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  1. I was searching a good way to represent the symbol in html 6 side black ■ ; 6 side white □ 6 side yellow <font color="DDDD00">■ </font> 8 side violet <font color="880088">♦ </font> 8 side blue <font color="0099FF">♦ </font> 10 side green <font color="00FF00">⑩ </font> 10 side red <font color="FF0000">⑩ </font> Skull ☠ Blood drop Chaos star ⎈ Sigmar comet ☄ Hourglass ⌛ I will also have to find how to put html character on the forum that modify what I write Do you have found better symbol and one that could be good for the blood drop Alternatively could fantasy flight add symbol in the html forum smiley
  2. I had a case in my last game. A player has 2 wounds. A priest heal him and got enough success to heal the 2 wounds but get one chaos star On the action card the success heal the 2 wounds but the chaos star convert one wound in critical wound. If we apply the success first there is no wound to convert, if we apply the chaos star first there is only one wound heal. I chose to let the player finish with one critical wound. Would you have rolled it that way?
  3. I played *** as a player and we have done all kinds of things that were not in the adventure and did nothing planned by the book. If you have not a lot of experience as a game master that can be a little hard on you when you.
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