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  1. Ok, here's the deal: I'm starting my first Deathwatch campaign next weekend and can't figure out how Kill-teams are "assigned" to a particular Watch Captain. In other words is it that: A) a Kill-team is assigned permanently to a given Watch Captain and will be under his command until the Kill-team disbands due to its members ending their service in Deathwatch or all of its members get killed. (example: Kill-team "Jericho Septimus" is assigned under the command of Watch Captain Brother Vigilant and he will remain under his purview no matter where (i.e. in what particular Salient) "Jericho Septimus" is operating.). or B) a Kill-team is assigned temporarily to a given Watch Captain based upon where the Kill-team's next mission is going to take place (example: Kill-team "Jericho Septimus" is assigned under the command of Watch Captain Brother Vigilant (who operates mainly from Watch Station Andronicus) when the Kill-team is operating in the Canis Salient. Upon completing the mission, "Jericho Septimus" receives instructions from Watch Fortress Erioch that its next mission will take place somewhere in the Acheros Salient, so, upon arriving there, Watch Captain Kain Vibius (who operates throughout the Salient from numerous Watch Stations) becomes the Watch Captain to which the Kill-team responds when operating in the Acheros Salient.). I know this may sound trivial, but, I simply can't make heads or tails out of it using the fluff featured in the books. The description of Deathwatch Watch Captain Advanced Speciality provided in "Rites of Battle" states that he "is usually placed in charge of several Kill-teams and given guidance on broad objectives by the Watch Commander. (p. 127)" So far so good: variant A seems to be the correct one. However , five sentences later we learn that he "must learn how to best employ a changing roster of Battle-Brothers from different Chapters to assemble the most effective Kill-teams for the missions required." This would suggest that some sort of fluidity is allowed in terms of which Kill-teams are assigned to a given mission, which favors variant B. I'm really trying to figure this one out, because, if there's one thing I absolutely hate when GMing any RPG it is to learn that my assumption regarding a given aspect of a setting is completely wrong and therefore everything I or my players did under this assumption neeeds to be explained in a way which would make the most complicated solution to a "Star Trek" inconsistency seem trivial in comparison or outright retconned. So, fellow GMs, help me out with this one!
  2. "Mark of the Xenos," coming Spring 2011. Need I say more?
  3. It appears that I'm lucky when it comes to finding sneek peeks. Here's one that interests us the most.
  4. I stumbled today upon this little page and thought that you all would be interested in checking out its content. EDIT: Something prevents me from posting a direct link. You'll have to click the cover's mini to see it in its full glory.
  5. Care to divulge something more, like, for example, the names of the scenarios, which one you find the most intriguing, challenging, etc.?
  6. So, can someone who already has a copy of HH say something about the contents of the scenario booklet we've heard about? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
  7. miles1739 said: Hello, New to these forums and have been following the progress of DW closely.Have FFG said that there will be a chapter on how to create your own space marine chapter? It won't be in the core rulebbok, but in one of the supplements. Here's an excerpt from "Chapters of the Deathwatch, Part 1" DD: "In addition to that, it is a long-held tradition for Space Marine fans to create their own Chapters, or develop successor Chapters from some of the more famous and well-established ones in the Warhammer 40,000 lore. You can be sure that a thorough and extensive create-your-own-Chapter section is planned for the Deathwatch line in the future!" Hope this helps.
  8. IMHO, Horus Heresy books are worth your money. In short, they definitely show just how different the reality of the 31st millennium is compared to the "default" 41st millennium and while they are still nowhere near (in terms of the timeline) the actual Battle for Terra (which in itself is rumored to be depicted in the final book(s) wrapping up the series), the authors manage to fill in the most interesting white spots of W40K fluff and convey just how rapidly everything starts to go downhill. Being an avid reader of the series I heartily recommend it, if only to get a better a better understanding of the era and thus the background of the upcoming HH game.
  9. MILLANDSON, don't worry. He'll come up with some house rules to rectify such glaring misconceptions in no time. Then he'll show us all just how COOL SMs REALLY are.
  10. Brother Praetus said: Wilfred Owen said: I can sense Dezmond returning . . . "I sense a disturbance in the warp" kind of feeling? Good. I've actually kind of missed him a little. He wasn't a bad guy, just a little obsessive about wanting to play a Space Marine was all... -=Brother Praetus=- I'm really curious what will happen when he finally gets his wish. You know, the whole "be careful what you wish for..." BTW, Hi everyone! Yet another lurker decides to join the FFG community!
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