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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Crabbok in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    I'm one of those that you don't like then i suppose.  I went to two tournaments and took 2nd in both of them.   (The same guy took 1st in both of them as well).   As a matter of fact, 90% of the people at either event went to both.   Orlando has a ton of game stores.  It's not like I planned to win two big ships and screw others out of getting stuff - in fact I expected to do poorly. 
      It's that you typically plan for these things in advance.  I had even paid for both events in advance.  I figured that if I went to TWO events, I'd have a realistic chance of at least winning something.  When I took home an ISD the first day, I suppose I coudl have dropped out of the 2nd day's tournament... (At a different store), but I had already paid to register.   Besides, it was another day of playing Armada!   Why would I want to pass on that?!  
      I did change my list though.   Went with a more casual list - something I thought was fun.   It just so happens that I ended up doing just as good day 2.   I'm not going to purposely lose - but I did tone down my build. 
      Now I have brought both the Home One and the ISD to my store each weekend since, and given other players the chance to field them, see how they work against each other, etc.  I even have a battle rep on my channel of one of those games.  it's my way of sharing in the victory - but lets face it, I saved myself close to 100 bucks - and I've got a 3rd baby due in a few months.  I need to save every penny at this point!  can't afford to lose on purpose!  =)
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from BobaMatt in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    This is my opinion on the matter:
    For the FLGS, they should have used Option 1 unless they were unable to obtain someone to fill that role on such short notice. Otherwise, what they did was the best they could. 
    As for the "prize sniper", I think that whole outlook is stupid. Just because you and your group frequent a store, that should not discourage others from participating for fear of being labeled a "prize sniper". As said before, the prizes are not supposed to be for leagues (unless I guess they specifically purchase kits for that? I don't know all the rules around that with FFG and LGSs). I think getting hurt because no one in the group was able to attend and a guy who traveled to get there won the loot is pretty petty.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Cahhmakt in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    I just thought it was messed up to just keep the prize and not do anything with it :/
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Versch in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    Prize Sniping huh?  Man, I can't help but feel that is bad phrasing. 
    I feel you are disappointed that the event wasn't changed to a later date more accommodating to your 'local group'.  Understandable.  The attitude versus 'outsiders' could use an adjustment though.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to flightmaster101 in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    Sorry  I have to call BS on this.  The store gave away the TO prize becasue the TO didn't want the prize and wanted to run a better tournament.  The TO is the store owner who has enough general knowledge to get a tournament running but he doesn't own the game.  He wanted everyone to walk away with a prize, his prize was having people walk away with a favorable view of his store which giving away the squadrons did.  I now know 11 people who are skipping the discounts on coolstuff and mini market to buy from his store b/c he is such a cool guy.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Extropia in Poorly handled Massing at Sullust   
    Did they announce the date move?
    if they did, it seems pretty ok to me. Hugely disappointing for you of course, but they did nothing wrong from the scheduling point of view.
    Paying to split the prize pack is a little hazier, but with only 2 players....probably no other option.
    I'd actually have a bigger problem with your option 3. This pack isnt a league prize, not is it a prize just fro being in the local community. It's a tournament prize.
    it was a bad decision by the FLGS for sure, but i'm not sure if it's "wrong" as such.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to l3afonthewind in Lord of the Rings LCG memes   
    Not to argue for sexist jokes, but I argue that the ones you're referring to (if I'm thinking of the right ones) are actually using the first line setup to subvert expectation of a sexist joke, only to instead deliver an anti-joke. Which actually highlights how the female characters in question are awesome. 
    That was my interpretation, anyway. 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Kiseki in Chase promos, another thing I'm glad will die   
    I'm glad that I will never again have to say to a new player, "you can play that, but it's the most expensive deck build"
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Jedhead in POLL - How many LCGs are you following?   
    Lord of the Rings - 100% of available content
    Star Wars - 100% of available content
    NetRunner - about 85% of available content
    Conquest - 100% of available content
    ...... I have a problem. 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from alexbobspoons in POLL - How many LCGs are you following?   
    Lord of the Rings - 100% of available content
    Star Wars - 100% of available content
    NetRunner - about 85% of available content
    Conquest - 100% of available content
    ...... I have a problem. 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to darthyagi in Is the game dying?   
    I'd have to say that in my area, the game is . . . anemic. I know there are players, because every time I go past the FFG shelves in my local game store, there's a different amount of SWLCG stuff. But the reason--in my mind, at least--that less-organized play at stores doesn't really happen is due to three things. The first is Magic: The Gathering. The second is Android: Netrunner.
    Lastly, the third is that guy that shows up to pretty much every organized play event, wipes the floor with everyone and is a total prick about everything. You know the guy. He's the kind of guy that is beating you to death, and has a totally apathetic attitude toward it all. He takes it for granted that he's going to win. You'd reach across the table and punch him if it was socially acceptable, and not many people would get upset about it.
    But the worst part about 'that guy' is that when you are trying to bring in a new player, an experience like that is going to be absolutely toxic. I know that if my  first experience had been against that guy at that one store, I probably would play a lot less than I do. So, as I cite to my kids all the time, remember Rule Zero: Don't be a jerk. But that's my two cents.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to qwertyuiop in Thorin Company (very powerful dwarf allies deck)   
    When I read your posts, the voice in my head shifts between Eastern European to Scandinavian and back again.
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