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  1. I know I always save Fate points for when I think I'm testing for corruption or insanity. I've had a character make it pretty far with just a handful. Considering how many players I see waste Fate on things like Shooting in the first round of combat (you're gonna get another shot... don't do it!) I wouldn't be surprised if this character just saved his fate for something smart. They could have also dealt with non-daemon issues. It looks like he is Ordo Xenos so it's possible that Ork and Eldar focused campaigns didn't present as many corruption opportunities. He probably gained fate for other things. Ending at level 8 with 2 means he probably blew a couple to save his own bacon. Doing the math, it looks like ascension characters are about 13,000 experience. I suspect that when "building up" to ascension you can also go back and buy skills, as this character has Intimidate +20 during those "phantom points". The original character clearly went the other route and +20 Intimidate is only available in the "proctor" options. So it looks like Ascension characters don't have to be slaves to their branch. I've been looking at these sheets for a couple hours trying to figure things out. I think that's all the information I can glean. OH, wild guess here... when you gain Experience points to jump to Ascension I bet they also give you Insanity and Corruption. I bet that's across the board as a price for the EXP. Possibly even forcing you to take 1 insanity/corruption for every 500 experience or something like that. Hmm, doing the math it looks like 250 exp = 1 Corruption or Insanity... about. Maybe there is a chart or something. All in all this got me really pumped about the book!
  2. Not all Space Marines are brain wiped. Actually MOST aren't. I think the Grey Knights are the only ones that do it as an all the time practice but I could be wrong on that.
  3. Oh... and "they shall know no fear" is a command... they aren't actually fearless.
  4. Ask yourself this question... if tomorrow GW came to you and said "we want you to make a Space Marine RPG. GO!" Would you NOT do it on the grounds that you think this is impossible or would you IMMEDIATELY start thinking of ways to solve the problem? Now do you think the guys at FFG didn't do this?
  5. MILLANDSON said: Savage said: And apart from anything else...the scope of any rpg is limited only by your own imagination. Though the scope of being able to interact with normal humans when you are a 9 foot fall superman must be less than that of DH and RT, right? I mean, most people would either run away, bow down or start cheering. It just seems that you can do the epic battles and the like in both DH and RT, but you can't do a lot of the stuff you can do in those games in DW. I keep seeing this number thrown around. Space Marines aren't that tall. Think Shaq.
  6. I wonder if they might go BIGGER on this one! I love my RT collectors edition. I'm willing to $400 (like for LOTR Collectors Edition) for a CRAZY DW Collectors edition. Give me a leather bound book with armor bolted on and steel aquila wraping around it... throw in something really cool and I'm sold 100%. As long as what I'm getting is worth it I'm willing to spend a lot on some awesome stuff.
  7. I'm betting Ascension characters are about the same power level as Deathwatch characters. They books are coming out so close to each other... if FFG can make an August release. Maybe that's the secret purpose of Ascension! Oh man... possibilities! It's good to hear that you guys feel they dealt with the roleplaying concerns.
  8. Dark Angels (the guy on the left) has Dark Angels iconography on his armor. Blood Angels (the guy on the right) has Dark Angels iconography on his chest. I think the other one is a Space Wolf but I'm not 100% on that. It's possible they are doing the chapters that have GW books and one of the more popular chapters like Iron Hands, Crimson Fists ect. They might also introduce Grey Knights with a serious note that they are NOT Ordo Xenos and are there to help create traditional drama and roleplaying opportunities. Then again there would be power level issues... unless GK's are getting nerfed in an upcoming Codex. Of course that would mean GW knows what's going on more than 3 months in the future... AH SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT AND CONSIDER! HEAD HURTING! RANT SMASH!
  9. I think the "unmoving wall of same" that are space marine personalities has gotten out of control. In the BL fiction they are still human in many ways. Sure there probably won't be a romantic story told, but there can still be betrayal, the heroes journey and a dozen other stories. Think Iago & Othella. That's the type of story we can tell with space marines. As I said in a previous thread. Ross Watson probably sees this issue and has taken core steps in the book to address it. Like fluff and GM ideas as well as a few mechanics.
  10. I think this is clearly something to be concerned about, but when I listen to Ross in his interviews with D6G and other podcasts I think it's clear he will address it in the core of the book. There are a lot of stories that can be told with DW marines that are filled with traditional drama even if we DO assume they are all emotionless carbon copies of each other. When someone is loyal to the Imperium AND hates Xenos what do you do when you're ordered by the Inquisition to work with a Farseer? Hunt down a Radical Inquisitor or follow orders? What happens when killing that Ork Kaptin means a Hive Fleet eats a world you have NO CHANCE of getting to in time? Now throw into that a Blood Angel trying to hide the mutation in his gene-seed from his parties Ultramarines Apothecary and you have yourself the makings for some serious roleplaying. Just because the players aren't tasked with solving a mystery doesn't mean they won't be helping an Inquisitor solve one either! The Grey Knights book are a great example of that sort of thing. In the end though, I think Ross Watson has earned my trust. Is this an issue to be concerned about? ABSOLUTELY. Is this exactly the kind of thing Mr. Watson has jumped on in the past? Yup! Listen to him on D6G a little while ago. When he is presented with an issue like this he sees it as an opportunity to make a more unique and awesome game, not something that makes the game "unpossible in the traditional sense". I'm not gonna worry about this till I can see a copy of the book in my hands. Then if he DOESN'T deal with it I'll complain!
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