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  1. my question would be when you get access to a vast array of pwerful aabilities which noone else can get, why do you need gear? D&D wizards dont complain about their lack of heavy weaponry, and the sanctioned psyker actually gets armour. definitely get the rules for the psy focus in (i thought thats what the staff was), but after that you only really need standard kit to get by. (also, with hardened fighters its not hard to give EVERYONE best quality swords)
  2. below is a list of all the characteristics, skills and tier 1 talents that a given specialty has 2 aptitudes for. numbers in brackets show how many of each they get. Heavy Gunner (1/1/4) Toughness Scrutiny Double Team, Iron Jaw, Resistance, Sound Constitution Medic (2/12/6) Perception, Intelligence Awareness, Commerce, 3 Lores, Linguistics, Logic, Medicae, Navigate, Scrutiny, Survival, Trade Blind Fighting, Combat Sense, Heightened Senses, Light Sleeper, Meditation, Total Recall Operator (0/8/6) Acrobatics, Linguistics, Medicae, Navigate,Operate, Security, Stealth, Tech Use Catfall, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reload, Technical Knock, Weapon Tech Sergeant (1/4/6) Toughness Athletics, Command, Parry, Scrutiny Air of Authority, Disarm, Iron Jaw, Radiant Presence, Resistance, Sound Constitution Weapon Specialist (2/3/8) Ballistic Skill, Agility Acrobatics, Operate, Stealth Ambidextrouse, Catfall, Deadeye Shot, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Weapon Training Commissar (1/3/3) Agility Acrobatics, Athletics, Scrutiny, Leap Up, Quick Draw, Sure Strike Weapon Training Ministorium Priest (1/8/6) Fellowship Athletics, Charm, Command, Deceive, Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidate, Scrutiny Air of Authority, Disturbing Voice, Enemy, Mimic, Peer, Radiant Presence Ogryn (3/2/10) Toughness, Weapon Skill, Strength Athletics, Parry Ambidextrous, Beserk Charge, Double Team, Frenzy, Iron Jaw, Resistance, Sound Constitution, Street Fighting, Take Down, Unarmed warrior Ratling (4/9/16) Fellowship, Agility, Ballistic Skill, Perception Acrobatics, Awareness, Charm, Deceive, Inquiry, Operate, Scrutiny, Stealth, Survival Blind Fighting, Catfall, Combat Sense, Deadeye Shot, Disturbing Voice, Enemy, Heightened Senses, Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Lightning Reflexes, Mimic, Peer, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Unremarkable, Weapon Training Psyker (2/10/4) Willpower, Intelligence Athletics, Commerce, 3 Lores, Linquistics, Logic, Psyniscience, Scrutiny, Trade Meditation, Total Recall, Unremarkable, Warp Sense Stormtrooper (1/3/7) Weapon Skill Acrobatics, Operate, Stealth Catfall, Double Team, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Street Fighting, Take Down, Unarmed Warrior what is immediately apparent, is that it's cheap to be a ratling, and heavy gunners are a bit shafted. its by no means a hard and fast guide, but considering you have 4 stages of skills and characteristics to buy, its not a case of starting fast/slow. im still not sold on Stormtroopers WS aptitude, making them into ogryn-lites. also ratlings have lots of aptitudes that mesh perfectly.
  3. i imagine them listening to 1940's music hall which has been put through a techno-machine. techno greta garbo.
  4. i've seen in several parts these skills mentioned, where they should use the new condensed stealth skill, possibly with caveats like '+30 to Stealth skill to avoid being heard' p146, stummer entry p148. bionic respiratory system p174, surprise info box.
  5. if you want a squat, 2nd edition WFRP has a perfectly serviceable dwarf template which (with some gentle modding) will give you your space miner. Dwarf: +10WS, +10T, -10Ag, -10 Fel, +1W skills: common knowledge (dwarfs), speak language (khazalid), speak language (Reikspiel), Trade (miner, smith or stoneworker) talents: dwarfcraft (+10 to dwarfy trades), grudge-born fury (+5ws vs greenskins), night vision, resistance to magic, stout-hearted (+10 vs fear and intimidate), sturdy (no heavy armour Move penalties) based on this and 1st ed. statlines, i give a template to alter other specialisations (probably weapon specialist or operator): +++Homo Sapiens Rotundus+++ +10WS, +10T, -10Ag, +1 Wound born to tech: squats are raised in and around all kinds of technology, and its said they almost run on electricity. this character may re-roll any failed tech-use test when operating machinery. alone in the universe: the squats are all but extinct, and are practically xenos to most inhabitants of the imperium. they get -10 Fel when dealing with humans outside the adeptus. (ie. not space marines, imperial guard, navy, mechanicus or inquisition) talents and traits: Darksight, Sturdy, resistance (psychic powers), hatred (orks), nerves of steel, resistance (fear) +++ also consider adding iron jaw, removing +10 WS in favour of WS aptitude. maybe change hatred of orks to tyranids, considering more recent fluff. maybe a few more wounds, or add unnatural toughness 2. as for size, they make up for lack of height with excess width, and their lack of mobility is represented by agility malus.
  6. a lot of regiments after taking casualties need to make up squads of ten, and inevitably there will be leftovers, and 'part' squads. eventually these will be restored to full strength via recruiting, but possibly not for a while.
  7. i dont know about 'bad' but its certainly contradictory to the statement that all of the pregen regiments can be made with the creation rules. perhaps a bit at the end of the doctrines 'Insert GM fiat rule here, look at other doctrines for pricing guide'. a bit of a cop-out, but in-keeping with other WH40K books
  8. not quite that simple - there are rules differences, and a few of the stats are changed (ie. front/side/rear armour as opposed to body/wing armour) but it shouldnt be too hard to adapt between the two of them, as they have the rhino, combat bike, guncutter, aquila lander and arvus lighter in common.
  9. something i noticed on p.115 'Crew Population and Morale'. NPC crews can sustain a particular amount of morale/population damage before attempting to flee. the example says add together hull integrity and crew rating (40 + 30) but results in a 43, which is hull + crew bonus. which bit is wrong?
  10. two suggestions i havent seen yet: 1. tell her fiance, he might be in a better position to mention to her that '[OP here] seems to be having a bit of a hard time coping with you being excessively weird, and i think he might ditch the game if you push him much more'. might not be a good idea if they are not a couple that could discuss this sort of thing and survive. 2. be brutal. give her a warning that youre going to amp up the scale of the game, and that in game actions will have in game consequences. every thing she does that makes you want to scream, have a checklist handy to note down who it would piss off: mechanicus inquisition other rogue traders administratum navigator houses navy etc etc if any of these get say 3 strikes, have them 'show interest' in the navigator's actions. if things continue, have them escalate their involvement. it sounds like the inquisition would be VERY interested in acquainting her with an interrogation machine. what i like about the setting is that no matter how carried away the players get, theres always a bigger threat to challenge them and frequently will. are they slaughtering orks on a planet? the orks get bigger and nastier. do they start wiping out chaos worshippers en masse without problems? one of the chaos 4 will send a BIG daemon. the great thing about this is its fairly easy to justify. 'why are the arbites sending ships after us?' because thats the only thing that will stop you pirating, theyre not going to deliberately let you murder enforcers 2 at a time are they? if she continues to infringe on social meetings, start losing PF. enforce upkeep checks. have her quarters downgraded to cope. a part of the problem seems to be a lack of clear boundaries on what she can/cannot do. if she is detrimental enough, hopefully the other two will start exerting some control. for extreme control look up 'volitor implant' in bionics, and 'null rod' somewhere in the armoury. if my navigator gets out of control (hes pushing things) the arbites are going to get a bit more involved in his crimes. with anti-psyker enforcers. most of all, remind her that she IS NOT the only navigator on the ship, and that one good hell pistol shot to her third eye and she is defenceless (almost).
  11. i doubt space marine fingers would fit in most human size weapons, i think the official ruling is a -10 to use. not that a marine would ever need to, he does more damage with his little finger than a lasgun. as for craftsmanship, i believe best is equivalent to DW common. as astartes are only ever given the best.
  12. N0-1_H3r3 said: Lucius Valerius said: don't you need an high reknown for master crafter ? You do, yes - you need to be at least Respected to get something of Exceptional Craftsmanship, and Distinguished to have something of Master Craftsmanship, as shown on page 140 of the rulebook. *sigh* forgot that bit. in any case - its amazing what you can do with 20 requisition points and a load of renown
  13. one point that i think hasnt been covered - economy. assuming you were going to use the weapon in question anyway, youre paying 500XP for 20 free requisition EVERY mission. if you have something to spend it on, it could potentially be worth a lot in the long run, especially when you get the renown for to start off with though, here are some options which hit 20 req and seem worth taking as signature wargear. master crafted hand flamer master crafted flamer heavy flamer heavy bolter (for tactical marines, apothecaries, techmarines) master crafted shotgun with RDL sight or chain melee attachment master crafted missile launcher back banner jump pack (non assault marines) diagnostor helmet (for apothecary medicae madness) master crafted chainsword (only 10 req) sniper rifle sacred unguents signum link auspex combi tool psy focus servo skull get respected level of renown, and suddenly you get power swords and axes, combi weapons, storm bolters, plasma and melta guns. id love to nitpick, but i really dont see a problem with this. if you complete 4 missions to their completeness you will have the required renown, less with a smattering of amazing acts of valour. personally i wouldnt see a problem with giving the kill team 10 or so renown to start off with to get them started a bit quicker.
  14. youve already on the road to my first tip - get the book. deathwatch is complex, so having it handy will help a lot. second, as stated above, learn the ins and outs of YOUR character. work out how big the bonuses are to resist psychic powers and toxins. work out how high he can get his BS with his weapon. work out how fast he can move. when you know this, my third tip will be made much much easier. when you know everything your marine can do, you can start doing the GMs job. i find rpg''s much more rewarding when instead of 'i shoot the termagant..i hit...i do 15 damage.' you lay it on a bit. give it a bit of a flourish. dont shoot the termagant. execute the xenos abomination, blow apart his innards and scan the vicinity for a new target. really dotry to get into character - dont play the marine, BE the marine =P this comes with a caveat - dont overdo it, dont infringe on the other players or the GM. eventually your guy is gonna get beat down, hard. make sure when you do, that its awesome. if you do want to try something off the wall, try to think up what that means in terms of the dice before you ask the GM. things go much smoother when you dont have to wait 2 minutes for him to determine stuff. if you want to make a hard (-20) acrobatics check to leap onto the back of the truck and a demolitions check to plant a melta bomb, he shouldnt have a big problem with that.
  15. this thread gives me an odd sense of satisfaction, as its gone 3 pages and we're still not quite sure to sum up, heres a worked example. the squad: ultramarine tactical squad leader, an ultramarine tactical marine with tactical expertise, dark angel tactical marine with tactical expertise, blood angel assault marine. Oaths: may choose from Oath of the Astartes, Oath to the Emperor, Oath of Glory, or Oath of Loyalty. going for flexibility, he chooses the Oath of the Astartes. Squad Mode Abilities: Tactical Advance, Bolter Assault, Tactical Spacing, Lead by Example, Rally Cry any member of the team in squad mode may activate tactical advance, bolter assault, or tactical spacing. the squad leader may use either of the ultramarine specific abilities, but only the other ultramarine may take part. the UM tactical marine may also use both these abilities, but may also share them with the DA and BA with a -20 command check. the DA may not use his tac. expertise ability, as his chapter squad abilities are not available. if everyone is in squad mode, the BA may initiate a tactical advance with anyone in support range who wants to joining in, and at the same time the UM can lead everyone else by example. as long as noone benefits from more than one ability per turn, we're golden. all present and correct? it seems to me if this is the case, the tactical expertise ability (usually) will be wasted if youre not the leader. it also implies that if everyone is of the same chapter, they have a big advantage in squad combat - which shouldnt be a big surprise i suppose. due to the extra abilities, a team that doesnt take an ultramarine tactical with expertise is missing out big time, as the sheer number of cohesion bonuses and abilities piles up. this being ofcourse, the point. a UM tactical marine who maxes out on fellowship could have a bonus of 6, add to that 2 from an Oath of Astartes, 1 from command skill, 1 from power armour, and thats 9 cohesion without any bonuses from his fellows. give him a back banner and the fancy UM sword, and you can just spam LEad by Example and Rallying cry while everyone else sits in a circle of awesomeness around you. it also occurs that if you are not a tactical marine with expertise, you are unlikely to become squad leader unless most of your team are the same chapter as you. the only exception that occurs to me is the oath of knowledge which has very defensive abilities associated with it. so to keep this simple for my players, i think printing out a few Oath Sheets (with a red seal and everything) with the stuff on would be handy, as would a summary of each chapter's squad abilities to be added to the bottom.
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