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  1. I wish FFG would start recognising Europe as a customer base and provide information on when product is expected to hit our shores.
  2. I've been picking up the odd Anima figure as they are tremendous to paint for some time, and I ended up with the following: XII Fallen Angel Ophiel Odin Goldsmith Genma Le Long Fire Demon Church Agent Samael Agent I had no idea about the game itself until my FLGS actually stocked the starter set and the rulebooks. As it's so cheap I'm looking to demo the game to a few friends and I was wondering where to go purchase wise, just to provide some variety and balance and show off the factions and mechanics a little more. Only looking to buy another 4 to 6 figures really (and it doesn't seem like I will need many). So what are the best models to give my potential converts some variety in playstyles and replayability?
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