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    Looks like this board is basically dead!

    Postings on this board have definitely slowed. BGG is much more active.
  2. Haunster

    The Omen track proposal

    I applaud the creativity of this variant. It is unlike anything that I've seen. I find it very interesting and plan to playtest it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I am hopeful that FFG will continue to produce expansions for this amazing game. I believe that the mechanics and genre of EH will support many future expansions even if no new investigators are created. I would really like to see additional AOs and sideboards. Lovecraft Country would be at the top of my list, but other sideboards and AOs that have been mentioned on this forum would be welcome as well. Even more so, I would like to see FFG produce mini-scenarios for EH designed to be played in 1-2 hours. Perhaps these could involve killing a single epic monster or accomplishing some other interesting or thematic task. I believe these mini-scenarios would be very popular and profitable for FFG. I would personally love to have the option to play a 1-2 hour game at times and can envision many intriguing mini-scenarios.
  4. Haunster

    Which to buy next?

    I would go for Under the Pyramids. I really enjoy the AOs, investigators, and have the most fun playing it of the three big board expansions. I have yet to play Masks however.
  5. Haunster

    calling all math nerds...

    ArkhamCalc app shows that you have a 70.4% chance for success in Option 1, and a 68.8% chance in Option 2.
  6. The line of Arkham figures are shown on the Fantasy Flight website, but they have been listed as unavailable for over two years. Any insights when the figures will be available again? I have some but not all of the figures and am concerned that FF may discontinue them.
  7. Haunster

    It's on the Boat!

    What do you think the following statement means in the MoN product literature. In particular, I am interested in what is meant by "The investigators must work to stop the that cults spring up". It sounds to me like "cults" will spawn like clues or gates. Other thoughts on this?
  8. Haunster

    Arkham Horror Premium Figures

    Well...that would be disappointing. I just don't understand it either given that FF is heavily invested in their large lineup of Arkham Files games with three of them ranked in the top 50 of BGG's ranking system. The figures can be used in all of the games, so I would expect that they would be profitable for FF.
  9. Haunster

    All Tentacles?

    I'm curious if anyone has ever tried an all tentacles game.
  10. Haunster

    All Tentacles?

    Wow! Thanks for the feedback. I have never done this and plan to give it a try. Expecting a major defeat, but it will be great Lovecraftian fun!
  11. Haunster

    For the experient people

    I own both games and most expansions for each. Here are my thoughts on your four questions: - EH is more enjoyable for me. - I wouldn't consider either game realistic. - EH is more likely to have expansions. - I prefer EH over AH.
  12. I have all of the expansions and recommended getting them all. Here is my recommended order of purchase: 1. Forsaken Lore. 2. Under the Pyramids 3. Cities in Ruin 4. Signs of Carcosa 5. The Dreamlands 6. Strange Remnants 7. Mountains of Madn ess
  13. Haunster

    Campaign Mode

    Pumped for campaign play! Expect they will need to increase difficulty somehow to compensate for the carry over items. Otherwise this may be too easy.
  14. I could not agree more with the OP. This is the expansion that I really want! It is an huge opportunity for highly thematic encounters.
  15. Haunster

    Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Excited about campaign mode, personal stories, the new resource mechanic, and 7 new investigators. However, I am bummed that this big box expansion is NOT themed around Lovecraft Country (i.e. Arkham and its surrounding towns and locales). If this is the last big box expansion, it is a huge missed opportunity for some fantastic theming and fun. I agree with Soakman that 7 investigators is quite odd and makes me somewhat concerned that this may be the last expansion. I certainly hope not.
  16. I have every expansion and believe that Forsaken Lore is the most useful. It includes much needed additional cards for the decks.
  17. Haunster

    This one or Arkham ?

    I own both games and mostly play EH because I find it much more refined, varied, and enjoyable. I really like how the win conditions change with each game (i.e. resolve three mysteries that are unique to each AO). I also like how the EH expansions are integrated into the game.
  18. Haunster


    Seems to me it should trigger. The monster with 3 toughness was defeated.
  19. Haunster

    The Next Expansion

    Given that the New England area is a major focus of Lovecraft themes, I want a big box expansion coving this area in my favorite game which is EH not AH. I predict that it will be the most popular EH big box expansion.
  20. Haunster

    The Next Expansion

    Could not agree more. This is the expansion that I have been hoping for.
  21. Haunster

    This one or Arkham ?

    I own both games and prefer Eldritch Horror over AH. EH is more enjoyable for me.
  22. Haunster

    Anything new at Gen Con

    I will echo what AleksDj's comment that they need one more big box expansion and the location should be Arkham. That's the expansion that I've been waiting for.
  23. Haunster

    Best expansions to make the game harder

    I agree with Meretrix that you are very likely doing something wrong. When I first started playing this game, I also won frequently...until I learned the rules. Suggest that you may want to watch a play through on YouTube. Catweazle and Jeremy Bowers do a very nice job. If you are playing correctly, then I expect that you have been very lucky.
  24. Haunster

    Suggestions/Debate Future Expansions

    I agree with the OP and would very much like to see "a big box Arkham expansion, unfolding the streets and houses of Arkham on a sideboard" It would indeed be awesome.
  25. I load balance the difficulty by card color (currently using something akin to a bell curve....i.e. mostly standard cards). If there are nine yellow cards, I would use 2 hard, 5 standard, and 2 easy. I like knowing that there is a mix of card difficulty.