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  1. of course there is always the possibility of an expansion (or two) that connects the corner pieces on the lengthwise side of the board. Heck, this could be (will be) dragged out over a period much longer than gaming addicts would wish to wait. And i was checking out more info on the forums and subsequent links, i noticed there was an unofficial pc game. How nice of Games Workshop to pull the old intellectual property routine on the creator when their pc game died . I didnt think they could do that if the person wasnt profiting from it. Thats not entirely different from this site posting user created cards and game rules and someone saying hey we dont like that, CLOSE down or else.
  2. Western PA north and south Cranberry and pittsburgh
  3. Any sci fi fantasy movies are welcome diversions from reality!
  4. Granted the 6th large box will probably not be the same size as the first 5 (if the center board is last developed). so total, we can predict 5 large matching size boxes, 1 odd large box, and 5 mini cool, but relatively useless boxes - i currently have all my characters in one of the mini boxes. Wow Mr. Brogger - all those painted miniatures tossed in general storage together - i almost cried when i saw that!
  5. Definately, having an tray in the dungeon expansion would have been the way to go. I mean, likely everyone is keeping the large boxes no matter what. So all cards could go in one large box (with a properly developed tray), and all pieces in a second large box, and (later) all boards in the third large box, and (later) all mini expansion boxs in one box. The reality is eventually going to be 6 large boxes and 5 mini boxes. How much can those thin plastic trays actually cost in mass production? 10cents? 25cents? Even if they were identical to the original revised run (so set up fees could be avoided) theyd still provided massive improvement over cardboard nothingness. Raise the price a quarter and I'm in!
  6. Oh yea, and Talisman TALISMANS. Replace your talisman card with the legendary, mythical, METAL, ultra cool, ACTUAL, TALISMAN!!!
  7. 1. BLANK CARDS - at least 25 of each type + maybe a few new types for our own creations. Nothing like the feel of real cards even when you've drawn on one side. 2. Mega Card Storage - inside "tin" perhaps metal - desined specifically for card storage capable of storing ALL cards (existing cards AND cards predicted from ALL future expansions) 3. unique dice (i really like the dice in 4rth ed revised) perhaps Black Reaper dice for sure (but i dont get TOAD dice - unless theres 1's on each side and theyre green - maybe a pair that permits you to change back to your original form faster if you roll doubles) Heck they could have 5 ones and a toad on each dice. You always move 1 but if you roll 2 toads you can convert back immediately). 4. Collector Talisman Coins - gold colored MeTaL - (see dreadpirate coins from front porch classics) - nothing like the clank of metal on metal coins. 5. GEMS - ok i understand that the next expansion will have gem cards. When you draw a bag of gold you trade for coins. When you draw a gem card, replace with Gems. You could spend the gems just like money depending on gem value. But its always nice to have a cool looking gem sitting in front of you. 6. Plastic structures - ok im drinking a bit, but 3 demensions is cool too. Heck the board is just so large its hard to see whats where way over there. And its only going to get larger. I could more easily see a 3d tavern/city/crypt/etc. I know this is prob too much. 7. Metal Figures? Brass figures@! Ok enough for now lol.
  8. Beautiful Work. I'll have to try a similar solution. I posted on the general wish list that future expansions (the large boxes) come with black plastic trays made specifically for card storage and take into account ALL cards made to date - a mega storage tray if you will - for those of us that dont have the time/talent to create something like this. (my next request will be for BLANK cards of all types - even though strange eons is awesome - itd be nice to write on blanks with the exact look and feel of the original cards - I'd definately spend money for a set of 25 blanks of each card type to date and heck, throw in 25 copies of a previously undesigned card back for unique player developed mechanics)
  9. magnets are always dangerous if eaten. keep em away from the rugrats.
  10. yes, i'm about due for a good read. i think the last thing a read was stephen r donaldson chronicles of thomas covenant
  11. good idea on the battery life roll. It could be drained just sitting on the shelf.
  12. I'm thinking you are entered automatically. I found the points section (you can see it when you click the register forums link. Points list as: 25, 200, 500, 1000 for the four raffle levels.
  13. I havent been able to locate a local store that stocks this.
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