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  1. Yes, I did. And it was inmediatly rejected due to winter's handicap (I draw enought cards without it, about 5 per turn when everything goes as it's expected) and one of the biggest threats of the enviorement: Northen Cavalry. This two threats were an unnaceptable source of instability to my game.
  2. Summer have three points: - Draw engine: this one is obvius and very necesary, as far as I have 3 x Samwell. - Additional income: The Viper's Bannermen and Southron Mercenaries have a very high cost, and extra gold from summer it's one of the ways to get it. - Anti-Winter technology: As soon as Targaryen can manage himself to keep Summer if they really wants to and you can do nothing, the season to fight it's Winter. If you only have Carrion Birds you need to win a Military Challenge against Greyjoy or Stark (the winter players), and that isn't ever an easy task. So Black Raven it's imperative to have good chances to win the season fight.
  3. If you don't mind read it in spanish, I think that the best place to post it is on the blog http://rocacasterly.blogspot.com. Thoughts and strategies had been already sent to our best blogger, Masi. As soon as they are posted, I'll tell you.
  4. Answering the request to know this deck, I post it. 7 x Plots: 1 x Fury of the Sun 1 x Summoning Season 1 x Mutual Cause 1 x Time of Ravens 1 x To the Spears! 1 x Song of Summer 1 x Valar Morghulis 16 x Locations 3 x Water Garden 3 x Palace Fountains 3 x Summer Sea 3 x Iron Mines 1 x Lord Doran’s Chambers 1 x Street of Steel 1 x Street of Sisters 1 x Shadowblack Lane 8 x Events 2 x He Calls It Thinking 2 x Condemned by the Council 2 x War Rummors 2 x A Game of Cyvasse 6 x Attachements 2 x Venomous Blade 2 x Taste for Blood 2 x Black Raven 32 x Characters: 3 x Refugee of the Citadel 3 x Orphan of the Greenblood 1 x Gilly 3 x Samwell Tarly 3 x Carrion Bird 1 x Bastard of Godsgrace 3 x House Messenger 2 x Dornish Paramour 1 x Maester of the Sun 1 x Maestre del Limonwood 1 x Arys Oakheart 1 x Varys 1 x Ellaria Arena 1 x Areo Hotah 1 x Darkstar 1 x Arianne Martell 1 x The Red VIper 2 x Southron Mercenaries 2 x The Viper’s Bannermen I'd like to explain how it works and what are their points, but it's quite hard to me writte in english, so I don't. Anyway, I'll be pleased to answer any question about it.
  5. Sorry, double post
  6. Thx for the quick answer. Then, doesn't anybody found senseless to have two different terms to name the same game effect/condition? I think this is confused.
  7. Hello! I would like to ask if there are any difference (in game term aspects) between the cards that refers to "your chararters" as: A Song of Summer While it is Summer, your characters get +1 STR. Winterfell Castle No attachments. Each of your Stark characters gets +1 STR. and the cards that refers to "characters you control", as: To the Spears! House Martell only. Characters you control do not kneel to attack this round. Randyl Tarly War characters you control get +1 STR. Thx in advance
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