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  1. First of all, Chess does have one major flaw...WHITE is totally OP! Seriously, I used to be kind of a Chess hater with all the great strategy and miniatures games out today, and all the "Chess is the one true strategy game" people walking around raising an eyebrow at my orcs, demons, and robots. But getting a chance to teach chess to some kids and explaining the strategies, I found a new respect for it. It is not the "be all and end all" of gaming, but it is a pretty cool game as it has some good lessons to learn for a new gamer such as thinking ahead, piece trading, and protecting pieces with others. I highly suggest every gamer have some good abstract games in their collection. Now back to Battlelore 2E: Yes to mulletcheese, neutral or mercenary type units would be cool.
  2. You both make valid points, but I am such a "fluff" gamer that they don't work for me. If I was to just look at mechanics, I would play Chess (of which I just found a new respect, even after not playing it for like 15 years and now comparing it to all the current miniature and board games). I like to relate to characters of faction that I am playing, feel their pain and fight for their cause. And although the Uthuk were kinda tricked into their current plight, they are just not nice. Also, I have never been a fan of a "civil war" game (same faction battles). I really do wish the best for this game: 6 Factions, twice the army size from the starter box, lots of extra monsters and mercenaries, new missions, new terrain, epic scale battles, the whole thing! Thanks for the replies.
  3. I love Battlelore! BUT, neither my friend (whom with I play this) nor myself really like the Uthuk Y'llan. So I can only get partially exited about the expansions and I am not going to just buff up the humans. So, I will not be buying either army's expansions for now. I REALLY want to see a new faction or two come out for this game. RuneWars has the Undead and Elves, so I thought we would see these coming pretty quickly. If I had my choice though, I would like to see some orcs and/or dwarves like the Oath and Anvil expansion for Rune Age. Until we get new armies, I guess I will just play with what came in the box or maybe with a monster or two. If FFG wants my money, they need to put out some more races. I have bought everything for DiskWars (I know, different universe) and will buy more, because of the options for different army types. Everyone in my shop who sees us play says the same thing... "I am waiting for BLANK army to come out before I buy the game" or "If there were more factions, I would buy it" And this scars me. I am worried that the game will not do well enough (in FFG's eyes) for them to put out new factions. So this could be a self fulfilling prophecy. Gotta give the people what they want to make a game sell. I am crossing my fingers...and waiting.
  4. fionn5 and Bright Wizard are correct. The example on page 20 is not complete and should be corrected. Scrums are made up of multiple Engagements. Page 20 - Scrums ...players must resolve all engagements where an embattled disk is defending before the engagements where an embattled disk is attacking... Page 18 - Engagements A disk must deal its melee damage, if able; it cannot choose to refrain from an engagement. To correct the example, the Troll would do damage to Teclis causing a Wound Token on him. He has a Toughness 4 and Stamina 1, against River Troll attack of 5. The Troll would also have a Wound Token on him from Teclis's damage being added to the damage previously dealt by the Spearmen Counter Strength. Sorry if I am just regurgitating what was already said, but I wanted to add the references from the rule book for others to see.
  5. Wound tokens are not removed, but "Damage" tokens are? There is a difference.
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