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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to asses rarity and/or value for Design, Composition, etc works,a nd I can't seem to find it in the book except as mentioned vaguely in counter to the smithing complex process Help?
  2. And an interesting question regarding Upsilon Builds: Dows Hux's condition card block Sensor Cluster?
  3. I have seven AWings now... i"m going to do a ROY G BIV squad.
  4. Excuse me as my mind blows... Mindlink Feedback, no doubt
  5. First glance, they look pretty solid. Have to put them through Mechanicum approvals before I say yeah or nay though
  6. there are groups on FB who are writing Necromunda/Mordheim style rules for this level of play. Heralds fo Ruin Kill Team is the one I follow closest.
  7. Juke instead of Predator. PTL makes him too busy IMHO, and Juke TIes in well with his TL?Evade title. And with three dice always, OW for low AGI ships.
  8. I usually leave one on his base so I avoid that problem. Fits neatly in his firing arc, lol.
  9. Back in Iowa, my FLGS had a tradition of awarding new dice to the lowest ranked player. Because even if you were the meta everyone decided to counter that day, or you played a fun but not front=loaded murder list, or luck left a steamer in your shoe... you still got something on top of playing games all day.
  10. signed up by email, angling for the day off. Angling super hard. BarrelBoost Arc-Doger hard.
  11. I recieved a thing from a friend in Vermont recently, an over-sized, double sided ImpBoba/Han ship card. Says they got it from their FLGS, and I'm tickled to have it. Pics after I get home, if others are curious.
  12. I would still highly recommend investing in a Base Core Set. The TIE pilots in there, plus the two fighters and the upgrades are boss.
  13. HOLY **** SUPER USEFUL. Plotting an Agressor to add to my collection harder now!
  14. Pretty much any murderer is worse than that. And Xizor's the head of one of the biggest and most powerful criminal organizations in the galaxy. Mistresses that have refused to accept that he has dumped them, have ended up being mixed with construction materials for buildings on Coruscant. It seems highly probable that he arranges murders (and that Black Sun does a lot of murdering in the course of their other criminal enterprises). I'm not saying Xizor's not bad, just that it's silly to pick **** as an example of 'hard to get worse than that' when talking about a character who most commits crimes worse than that. I disagree. Xizor leaves his conquests broken and ruined from his attentions and his dark whims. That, IMHO, is as bad as arranging deaths or profit or convenience. R*** is a violation on a deeply personal level, which is difficult even for the strongest and most supportive to recover from. That puts him right up there with Palatine and some f the Sith Marauder Lords in my book.
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