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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Attackmack in Bespin and Endor Maps   
    Sadly, I don't have a star field map (tried to get one but they are sold out everywhere) but a buddy of mine has one so I should be able to get a few shots with his by Wed evening (provided the snow over here subsides by then).
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Lyraeus in Bespin and Endor Maps   
    Sadly, I don't have a star field map (tried to get one but they are sold out everywhere) but a buddy of mine has one so I should be able to get a few shots with his by Wed evening (provided the snow over here subsides by then).
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Attackmack in Bespin and Endor Maps   
    Wow... I totally didn't even notice that at first. I just ordered one of each and they are scheduled to be here Tuesday. I will lay them out and post back up on any "space" color difference, if any.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Lyraeus in Bespin Or Death Star II?   
    I am thinking on this one from Deepcut. . . 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Gottmituns205 in Bespin Or Death Star II?   
    It's not 15 degrees and you get a free rebel helmet with every purchase of a portion? 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to charlesanakin in Tie breakers?   
    For me W-L record is always more important than margin of victory. Winning is why you play. No one who is 2-1 should win over a player who is 3-0. Especially given they were tied at 23 pts. The first tie-breaker should be W-L if that's even go on to MOV.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to jeremyj621 in What Happened to FFG Customer Support?   
    My order finally shipped out the 14th, though FFG refused to upgrade shipping due to the delay. Advice to FFG: it's not that difficult to keep customers up to date on the status of their orders. Keep them advised of delays via email (since delays due to inventory were never posted on FFG's website), otherwise you're just going to get a lot of POed customers wondering what's going on. Besides, it's just plain rude and unprofessional to keep customers in the dark when they're paying for something.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Green Knight in Evade Timing Question   
    Ok. so once that part of the die "spending" phase is over, those results are set in regards to accuracy. Thanks! 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from Cubanboy in No wave 3 ad until Jan   
    I am just waiting until they release the Trade Federation faction! lol
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    XCoconutMonkey06X got a reaction from VanorDM in FFG Armada Support! WTF   
    If people want to see the end result of churned out waves, just look to Star Trek: Attack Wing. That game had promise until wave after wave came flying out the doors with very little playtesting IMHO. Turned what could have been a decent game into mud. 
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to GronardII in No wave 3 ad until Jan   
    I'm in the 2 per year max camp. 3, if the third is something like a scenario pack.
    What totally killed x-wing for me was the k wing release. I looked at it and thought, "WTF is a k wing", and walked away from the game. To much crap used to make a 4 ship wave.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Madaghmire in Space Rocks Cease & Desist   
    That's how I got into this mess.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to D503 in Space Rocks Cease & Desist   
    I used to work in the credit card department at a bank.
    Issue a chargeback for your goods, you will get the money back with only one phonecall.  If you paid with Paypal, then chargeback are even easier - it is literally 5 minutes work, just follow the instructions on their website.  
    Paypal almost always protects the customer in any dispute, too.  I had e-bay items I knew were delivered, and because they weren't registered post the recipient just charged it back and I couldn't do squat.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Madaghmire in Heavy fighters screened by a raider with Instigator title.   
    I read it dave.
    In case you thought no one cared.
    I do. I care.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Drasnighta in Maneuver tools and "give"   
    I have had to be frugal, hence my "Fix" of mine, which honestly, only got loose from the times it was pulled apart and put back together to be a shorter measure.
    I'd love to have four.  I'm going to have to put up with one
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Green Knight in Maneuver tools and "give"   
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to ScottieATF in Maneuver tools and "give"   
    I never said you cheated, as you never stated you utilized your maneuver tool at "half" clicks. You asked about it. What I did ask you was how you could rationalize this as anything but cheating. In attempting that rationalization you would have figured out why it wouldn't be anything but cheating.
    You know any give in the manuver tool is not an intended feature but a function of wear, defect, or inproper assembly. You know that the rules only reference "whole" clicks of yaw value. With that the only conclusion is that attempting to maneuver between yaw values is attempting to exploit the deficiency in the maneuver template in a manner the rules don't allow. Exploiting the rules in that matter would certainly qualify as cheating.
    The maneuver template has limited permutations to it. Each ship has limited access to those limited permutations. As a result you will have the ability to perdict all possible positions of any given ship provided decent spatial awareness.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Wildhorn in Instigator and squadrons engaged?   
    There is 2 side about what that "if possible" means.
    Some people think it means "if you can't attack a squadron, then you are allowed to attack a ship".
    Some people think you still can't attack the ship and the "if possible" is just there to prevent a dead-end if the rule was worded "When a squadron attacks, it must attack an engaged squadron rather than an enemy ship" while there was no squadron to attack because you could no start step 1 of the attack.
    So until we get an official answer, both cases are possible.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to ScottieATF in Instigator?   
    That you actually compared WizKids favorable up against FFG in regards to ability to produce quality games is just inconceivable.
    The only thing WizKids does "better" is pump out product. But even that isn't a positive as the product (both the physical product and games) are of such a low quality that thier breakneck release schedule is clearly designed to milk concepts for all they can before players initial enthusiasm dies and they stop playing such poorly made games.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Lyraeus in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    Sounds about right. Since they can't be used for tournaments, the only real reason one would want a new ship is so that you don't have to buy one of those later.
    I paid for 2 tournaments at $20 each. I got 3rd place and 2md place and in my third tournament I was T0. So in the end I got 3 prizes. I bring this up because this game is about the competition.
    FFG is not Oprah. Not everyone gets an ISD.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Irokenics in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    Thank you for being honest with your answers. The questions were structured in a way to show you how the current thinking of 'Prize Sniping' is very hypocritical when applied in similar reversed situations and to show you that its not the prize system or the fact it is an external player that gives you issues but rather that the player themselves have poor personalities.
    Let me address your point about 'fair play' in question 3. We all want fair play, this is done by everyone following the rules of the competition and that no one is cheating or colluding. I believe what you are alluding to is 'noob bashing' that is seen in other game genres such as FPS and RTS where there is a standard level of physical skill and co-ordination. Whilst Armada has certain levels of tactical prowess and co-ordination, they are skills used to manipulate probability of a desired outcome such as getting into a position to fire off shots into the rear arc of a VSD or something. The outcome will most likely be favorable to the player but there is still a chance they will flop the roll with blanks. So keeping this in mind, what I am saying is a player's previous wins at other tournaments has no bearing over the outcomes of the next tournament they play at. The only bearing they will have is a psychological on the people there if they know. It is up to you to choose how this affects you as I know different people will handle it in a different way, but ultimately it is up to you. For example, in another popular game called Texas Hold'em Poker, in which tournaments are held all over the world on a weekly basis, plenty of players show up to tournaments with 1st prize medals/tokens won from previous events to use a placeholder. Players at that person's table will see it and will decide to either ignore it and play normal or to watch out for whatever cunning plan this player has up his sleeves. Either way the prize from the previous tournament has no bearing on the outcome of the Poker game but a psychological one. Also, if you still truly believe that the player is that ungodly skilled in Armada then it would not be fair to let him play in only one event, and it would not be fair to your local community to not have the chance to knock off the champion or test their ideas against that person.
    Also I'd like to address your point about feeling cheated by those who take prizes away from your community. Firstly I acknowledge that you would definitely feel this way due to most likely a strong sense of community bond with your local group vs a person you'd never met before. With the utmost respect, I must tell you that this problem lies with you and your decision to feel that way. What if me as an Australian where there is no Massing of Sullust (Yes FFG im going to keep pushing that point) had the means to travel to the USA and win your local event, taking home an ISD. Would you spread the hate of foreigners stealing your prizes OR add me on Skype so we can have that discussion about a game that we all love? See how that decision lies with you? Of course the most likely thing to influence that decision is if I was an asshat at your event or not right?
    Don't think of your view as schizophrenic, you reacted with what information you had at the time. I just hope I was able to broaden your scope to make that decision on how to feel for the future when there is a wave 3 pre release event! I wish you the best of luck for your future games and tournaments.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Reiryc in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    That's some really bold answers you have there...
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to Irokenics in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    For all those who do not support the side of players who travel to multiple events regardless if they have already won prizes or not, I summarise your counter arguments that in your experience that these 'outsiders' were rude and unsociable towards you and your community which we can all agree is unacceptable. This is a personality issue not a tournament prize issue. Your proposed solution to address this issue by limiting the number of prizes that can be won by a player does not help towards providing an incentive for those benefits I've outlined in my original post and other benefits presented by other posters. The reason this attitude towards external players winning prizes is flawed because of the many other situations that this attitude would not make sense to apply to, for example:
    1. A player who travels to multiple events has won multiple prizes but was nice and sportsmanlike to everyone.
    - Would you have a problem with this?
    - What if he wanted to keep their prizes to offset the costs or bring back to their home FLGS?

    2. A player who travels to multiple events but has won zero prizes and placed bottom all the time, but continues to go to other events with the sole aim of winning a prize because he loves wave 2 and isn't sour about losing.
    - Would you have honestly given a second thought about this player?
    - Would you have changed the tournament rules to get this player a prize?
    - Would you have encouraged this person to come back even though they were not local?

    3. A local player in your meta who had played in other events before the local one and has won prizes from them. This person is a nice, sportsmanlike and social person.
    - Would you have a problem with this local player playing at the local event, even though they already have prizes?
    - Would you expect him to keep or distribute the prizes if he/she won at the local event?
    - Would the above questions change if this person was not nice, sportsmanlike and social but instead rude, unsportsmanlike and/or an introvert?

    Prize winners who pass on their prizes to other players with the intentions of building the community and acknowledging the great running of the event are forever appreciated and stand as testament of sportsmanship. But to force prize winners into forgoing their prizes, you kill the great intentions and sportsmanship of these players and serve to do nothing but encourage less attendance at the event and isolating your own FLGS community.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to thorrk in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    That is a completely different debate, you assume here that people who attend a lot of events to gain prices are buying online and do not support their stores, that is a false assumption.
    Lazy is a relative notion we are all lazy in comparison to someone else. Maybe lazy is not the right word , my point is: people who travels a lot to attend multiple tournaments are making an effort that you don't. I am sure you have a good reason to not do so, that's is fine everyone is free to do whatever he wants, just don't blame people that makes the effort.
    btw I didn't attend a single Sullust event so I might be the worst .
    Once again you are assuming that those people are jerks, false assumption.
    That is a non sense, everyone play to have fun ,we just have fun in a different way , competitive player will have fun through challenge and competition, some other have fun by telling a stories with their game ... When those different gaming culture encounters this is where conflict can come up and this is how we see who is really tolerant.
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    XCoconutMonkey06X reacted to DrunkTarkin in Why the term "Prize Sniping" is toxic to the broader community and needs to stop!   
    Gotta' hand it to OP. I can still smell the gasoline from this casually tossed fire bomb.
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