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  1. Which means you only play within your own small community so your experience "since the 80's" is narrow. GW and every successful Tabletop wargame has already acknowledged that allowing players the ability to customize their army (with more than just paint) has gone a long way to bringing in new players and even keeping established players purchasing new models. So while the basic build/paint may work for YOU, dont try and speak as if thats the norm, when there is clear evidence contrary.
  2. Lol, you must be new to wargaming. All the top games have players who customize, its a major part of the hobby in the first place. Painting, modeling, and playing is essentially what it all breaks down to. Assuming these models are not mono-pose, will lengthen it, but there will always be players (assuming the game grows like I think it will) who want their Republic army to be different than your Republic army and so forth, and a simple coat of paint doesnt always do it.
  3. Totally need a 3rd faction that just brings in all the other smaller factions to the game. Makes sense that Imps/Rebs can all acquire some Bounty Hunters or Mandalorians, we've even seen it in canon already. There are just SOME units that I dont see aligning with either though. Black Sun, Hutts, etc... This also works well if they decide to create Clone Wars units since all of those 3rd parties were involved in 1 way or the other.
  4. Except it very well could be your problem. Officially eliminating any sort of "proxy" completely actually discourages play. The same models can only be looked at for so long before people decide to add their own flavor....at that point what is separating a IA model thats been altered to fit the game from a Legion model that has been customized to look unique?
  5. As cool as they would be I dont expect to see them outside of being a mission objective. The only other alternative would be getting a Pilot model when ever a vehicle gets destroyed. Could actually work in conjunction with an optional or additional mission objective.
  6. Im pretty sure it is a Strawman if you are basing your argument off of different conversations and not this one, but I do see your point. Anyone that is actually complaining or upset that the 2 games are not compatible is just wrong. They are different games, period. That being said my main comment was directed towards those saying it shouldnt be allowed to proxy, wont work, etc... as that is also completely wrong. Itll work as long as people who want to put out effort. As for Tournaments I think FFG would be insane not to allow proxies like that which could enhance the game tremendously, while starting off they need the assistance just like all the major wargames did prior. As for a card pack though, that would be silly, unless it was special characters only but Id rather them just create new sculpts.
  7. No one ever said it was an IA expansion or that it shouldn't stand on its own feet as a game, that is all a Strawman, but the idea that the models are impossible to convert or use in Legion is ridiculous at best. Im not even arguing that it SHOULD be compatible out of the gate, only that if someone wants to use them and can do so in a way that provide zero change to the game the only thing that would stop them is salty players who disagree. I plan on getting all the Legion models myself, and I am very much a fan of larger scale simply for the amount of detail that can be painted on.
  8. Which is already covered by the requirement to buy the Legion rules that come with the other models. Again, no reason other than being salty really.
  9. Really hope to see small factions that dont fall into the Rebellion/Empire paradigm. Black Sun Pirates, Bounty Hunter squads, Madalorian Forces, Random PDF forces that are not actually "Rebellion", etc...
  10. Again, why not? There are only 3 things to be addressed when playing in any official capacity; WYSIWYG, Modeling for Advantage, and usually a 51-100% ratio in favor of Official parts of model to 3rd Party/custom. Special precautions could be used to ensure there is no "modeling for advantage", by just replacing its base which would put it on par for height really. If there are any worries about WYSIWYG that can be addressed as well rather easily. The only reason to disallow it as long as it provided ZERO change in actual gameplay is if you want to be a *insert choice word here*. Most Tabletop wargaming communities follow these same rules, so I assume the SW:Legion community will as well.
  11. Thats not really true though. Say I use a Rebel Saboteur or Alliance Rangers from IA to fill in for a random non-special Rebel Soldier from Legion...does it matter? Its just a body, it still uses the exact same rules, it just shows the Rebel army in a more accurate fashion, as the hodge-podge of randoms that come together for a common cause. Storm Troopers are Storm Troopers so say I have a base squad of IA Troopers beside Vader as his "501st" or whatever.....It would actually look amazing IMO as he should dwarf the random joe. I doubt there would be much complaint if a Kayn Somos IA model was tossed in as some sort of SGT. Remember that StormTroopers arnt Clones either, so height differences isnt THAT big of a deal.
  12. Also dont forget the Manipulate Force power. 1 Control upgrade allows Force Points to be be spent on Successes or Advantages, while Mastery allows you to spend 2 Force Points on a Triumph. Also you can commit a Force Die to upgrade the Mechanic check by 1. As for making stupid MMO styled armor, its kind of a bad comparison. While a MMO character can create some uber gear, it literally came at the cost of nothing but time and money. The FFG system requires a large XP investment in order to create the really game breaking stuff, which balances out with characters who bought normal gear and have tons of abilities to match. Sure there may be a situation where a GM may allow the character to just stack optional bonuses and roll into they are happy....but that sort "free gear" could be given to the player in a much more traditional RPG sense like raiding an ancient Jedi Bunker lost since the Jedi/Sith war, so its really not that out of the ordinary.
  13. Im throwing my hat into the ring on it being Juyo specialization with a Vaapad ability that costs conflict (possibly 2 abilities). While not many Jedi used this form during the Rebellion or Clone War days, it was still considered a primary style amung the Sith. Darth Bane/Vader/Maul all using or incorporating into their own styles. Honestly I hope its in the Warrior book for obvious reasons and I hope that book dives a little deeper into the Darkside of the Force. Maybe 1 Parry, no Reflect, at least a Sense Emotion or two. No +1 Force Rating POSSIBLE Abilities: Balance, Overwhelm Emotions, Feral Strength for Lightsabers (which could actually feed Vaapad if it was a Frenzied Attack for Lightsabers w/ Conflict cost), and Lethal Blows. Juyo might even be a Form ability that allows Light and Dark side force points to be used instead of Strain for a Frenzied attack styled Vaapad.
  14. As a fan of FFG and Star Wars, since you no longer need to worry about stepping on the toes of your partner (GW), whats the chances of a Star Wars Tabletop Skirmish/War game? Personally I would go nuts for it lol
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