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  1. I would say another flaw includes the random hero draw mechanic. There are just way more heroes than the game needs and the hero party can wildly vary in balance and composition. To the extremes that some groups cannot win unless the overlord holds back or makes major errors , and some groups are unlikely to lose unless the heroes play poorly. While I believe set up should be important I don't believe it should be so far reaching when it's largely out of the player's hands. I get the feeling that second edition will move away from this with class building. Hopefully it becomes a matter of making choices and dealing with the pros and cons of said challenges as the heroes, while taking advantage of and exploiting weaknesses of the heroes choices as the overlord. I'm generally not a fan of random mechanics except where strictly necessary, such as with the dice.
  2. Steve-O said: Tashiro said: Though, thinking about it, if they post the rules early, readers can devour the mechanics, and point out any oversights or questions - thus giving the staff a heads-up before release on fixes to make to the rules. Admittedly, this would make good for an on-line errata, I doubt they could just take it to the printer and do a full revision prior to release. I don't refute the idea that some FFG games (particularly Descent 1e) could have used this sort of review, however, in theory, this is exactly what FFG pays quality assurance personnel (aka "playtesters") for. I know that video games seem to be moving ever further towards this sort of communal development/discussion model, where they release a game, let fans comment, and then patch it. Lather, rinse, repeat. I'm not entirely sure that the board gaming business is quite ready to follow suit, however. It would be an interesting experiment if there were a company willing to run with it for at least one game, though. I believe the A&A 1940: Europe revision is undergoing a process like that where there are forums for discussion and player feedback before they reprint the game. Mind you it wasn't the case with the initial run, but it's something.
  3. While I sympathize, I doubt we'll be able to get them to do so. I only barely managed to rush out to a FLGS of mine that I knew had a copy of RTL that I was waiting to buy, and ****** it up when I saw they cancelled the reprints. There's more to the Second Edition than just a revision of the game rules. Production costs of materials have gone up in the past few years and the big box games like Descent are starting to phase out. FFG would likely have to increase the price of the game to continue producing it at a profit and this would likely be met with consumer hostility.
  4. master86 said: Hi heroes, I have some question for yo counters web counters such as stun etc.. are less if you go to town (live) or if the monster which assigned them dies? In the base game? No, they do not get removed if the monster who caused them dies. That's more memory than the game supports. Nor do they disappear with a visit to town. They must be resolved as per their effects, or through an item called the Curse Doll that is in the market deck if you have the Altar of Despair expansion. All effect tokens will also be removed if a hero dies.
  5. Corbon said: One thing a lot of groups 'fail' at is being 'suckered' into taking too many 'cool' skills and not enough 'raw damage boosting' skills. A standard melee hero with +1-2 from skills (his or Blessing), a couple of dice upgrades and a power pot can do 17-18 damage per attack with a basic axe. Can't stress that enough. Early in the game damage increases are important. The early choices you make have a lasting impact on the campaign and how it will turn out. The damage modifiers my party has are making my life hell. The party I'm faced off with his something of a nightmare draw for the OL in early copper. I'm playing as the Sorceror King with Snipers. Laughin Buldar with Weapon Mastery (+2 surges on melee attacks) With just his store bought Axe and Morning Star he's rolling a minimum of 8 damage and a maximum of 17. I did pick on him a little for his low armor but he's since obtained the Plate Mail from the copper deck. Nanok of the Blade with Mighty (+2 damage on melee attacks) He's not really a damage threat like Buldar is right now but he's the hero they're banking on paying off returns later, while being difficult to crack in the here and now. Battlemage Jaes with Inner Fire (+2 range + 1 damage on magic attacks) Again, not really the threat that Buldar is, but a couple extra dice and the right weapon will change that. He does enough now to knock off a couple of the weaker monsters. He's toting a chainmail too making him a bit difficult to kill. Ronan of the Wild with Eagle Eye (+2 pierce +1 range on ranged attacks) He's not really rolling a lot of damage yet, and he's loaned pico out to Jaes, but when they need to chip away at an armored target that extra pierce (along with the Ripper in his bag) come into play. He was my early bread and butter for CT but he's since taken on Buldar's chainmail (sacrificing the 1 speed for the 1 armor temporarily, they decided it was more useful) and is using the Skull Shield to soak up some of the damage. They're all 4 CT heroes (what with Ronan's curse) so they pay heavily when they die, but they're not dying all that often, and the extra damage helps them clear the path in front of them while Buldar absolutely slaughters my level leaders. A lot of my CT is coming from holding on to traps to combo on them when I can. I'm hoping in our next game session, when I'll finally get to roll over to silver eldritch, I'll be able to turn the tables and make them really pay for that 4 CT a piece hero party. I'm also hoping to make them pay for going with two melee during some of the encounters. Though I doubt the skull shield will stick around for any of that. Right now the only saving grace is that some of them are short a trait die, but I'd say their initial skill draws have more than compensated them. There's a lot of strategy involved in building your hero team. Sometimes you won't have a lot to work with in a draw but you want a group that works well together with the choices you get. All of your starting choices should reinforce your overall strategy. Skills as well, drawing from the melee deck for a melee hero I don't think there's any other skill I'd prioritize above Weapon Mastery to start the game, Mighty just behind that. These are random factors that you can't really control but you have to be aware of their value so that you make the right choice when it does present itself. What heroes is your team comprised of currently, and what is their skill set? A hero like Buldar in my game with a couple power potions and good rolls could end Alric Farrow in a single turn by himself. Not that I would ever give them that opportunity but it's a possibility. Alric is not really as imposing as he looks at the start of the game. I've read of many OL's losing him early in their first campaign by overestimating his strength. A couple weeks preparation, or an all-star caliber hero will really put him in check. He cannot raze Tamalir by himself before a competent group of heroes can try to chase him off. Do a couple dungeon dives to gather up whatever treasure and coin you can. A couple added dice with training when you have the XP. Go at him with a good stock of fatigue and power potions. As Corbon asked, which expansions are you guys playing with?
  6. I don't like (even indirectly) advertising for other websites on another site without permission, but there's no PM system here and I did originally learn about it from another poster here. So... www.auggiesgames.com/ They part out a couple different games. It's a nice resource for getting extras if you want them.
  7. Corbon said: No, I just missed it. I don't recall anyone ever noting that for me, thank you. No problem. I'd been wondering about it for awhile actually and trying to look over it and see if I missed something. Most of the posts I'd been reading are a little dated or just outright old, and I just haven't taken any ranks in Necromancy. This presented an opportunity to ask.
  8. Yeah, I came a little late to Descent, just short of 2 years ago. I had the Starcraft board game which got me looking at FFG stuff. Saw the minis and a couple pics and was like "I so want this." I did a good bit of reading first and then I decided I really wanted it for what it was. My g/f and I are really into turned base tactics games, which is a fairly small genre in the video gaming world these days. We like to blame that lack of popularity on no multiplayer features in a market that's banking off of multiplayer replayability. Descent, however, has given us that versus option. It was a great pick up and has gotten me to start running a biweekly game night at my place where we play a lot of the boardgames I've piled up over the years but rarely ever had reason to bring out. With me playing fewer and fewer video games these days unless they have multiplayer and my friends play (can't often justify 60$ for 10-20 hours game time when I used to pay 40$ for 30+ hours as a kid) this change has been great and gives everyone a reason to get together more often. I haven't really done tabletop in-person gaming since about 10 years ago when I played Mage Knight and played in like 2 D&D campaigns and a Vampire campaign. I think it emulates the turn based tactics style quite well. I took some advice from another poster on BGG and expained it to my friends as being like Diablo in board game form then added to it as an FF tactics type of playstyle. Giving it the video game comparison really helps with expectations. Only one guy in our group of 8 hasn't taken a liking to Descent, but that's because he much prefers conquest style every man for himself games.
  9. Steve-O said: That move is not legal. Soar has precisely two effects: (1) All attacks, to or from, suffer +4 range (including melee attacks even though they normally don't calculate range.) and (2) it grants the ability to "swoop," which negates the range penalty - as well as all benefits of Fly - until the creature starts soaring again. That's all. Everything else is exactly as if the creature weren't even flying. It still blocks movement, still blocks Line of Sight, etc. ^ This. About half the rules arguments/debates/confusion I've seen are about presumptions never actually hinted at by rules and are more a case of trying to apply roleplaying logic to the game rather than taking the rules as written, or paraphrasing effects and the like.
  10. CitanTim said: Hi everyone. I love this game, it is simply amazing. The details, the production value, the concept... simply everything! Anyway... i just purchased a copy for my gaming group and was so disappointed to find that I'm missing some pieces (all the hero figures). I'm also missing the quest book! I'd love to play the scenarios that came with the game, even though we played with a download fan creation, went well. I was wondering if anybody out there had a digital copy of the quest book. I know that it may sound shady, but I honestly got jipped on my purchase and am just trying to make the best of the situation... please help if you can. Was this a new or used copy you purchased? That might have some bearing on how this is handled, though I wouldn't know FFG's policies. If you don't get things sorted out I know of a website that parts out Descent bits and last I checked they had some hero figures for sale.
  11. Corbon said: Khorlith said: My question is: If the heroes fail to meet the objectives for the active rumor, what happens to the card... does it get returned to the bottom of the rumor deck or does it go to the graveyard? As the rules don't say either way, my gut instinct is that the failed rumor goes back to the rumor deck. That being said, the reason I wonder about the card going to the graveyard is just the logic of the card being played out. If the heroes are going in to recover the body of Derafin the Mighty and end up fleeing the dungeon, that location is now closed to them so having that same rumor come up for another location feels odd. Likewise, for the Twins rumor. If the overlord killed the twins before the heroes get them out of the level, it's bizarre that you can get the same rumor for another location. Anyway, I realize that I'm probably over-analyzing the situation so I'd like a ruling on the fate of a rumor card when the heroes fail to meet the reward conditions. Thanks. Khorlith: The Rule Dictator Nothing. That rumour is still the active rumour, still in that location. If that location somehow becomes available again then the heroes can re-enter the dungeon and do the rumour again (I can't remember if that is possible in RtL, it is in SoB when a Lt drops a quest item) . If not, the heroes must draw another rumor at the tavern (later, during a visit) and hence discard the 'old' rumour to the bottom of the rumour deck. If the heroes manage to make it all the way through the rumour deck and redraw the old rumour they originally 'failed' in, then they can place it in a new location. Obviously their previous information was incorrect (it was only a rumour after all) and clearly that is why they failed. (Frankly, if they make it all the way through the deck and redraw, I'd blame their failure on being permanently sloshed). 99% of the time 'bizarre' just means you haven't thought of the reason yet. I've seen several posts from you, both here and on BGG, suggesting that the rumor deck is never reshuffled. This isn't the vibe I got from my rulebook, where I read it to mean that the shuffling of the rumor deck is part of the process of buying a round of drinks. Both on page 18 and on page 22. I do see the paragraph that puts the discarded rumor to the bottom of the deck, and this really doesn't matter and would be redundant as a step if the deck is simply reshuffled later. Is this the basis for your position?Either way, I see value in cost/benefit with your method as well as wider variety in rumors. I wish the rules on reshuffling some of the decks was a little more clearly explained.
  12. Parathion said: The heroes can still move to town by being killed, so there are still ways to progress. Unless you say the heros must always have a chance to win... I agree that green glyphs are the most powerful when placed in the "wrong" place. In certain quests they can be a real killer. But the same is somewhat valid for certain Feat cards in certain situations - I remember an Animate Weapons (most expensive card in the game) cancelled by a Disarm - the (first time) OL lost almost all his interest to continue... Yes the heroes should always have to have a chance to win, in that the dungeon itself should not be manipulated to entirely prevent them from progressing. "Q: Which map items count as obstacles for the Crushing Block trap card? A: Crushing Block may never be played in a space adjacent to a pit or any token (or built-in map element) that blocks movement. The reason for this is to prevent the Overlord from sealing a hallway completely and preventing the heroes from ever progressing. This is a list of all relevant obstacles, current through the Road to Legend: Boulder, Crushing Wall, Rubble, Water. (Villagers are figures, not map elements.)" While part of the RTL section of the FAQ, it suggests that this is in the very spirit of the game, keeping with competitive yet fair play, and stressing that it has always been the intent to avoid such tactics via the very wording of the card itself. It is also supported by other related questions that have come up. "Dungeon Level 14: The Fountain of Life If an invulnerable monster blocks a path, the heroes may move through that monster."The example given with Buried Alive becomes unwinnable since the dungeon collapses behind the heroes as they progress through over a set amount of turns, and a sundered glyph held for the very last glyph in the very last room can make the scenario unwinnable if everything else behind them has become unreachable. The Duke in this scenario must be carried out through a glyph and a dying hero will actually drop him back to the board in the spot he or she died. This quest actually predates the corrupted glyph mechanic so I'd say it's definitely an oversight, as the quest was not designed as being balanced against this tactic. This doesn't really come up often because the design of the game has generally avoided the potential for such events to occur. Where it has occurred the rulings have been clear. It's not strictly RAW (unless I've overlooked something) as this specific example is never clarified and nothing is ever suggested to disallow this. I would, however, argue against it's use at my table as related examples of preventing progress have been ruled against, showing designer intent, and as being against the spirit of fair play. While the latter is not an expressly written rule, it's definitely an unspoken one for many games if you want to maintain a healthy playing group.
  13. I much prefer a single universal symbol when things are closely related (in this case wounds/damage). If you'd so prefer you can always order some custom dice made for the game. No need to change something as fundamental as this, when it is only a stylistic change. It's not like it's currently broken, or difficult to interpret, and there's no need to confuse veterans with a pointless alteration.
  14. http://www.thegamestore.com/Counting_Cubes_or_Blank_Dice_s/117.htm Are very cheap blank 16mm dice available in all the Descent appropriate colors that I came across when I could find no reasonably priced Descent dice. Shipping was cheap for me (in the US) and they also have sticker sheets. Though I had to express ship them anyways and actually ended up paying more for shipping than I did for the dice lol. Really though the only reason I wanted a second set was for a custom 8 player dungeon. As Steve says, a single set of dice doesn't really pose a problem for my group as long as they find their way back to the "common area" after being rolled. Asking everyone for the dice is a bit annoying. Unless you're superstitious about someone else rubbing their bad luck off on your dice before you roll them.
  15. gran_orco said: Corbon said: gran_orco said: Corbon. Could you do a complete example with a dark priest attacking in an encounter and a hero dodging (an another one with same case but aiming and dodging)? So maybe I could understand you. Thank you. I'm not sure what is difficult to understand? Spent surges are spent and can't be used for any other purpose. Dodging or otherwise makes no difference to this. But here goes anyway. Abbreviations used: W = White dice, Ag = Silver dice, b = black dice, E = Enhancement result, ~ = surge result, XR= X range result, XD= X damage result, - = blank result Silver DP attacks a dodging hero with W, Ag, Ag, b, b, b. OL spends 2 threat to upgrade one b to Ag Roll is: 3D1Rs, 2E, 2s, 2E, s, - Hero instructs OL to reroll W, Ag with Surges and b with surges. OL can't add any dice before the reroll because he has already rolled 5 and can't upgrade a die after it is rolled. reroll is: 1D3Rs, 2s,E Final roll is: 1D3Rs, 2E, 2S, 2E, E, - Total: 1D, 3R, 3s, 5E The surges are spent for +1R, +1D and +1threat each using Dark Prayer. The enhancement are used for damage. Roll result: 9D, 6R, +3 threat. I'm not even going to bother writing up the option of spending 2 surges for 1 threat, instead of for 2 threat, 2 damage and 2 range. I guess if a hero was heavily weighed down with effect tokens you might not actually want to kill it so may be minimising the damage you do deliberately, even when it costs you threat. Nothing in this discussion changes this in any way. Same case but OL plays Aim. Aim cancels Dodge. Therefore the first roll cannot be changed. OL still cannot add dice with threat after the roll for the same reason. Final roll: 3D1Rs, 2E, 2s, 2E, s, - Total: 3D, 1R, 4s, 4E The surges are spent for +1R, +1D and +1threat each using Dark Prayer. The enhancement are used for damage. Roll result: 11D, 5R, +4 threat Again, nothing in this discussion changes anything here. You have used a SILVER dark priest. I wanted an example with a normal dark priest aiming. If he rolls 1W and 3b dice, and he rolls 2D, 1s, 1s, 1s, then he could add a dice spending two surges, and after that, he could reroll all dice because he is aiming, so now he could roll 1W an 4b dice (1 free dice). Even if the hero is dodging, he has one more die. How do you explain that? The easiest way to go about it is simply to rule that reroll opportunities must occur before step 5. This problem vanishes. Such opportunities should be used within a reasonable amount of time in a competitive game. The same applies to monsters that dodge heroes. Why would you wait until surges are spent to make them reroll? At that point there is nothing explicitly stating that the results of those surges are lost by the reroll. Do you intuitively in these cases reverse them? If so it's just as easy with the overlord to reverse the effects of spent surges for threat if you would rather not place a timing limit on when an aim/dodge can be played. In such a case, the threat never existed, and any left over is returned to the pool, therefore the extra die could never be paid for with that threat, and is thus removed. As for Dodge vs Aim, they cancel each other out.
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