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  1. I want my own Inquisitor sockpuppet This was, as always, nice write up of this "finest" Inquisitorial groups adventures.
  2. Seems like the switch of Psyker: A Beacon in the Warp and Untouchable: A Void in the Warp has been made.
  3. Warscythe stats can be found in Tome of Fate p.121 or The Outer Reach p.131 Tome of Fate version: 2d10+17 E; Pen 9, (Felling [3], Power Field, Unbalanced), when you add Necrons Str+UnStr bonus to this it is quite damage dealer. The Outer Reach version: Warscythe (2d10+8 E; Pen 9 (Felling [1], Power Field, Unwieldy), As DW had little bit differend Unnatural Characteristic this doesn't have high Felling score and I removed the Necrons Strength bonus from this as it was calculated to it. This version is the new that doesn't got the inbuild Gauss Blaster that Necron Pariahs had but it should be easy to just add Gauss Blaster stats as Ranged option. Also you can find Lychguard stats from ToF p.115 or The Outer Reach p.131 (but I would propably use ToF Lychguard as it is BC supplemental book.) Just remember that Necrons Pariahs have always been more easier to kill that normal Necron as they are humans turned to machine. So they might have normal Regeneration trait of Necron but no Reanimation Protocol trait, that is optional rule for Necrons. Reanimation Protocol rules can be found in Tome of Fate p.115 or the Outer Reach p.119 If you want to add Untouchable trait, only place I quickly found it was in Disciples of the Dark Gods (Dark Heresy 1ed) p.28 How to port it to Black Crusade can be found in Black Crusade CRB p. 280 In nut shell: Psychic Invulnerability (Immunity to Psychic powers or energies, Possession, Sorcery, Corruption from Warp Shock) - But you can always pick telekinetically a huge rock and drop it on the character, Indirect is always one way =) Psychic Distruption (if ported to BC; Inside 5 metre radius all Psykers gain -5 to Psy Rating, Creatures subject to Warp Instability suffer double damage)
  4. It's really more of just a tactic to compare sizes. Dark Helmet: You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let's see how well you handle it. From Spaceballs, by Mel Brooks
  5. Might it be either of these? Sorry if the link wont work directly, posting this from Phone. http://www.darkreign.org/search/node/macharian Dark Reign is good place to delve, you never know what you might find. Found my new toy for Admech Engineseer, The Thallax, from there.
  6. Not in BC/OW/DH2. In BC/OW/DH2 you have flat +bonus that you add. Ex. Marine with Unnatural Strength +4 would add that to his Strength bonus. No more multiplying.
  7. I have to make my players read these sometime. These give so much how you can play your IG guy just trying to survive the s***t your superiors throw at you. Might bring some common sense to my players when I lead my OW game. They sometimes forget that their characters are squishy
  8. Yay, story time. For some reason I can not read the Ruberts part in other voice than Sir Hammerlock from Boderlands 2. EDIT: Just finished reading the last part and my oh my, did I get good laugh. Had to check original thread link to see did I miss something in the end.
  9. This might be the same file Dava100 used, it can be downloaded from Dark Reign, that has many other nice things to download if you search through it. Genestealer Cults
  10. This story has made my day at work. Days between Christmas and New Year's eve are quite silent to work at Reception so nobody minds if I occasionally giggle to myself. Just reading "Discount Spaceship" and things are just going down the drain.
  11. Mostly in fluff if I remember, but Recharge would be my own put to this thing, even if its integrated.
  12. Colonel Schaeffer, Commander of Last Chancer, had Baleful Eye bionic in the Book. AFB but didn't Baleful Eye loose power after used for shot and had to recharge to be used again. That is you loose sight in that eye for sometime. Might remember wrong.
  13. Yep, all shots are calculated separately for TP/AP reduction. Also AFB but there was multiple hits chart that is easy to use when determining where same Semi/Full auto attacks hits are going. For Flashlight, oops Lasguns, to do good damage againts Orks use variable setting. This can be overlooked many times. I usually use True Grit only on special Meks, Nobs and Boss characters I want my players to have tough time to kill. Other times when Boys go to 0 wounds they are killed.
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