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  1. Hopefully the table assignments will be better this year than they were last year. Last year was a nightmare!
  2. @Danwarr I could have an unpopular opinion but I don't see that small of a card pool locked an issue. It makes the role selection process have that much more meaning and impact. You still have access to 90% of the cards with a rotating 10%, depending on role selection. In the end though, I think we are stuck on opposite sides of the fence here, lol. At least the new multi-role process seems to somewhat bridge the gap.
  3. @Danwarr You have to take into consideration L5R as a whole. The game was built on the previous premise that the community would have somewhat of a say in how the game progresses. No other CCG or LCG has that. Roles is a way to implement that interaction without it pulling the game way out of whack. As for the "segments of the card pool" you reference being locked out of, that equates to what, less than a handful of cards per clan? I don't think 2-3 cards on the shelf until an applicable role is selected breaks the game. They can be incentive for the hatamotos to choose said role when the time rolls around. There has to be benefits and consequences for being able to impact the game's direction. You get access to some cards and lose access to others. A chunk of the draw of L5R was that you could impact the game. By removing the role locks, there really is no direct impact and boon for achieving hatamoto status. And you can't compare this to other LCGs because it wasn't designed to be like those other LCGs. FFG wanted to keep what made L5R special as best they could and I think they were able to do that, mostly.
  4. I am firmly in the Pro-locked roles camp. It helps retain a little bit of the player involvement from the CCG days without pulling the game into a really weird angle. Players now have a choice in a selective story decision (that may or may NOT develop in a timely manner.....) and a direction on how their clan will play out in the next year. I also think 1 year rotation is the sweet spot. 6 months I feel would be too quick of a turn around but anything beyond a year would be too long. Having it at GC each year kind of gives it a nice annual event that carries serious weight. I also like how when the roles change, you will go back to cards that you may initially have brushed off and now they might be game changers under your new role. I think what they really need to do (and was mentioned somewhere a few times in the past 6 pages of this thread) is to put out some new strongholds. I think the variety of deck flavors can really be brought out there. But we do need to give the game time. Star Wars LCG took a bit to really get a strong variety.
  5. A buddy of mine helped me keep things in perspective when you compare the cost of games to a movie ticket. These days, a ticket costs you about $12, not counting snacks. That gets you about 2-ish hours of entertainment. So in comparison, a $50 board game should in essence get you at least 8-9 hours of entertainment to equate. Anything more is bonus. I am pretty sure you (the OP) have gotten more than your money's worth out of your current BG collection. And nothing says that you can't still keep playing it as is. But going all in on everything pretty much falls on your shoulders, not FFG. They don't say you need all promo cards, 3rd party tokens, accessories, etc.... Those are added expenses you decided to add to enhance your personal preference of playing experience (and there is nothing wrong with that at all). But things happen. We don't know for sure why NR is getting shut down and probably won't ever (unless some higher up who was apart of the conversation leaks the details) so it is what it is. X-Wing was obviously in need of an overhaul and has been out for a ridiculously long time. I know I got an insane amount of entertainment per dollar for the investment I have made in that game.
  6. My biggest gripe is now the reliance on an app to list build.
  7. Ahhhh, ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. So I noticed that the conversion kits list just Grey sleeves required. Does that mean there are no upgrade cards included? Does that mean all my current upgrade cards are not worthless? Or are those remaining legal?
  9. Not a fan of them reprinting the Fellowship event mats. Being part of the event made them feel special. I guess they will start reprinting the championship mats for their other LCGs? Just without the "Champion" written on it? I do really dig The Hobbit mat though. I will definitely have to grab that one!
  10. As soon as Destiny hit the market, I knew this game was now on life support. Made sure to grab the pieces I was missing for my collection while I could. I learned the hard way with Conquest that once it shuts down, so do the stock (still missing the last cycle for that game). I am sad to see this game go though. So much fun. It just never really had a solid push from FFG. At least it didn't feel like it did.
  11. I can't agree with you here. At all. I understand what you are trying to say but it comes out all wrong. Sexism IS something that can happen to men. To be fair, it isn't NEARLY as prevalent as it is with women but you can't dismiss it. To do so is to justify it's use. I haven't seen the Conan Kickstarter but knowing Conan, I am sure just about everyone is half naked, lol. Just take a look at their PC game where you could resize your character's..... appendage...
  12. lol! You aren't the only one. Took me a bit to realise that as well
  13. And see, that is where the issue lays. It is a game that is appealing to the fans of that franchise. You water that down and/or change that and you upset your target audience, which are fans of the Fallout game and lore. This game wasn't initially designed for those who are ignorant of Fallout. Otherwise, they would have made a new IP. This is a licensed game because they want to draw on those fans and pull them into the board game market, if they weren't already. We saw that a little bit with the Bioshock game, Doom, Gears of War, etc... There is a distinct lack of female characters in those games as well but it isn't sexist because that is how the video games are and to change that would piss off the fans. Like I said earlier, new IPs, I am all for more diversity. This industry could use it. My previous example of Ashes is a great example. They have male phoenixborn, female phoenixborn, and phoenixborn of a variety of races and it is awesome. Something there for everyone in addition to being a great game. But in this instance, your fight just doesn't fit or work. If you have an issue with that area, you need to hit up Bethesda.
  14. In the end, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. I agree that women can be represented more (as can a slew of minorities as well). I disagree that the Fallout game is sexist.
  15. It all stems from the actual start of this thread. "Sexism never changes". Granted, this thread has taken many twists and turns along the way and has ended up with a few people just standing on their soap boxes, arguing just to say they argued for something. I was (and am) never against more frequency of female characters in anything. From books to games to movies. I could care less. But to blast this game because there are fewer "perceived" female characters and lore be damned, well I don't know what else to tell you.
  16. Normally, I would say "don't hold your breath" for expansions for a game based off of 3rd party IPs because they tend to get sticky when it comes to the contracts and stuff but then I remember that they had decent roll outs with their GW games and expansions. So color me hopeful!
  17. So you attempt to explain away your hypocrisy then? Good job, awesome show.
  18. I can't believe this s*** show is still going on. I tried to find a similar thread over on the Star Wars Legion forum, you know, cause all the stormtroopers and rebels look like dudes, but found nothing. Also hit Runebound but also came up empty handed. What gives? If we are on the path to re-writing established game lore for more female figs and proclaim games sexist, why stop here? And while you are at it, why not stop over at the PHG forums and commend them for including many female characters in their new IPs? Show some positivity there.
  19. That would makes sense for a new IP. Fallout is established as is. Take, for example, PHG's Ashes game. There is, I would hazard to say, more female Phoenixborn characters than male and everyone I know who plays it is ok with that (and they are all guys). It works because it wasn't a previously established IP that was shoehorned to fit someone else's world views. It was fresh, new, and the creators made it that way. Fallout never had anatomically correct power armor nor has there ever been flagrant female super mutants. It just wasn't how it was written/created. I have zero issues with stronger female characters in new IPs. Just don't force established IPs to alter their lore and such.
  20. I am with Crow on this. I still don't see a sexist view on this game. It really does feel like a troll post because of the far reach on that accusation. It was said that you get "bogged down in the semantics of insider "Lore" in regards to the characters sexes with the Brotherhood and super mutants. Well, the game is designed to appeal to Fallout fans and those said fans are expecting that "insider lore" because that is what is in the video game that they are now are excited is on the table top. You can't throw out lore just to fit your specific view point. When I play Uncharted, Nathan Drake is a guy. I don't feel that is oppressive or sexist because that is how the story & game were written. When playing Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is a woman. Again, I don't feel that is oppressive or sexist because that is how that particular story & game was written. Fallout was was made in a certain way with its own lore. Fans of all 3 games expect the lore to remain, no matter what the medium is. If they made a Tomb Raider board game, you can expect everyone will want to play the Lara Croft figure because that is the lore and the main character. You won't see people complaining about the lack of some forced in "dude bro" figure to even the sexes count because that is just plain stupid. It doesn't fit the story or lore.
  21. This seems like complaining for the sake of complaining. It is a game about Fall Out. Of course the characters you play will be based on the lore of the game. It is what is expected.
  22. I think this whole thing is stupid. It is all based around assumptions. OP assumes the Brotherhood and Super Mutant are males and thus feels there needs to be more women. What if I assume those figures are female? Lore can back either point of view but in the end, assuming gets you nowhere. The first 3 letters of that word are what we look like when we assume. Being an SJW over an assumption is even worse. Asking for additional, more gender specific models only creates more traps. Increased production costs for starters. Then people will want transgender figures or any of the other flavor of preference out there (I am starting to lose count). As it stands, the game really has what, 2 confirmed male characters in the Vault Dweller and the Ghoul? 1 confirmed female and 2 which can go either way. That seems pretty balanced to me.
  23. I agree with some of the statements above. The playmat and promo cards were pretty sweet but I had really hoped that there was going to be a scenario included. My group wanted to just pay the reg fee, grab their loot, and then reconvene at one of our houses to play since there was no real incentive to stay. Which, I guess explains why my FLGS decided to hold on to the promo cards until about 1 1/2 hours into the event before handing those out. Including Lunacy would have made the event 10 times better. As mentioned above, they hit the nail on the head with their LOTR Fellowship events. New scenarios to sit down and play and with the last 2 Fellowship events being up to 12 players, it got people invested for the experience. I also think they missed the mark with the Ultimatums. Being on a sheet of paper, of which there wasn't even enough for everybody, was a fail. If production costs were an issue/reason, they could easily have saved some $$ by making the promo token card out of card and not plastic. I would have happily accepted that if it meant I got the Ultimatums in card form. As it stands, I was unable to secure one of the sheets so the Ultimatums are pretty much dead to me. On the bright side, I really like the playmat.
  24. You will. It is the nature of competitive card games. If X card doesn't make my life easier or if it makes other people's decks work better, then it's CRAP! lol
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