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  1. So I am sure you guys are tired of these threads, but I just wanted to share a few feelings after I finally got my first play session in. Hopefully you guys can also alleviate a few slight concerns. So me and my friend played 4 games it took us roughly 4 hours, which including changing decks and a few short breaks here and there. For me that time seemed to go by fairly quickly, unlike in standard 40k at the moment where things can slightly drag. Basic rules wise it seemed fairly simple, I had seen some review videos, watched the team covenant gencon video, and read a few threads here and there. (Tangent, there does not seem to be too much churn in posting at the moment, probably because it so new and so the playerbase is still getting on its feet, but generally new threads posted at the start of the week are still the latest threads by the end of the week, and there seems a great deal of crossover with different sites with many of the same posters and duplicated threads the few main sites I have come across: FFG, Reddit, BGG, CardgameDB) Neither of us had played the game before, my friend knew nothing about it, we both have played invasion in the distant past, and he has played a slight bit of very casual magic. We both picked up the game very easily, since I had read around a bit, I was able to teach the game fairly easily. The only problems came from the additional text on cards, like army, or the unit subtypes like scout, power, psyker etc, since we mostly didnt come accross things that utilised them so wondered what they were for, or when we did we were trying figure out which units were army for instance because it didnt come up often it remembering wasnt reinforced. Remembering the action windows is probably the next thing to master. Game wise we played with just the practice decks to get a feel for the game. We both enjoyed how it played, it felt smooth, however balance seemed to be an issue when using practice decks only. Starting hand quality seemed to be big, because even slight leads tended to compound. Game 1 was Marines vs orks. Marines won handily, but as it was my freinds first time playing we dismissed the ease of victory Game 2 was Dark Eldar vs Tau. I was once again victorious this time with DE, it was closer but it was still relatively obvious from early one who was going to win. Game 3 was Astra Militarum vs Tau I again was victorious over my freind who stuck with the Tau. My freind just felt he couldnt do anything to catch up since his starting hand was bad even after a mulligan. Game 4 was Orks vs Space Marines. I lost going with the orks, I started with a poor hand I mulliganed to an even worse one. Again there was a snowball effect with resources. It also seemed hard for the ork player to win in any case, maybe it was just down to luck of the draw but both Marine vs Ork games had Orks struggling to deal with the various marine shenanigans, Looking back it seems the way for the orks to win was to just mass on planet 1, relying on the fact that exterminatus cant hit planet 1. The tactical spreading out of units that is often key for command struggle tended to fall flat due the balance tippers the Marine side can reveal in the combat phase. Plus the way both games went the Marines seemed to really take advantage with some of there units, You got lots of small stuff, here gave some area effect, big stuff here have fury of sicarius (especially useful when a lot of the ork stuff we came across got better by damaging itself including the warboss), or pull them to a different planet with sicarius chosen. Overall we both had fun, but there was a concern with the snowballing that happened in every game. Obviously we are both new so we dont have all the tactical answers, and our first impressions may be wildly off the mark. I imagine it will get a lot better with using normal decks, but as a first introduction the practice decks while good for introducing rules don't inspire confidence for game balance. So when introducing to newer players I'm not sure I will play more than 1 game with the practice decks. I have a second core so I can start making my own decks, probably mono decks with 2 sets of floating neutrals (one for each player). I'll have to wait till next play session before deciding to get a 3rd core set, currently the £30 wouldn't seem worth it with the worry on snowballing a bad start or bad decision and its over would get tiresome very quickly. Overall I'd give give it a 7 out of 10, could fall back if snowballing effect continues, but as a basis to work from and with how LCGs tend to work its much more likely to go up than down in my estimation.
  2. I love multiple turn 1 units or a turn 1 unit and a support aswell, If I can only play 1 unit total I get scared if its a good card. Though I have to say Dwarf Cannon Crew to kingdom is a pretty good start, ideally i'd play a Defender of the Hold to battlefield aswell
  3. Since you can rip an opponents development the proper term should probably be destroyed as sacrifice implies it only affects yourself. Ive used rip succesfully mostly on attack with an Orc deck but sometimes on defence. Mostly the cards you want to rip have 3 power or more to get the most out of rip, if youve had the development down from the previous turn and you have at least 1 resource left you can rip a card in the beggining of turn phase to give you a very nice boost to resources or draw. The last gane that I used rip in allowed me to win the game because I had put boar boyz as a development in my kingdom, as I knew my opponent would have enough to burn me without the extra 3 health (since I lost the development which gave me an extra health effectively on my kingdom)
  4. You could add pilgrimage to your deck, it is expensive but will provide slightly more bounce ability.
  5. Quick question how important is the Quest card Protect the empire, for you. If you feel its very good then you could add ancient map, while it does cost 1, in single set it effectively ups your quest card count to 3, even if you don't value the quest highly enough in this particular deck the same idea could apply to another of your decks, for example chaos to up the count of wolves of the north. Its quite a solid deck considering the limitations (and considering all your other decks have similar constraints I don't feel its much of an issue) I do have a few changes you could test out. 1.I'd be tempted to swap out the Griffon Standard for Hellblater Volley Gun, there is far less development destruction in single set compared to unit destruction that even though you primarily want to develop the kingdom a few developments in the battlefield may prove an easier addition than more units, in a way it provides extra damage for free, because the costs to play units could instead go to putting more hammers in the kingdom or quest. 2. I'm slightly surprised by a few cards that didnt make the deck, this is probably because i'm terrible about picking cards to to streamline my lists, but I feel that Twin Tailed Comet and Will of the electors are pretty strong tactics, without Will of the Electors it is incredibly hard to catch an opponent out with Judgement when playing on an empire board, also it can also prove decent on defense by providing a last ditch extra 2 health to a zone. The support Temple of Shallya is fairly nifty. The last slightly surprising exclusion is Free Company, scouting can prove to be an extremely powerful ability at times.
  6. Ah I see where I went wrong, unfortunately it looks like I misinterpreted what Shubfan posted, when he said hed lost in round 2 against Vitamin T I thought he Meant round 2 of the semi. So fortunately that makes everything make sense now with the 3 bolt throwers, but unfortunately I think theres still a player missing who finished somewhere between 5-8 I'm very sorry Unifiedshoe for the mistake.
  7. Has anyone got the list of the top 8 yet (top 9) Ive tried to piece it together as I havent seen anyone post a definitive list yet I think its fairly accurate though I am missing one person. This is of course very vague description, I believe there are decklists for most of the top 8 though. I used forum names where possible just because it was slightly easier for me to do 1. Dwarfs ~ Vitamin T 2. dwarf bolt thrower ~ Paul Bitner 3. empire combo/bolt thrower ~ Dutpotd unique twist on bolt thrower 4. bolt thrower high elfs? ~ Shubfan27 I believe since dutpotd finished 3rd 5-8 Don't know specific order or who the deck/player I missed off. Bolt thrower dwarf? ~ Mattkohls dwarf/sub empire ~ Gio; Wytefangs freind; only been playing for less than a week so very impressive. Empire rush/ jumping jacks ~ Chris, Dutpotds freind 9 . Dwarfs ~ Wytefang (joint 8th but got ousted unfortunately without being allowed a tie breaker I assume there was an issue with timing since an extra round or extra tie breaker would have had to officially take an extra 50 mins at least on the schedule, though they should have at least had a dice off or coing flip or something) If anyone has got a better list or I have made any mistakes please say, I put this post in this thread as it is the longest thread that is kind of talking about the top 8. I pieced this together from the 5 or so threads about the tournament or their top 8 decklists. I could be mistaken about the boards Mattkohls and shubfan27 used for there Bolt thrower decks. The top 8 is surprising in a way since from my brief research there were 6 bolt thrower decks and I believe at least 4 (though 2 players in the top 8 say there were only 3 so it is very likely I've mistakenly added an extra bolt thrower deck) made it to the top 8.
  8. Naggaroth Spearmen are indeed a good unit, and they are similar in a sense to bolt thrower in the way you pay for extra damage (i.e they like bolt thrower can activate there action many times with 1 development to continually increase there combat power) However being a unit changes things dramatically, there are lot more cards that kill units in various ways than supports, there is also the fact you have to attack with the spearmen meaning your open to getting killed in combat or by counterstrike damage. I personally feel the unit has more in common with greyseer thanqoul, but instead of needing lots of skaven you need a strong resource engine. The unit can work very well as dark elves do possess probably the best ways of getting rid of pesky defending unit. As to the sacrifice question, unfortunately you can only sacrifice your own units, I believe it is in the rulebook or in the warhammer invasion errata/faq.
  9. If its a tie and both damage done and zones burned is identical I cant see what more they can do other than do it by random process. If they do not then that delays the whole tournament. Which down the line costs people money. An extra half hour may not sound much, but its an extra half hour of expenses for the venue holding the event.
  10. 1. Since chaos knights now have less than 2 hp they can be returned to hand via Har Ganarth, the attachment will be destroyed, the chaos knights do not get destroyed even though they relied on the attachment for the last hp. Like how cards with x health dont gt destroyed automatically for going back into your hand. 2. You can have multiple attachments on a unit
  11. He means the skaven unit plague monk I believe. Every time you use a spell you can discard up to 2 of the top cards of the opponents deck. Having all the scouts lots of spells infiltrate and plague monk could prove to be a very frustrating deck to play against
  12. As long as there arent too many people with everything x2 or 3 you can make a competitive deck with just those 2 sets, it could actually be an interesting format if other people have the same restrictions, because it removes skaven, which are one of the most talked about things when people talk about overpowered. with the 2 sets you do get the best 9 cards there are warpstone chronicles, innovation and contested village. So what i would do is pick your favourite race and from there you only have to decide on a minimum of 41 more cards. You want to aim to have around half your cards as units. Now with the restrictions on cards i would mix in other races, alliances are useful with this in mind because you can get 2 loyalty for whatever race you want that isnt the same as your capital. When picking units I'd make a pile of units you definately want in, then another which you may want in, and just put aside cards that dont cut it. when looking at cards from other races put aside any cards with 3 or more loyalty unless there absolutely exceptional. Picking supports will only be tough because of excess choice, you will only really have room for another 3-6 supports in additon to warpstone evacuation and contested village and thats including the alliances. Treasure vaults and armoury may be the best choices as you can play both turn 1 and with a few developments they are both very good. Tactics are the hardest ones to pick, just go on gut instinct and pick the ones that look the best, basically the rest of the room in your deck encompasses quest cards, tactics and supports that dont get you resources such as attachments.
  13. **** lack off edit, sorry for double post, I rewrote my reply to make it much clearer. Sniktch 2 doesnt try to kill itself or mysteriously live after being destroyed So in reverse order 1.Player 1 uses chillwind on player 2's Sniktch corrupting it. Player 1's sniktch isnt corrupted yet so can't be uncorrupted at this time 2. Player 2's Sniktch fails to use its action because its already corrupted, so players 1's Sniktch isn't destroyed 3.Players 1's Sniktch corrupts itself to destroy player 2's Sniktch. 4.Player 1's Sniktch is now corrupted, and cant kill anything else unless a 2nd chillwind or similar effect is used to uncorrupt it Anyway this is how I think it goes, I could well be wrong, I dont think my rules record is great so far, but it looks a sensible answer to me.
  14. So in reverse order Sniktch 2 is corrupted via chillwind, Sniktch 1 isnt corrupted yet so is not uncorrupted Sniktch 2 cant destroy Sniktch 2 because its already corrupted Sniktch 1 destroys Sniktch 2 Sniktch 2 is now corrupted, and cant kill anything else unless another effect is used to uncorrupt it Anyway this is how I think it goes, I could well be wrong, I dont think my rules record is great so far, but it looks a sensible answer to me.
  15. Single set stops thrower you could try that. The U.K. is lagging behind on this release, still not out yet and its just turned july. According to FFG its due to the postage time from us to the U.K. which is controlled by the distributors not FFG, according to one shop it may be Friday. Which is a shame because it will mean I dont get iot till the following week, Im slightly surprised all the talk is about Empire then Dwarfs being the most powerful. Seems a shame considering this was meant to be Chaos vs Empire, but I guess Order are behind at the moment, but so are Chaos. The next battlepack seems to be Orcs vs Dwarfs, which should put Dwarfs firmly in front on the order side, if there not already.
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