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  1. The Lemony Snicket soundtrack has worked well for me.
  2. I just kicked off a campaign the other night and the players had a blast. Here's how I started them off: Living in Oregon I played on the old Goonies locale of Astoria as I know the coast quite well. I started the kids off on a rainy, school day in Feb. This allowed for them to not necessarily like each other. The Nerd who took home-schooled, finally convinced his parents to let him attend public school. Of course his first day is a field trip. The kids travel to a coastal maritime museum/fort. They get bothered by the class Bully (NPC) and got a chance to throw dice a couple times to steal things or cause some mischief. ( a nice intro to the L6 system) Then when the PE teacher leaves them a lone to go flirt with one of the other teachers the bully starts a fight with a jock (NPC) when he steals the Popular Kids (PC) new iPhone. The Juvie outcast (PC) sneaked behind the Bully and tied his laces. The Jock pushes the bully who falls, hitting his head and KO'ing him. The group spurred on by the Popular kid hed off to find the phone which fell down a grate. The kids find a cargo elevator and after a little juvie teamwork they got the lock picked and ride the lift down. Once in the tunnels below the fort the elevator collapsed trapping them. They find the cell phone, and a tunnel leading out to the coast. As they travel the concrete turns to cave. After taking a fork in the tunnel the floor below them collapsed and they fell into a sea-cave. Lit only by the light from a single cave enterance they dried their clothes and found an ornate boat tied to a small pier. They decided to take the boat and try to float out. Once aboard and an the mooring is untied the boat takes off on it own. Eventually the boat exits the cave after a short flume ride and starts heading out to sea. The dreamer swore the figure head was grinning the further the boat got from shore. Eventually the boat stops when land was no longer in sight. The boat floats for a bit giving the PC's a chance to kibitz about their situation. A fog starts to roll in towards them. The coast guard shows up after introducing them to the despair rules and having them role a quick pluck check. As the rescue diver prepares to jump in and the helicopter hovers above a dark object bust out of the sea on all sides of them, so big it blocked out the sky and the rescue chopper. They all get tossed out of the boat and some nearly drown. After waking and finding everyone they decide they may just be in the belly of a whale. The rolling hills beneath their feet was fleshy, the air was warm and musty, smelled like rotten fish, and a small moon-like dot illuminated a pitch black starless sky. They quickly start to assume they were swallowed by a whale. "I think I saw this on Pinnochio", said the Popular girl. They then start searching for the missing Jock (NPC). Smelling smoke they follow their noses to an overturned sailing ship being used as a house. They search the house and find no-one at home. There was a pot of fish-stew boiling over a fire, some jars with gross stuff in them (eyes balls, entrails, etc.). The only weird thing was everything was slightly larger than adult size. Their look out hears something and the scramble to hide around the room. Tina the Sea Hag (GL 7) enters dragging the seeming unconscious Jock. Before they can react the Hag plops him on the table, lops of a leg and tosses it in the pot. I pounded on the table when she cut the leg off and everyone jumped it was classic. The group then gets caught. The popular kid cons her into letting them cook for her as "kids from where they're from are poisonous unless they are cooked just right". They strike a deal, she figures they have nowhere to go in the whale anyway so she leaves them to cook as she goes to make sure there aren't any more kids running around her whale. So they poison the stew. And quickly learn that Home Ec could be more useful than scrap. Problems ensue. They ended up trapping her leg under a large shelf they pushed on her and then lighting her and the entire house on fire. After the hag is dispatched they start to make plans on how to exit the whale when a voice interrupts them. Its the whale he thanks them for killing the Hag that has been upsetting his tummy for some time and offer to help them out. Before they can ask or direct his aid he spits them out. They fly for sometime eventually landing in the ocean near a dinghey that was also spit out. As they started to wonder what next a sail appeared on the horizon. This is where we left it.... But I am sure that the sail on the horizon belongs to slavers.... It was a blast and a few of the players are totally hooked.
  3. So I ran my first Grimm's session the other night. I believe it ran quite well but would like to smooth out the system a bit. The resident rules lawyer and I disagreed on disadvantages. He believes they effect the roll. I say no they reduce your grade level or the total result. Of course I cannot for my life find the reference to disadvantages in the book. Advantages are quite clear so I figure you just reverse the direction for disadvantages? Anyone have any ideers? Also I was thinking of just applying all disadvantages as advantages to the opponent or difficulty. So like with stature there are only advantages. It is just a matter of who they help, the PC or the challenge/enemy. What do you think? -Thanks. Game on...
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