 cards, the said person ends up with 47 cards which is below the required amount of cards to be in a deck. Can someone please clarify this. Thanks.
  8. I got hooked to playing CoC right away and got the Core Set and an Asylum Pack after a play test with a friend who had it before I did. I now play a Hastur/Yog-Sothoth deck which I tend to keep playing and tweak. I currently have the following cards in my deck and would welcome criticism and advice on how to make a better deck. Thanks.: Hastur 1x Hastur 1x Mad Artist 2x Aspiring Artist 2x Bringer of Fire 1x Power Drain 1x Byakhee Attack 1x Byakhee Servant 1x Yellow Muse 1x Thing from the Stars 1x Predatory Byakhee 1x Blind Submission 1x Atlach-Nacha 1x Victoria's Loft 1x Despair 1x Ghost 1x Messenger from the Beyond 1x Scotophobia 1x Performance Artist 1x Bearer of the Yellow Sign 1x Victoria Glasser 1x Demon Lover 1x Sedated 1x Agoraphobia Yog-Sothoth 1x Yog-Sothoth 3x Tcho-Tcho Tribe 3x Opener of the Gate 1x Blackmoor Estate 1x Cthugha 1x Forbidden Shrine 1x Servant of Nodens 1x Opening the Limbo Gate 1x Dampen Light 1x Spell-bound Shoggoth 1x Guardian Elder Thing 1x Son of Yeb 1x Hound of Tindalos 1x Unspeakable Resurrection 1x Gathering at the Stones 1x Journey to the Other Side 1x Living Mummy 1x Fishers from Outside 1x Cannibal Ghast 1x A Single Glimpse 1x Disciple of the Gate That's about it. Any help is welcome. Thanks for taking your time.
  9. I admit that The Agency is a hard faction to beat, what with their investigators, willpower and combat. I use a Hastur/Yog-Sothoth deck that I made with the core set and an Ancient Horrors Asylum Pack that has only lost once and it was to The Agency. But saying that they're overpowered is just saying that the other decks are "squishy". It all boils down to strategy and card draw.
  10. Those aren't Yog-Sothoth aligned cards. They're Hastur. I play a combination of Hastur and Yog. Insanity, regaining cards from the discard pile and causing the opponent to discard cards is a pain as most of the people who play against me realize. Hehehe!
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