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  1. I have found the most cost effective way is to sleeve your encounter cards and put your Hero/Aspect cards in a card binder. That way, you can just sleeve your deck as you build/play them and by having them in a binder, you can flip through them easier which I find makes deck-building a bit more user friendly
  2. I am still trying, to this day, to figure out what Rob was thinking while putting that Cap art out. Like, how he thought basic anatomy could possibly work that way, lol.
  3. OMG, Yes! I am not a fan of the mats. At all! I think the launch mat was pretty decent and generic enough but the actual hero specific ones leave much to be desired, especially seeing what they can do via the other LCG mats they have released (Arkham and LoTR mats are amazing!!).
  4. You are wrong! My opinion on the art is the ONLY opinion that matters, lol. In all honesty, I know personal taste has A LOT to do with this gripe. Like, personally, I would have preferred they stuck with 1 artist for each hero for consistency but understand that is probably not the easiest thing to do. I am also someone who hates the fact that the cards are colored by their aspect. Minor gripe but I would have preferred just a symbol or something. Not a fan of the Crayola look but it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the game.
  5. I really have to agree with you. There are certain cards that look pretty solid but others that just give me the "WTF?!" face when trying to think about who decided that was the best picture to utilize. The only thing I can think of is that Marvel is giving them access to only a limited pool of images "approved" by them. Maybe due to artist rights/royalties or what have you. But using Google Images, I can make a better art deck for any hero in about 20 minutes, lol
  6. I have seen people have success finding them at Barnes & Noble book stores.
  7. I pre-ordered straight from Asmodee and my copy arrived on Monday. Anyone know if they are having similar stock issues like with previous packs? That was the driving force for me to order straight from them so I could guarantee myself a copy and not get "allocated".
  8. You have a legitimate point. For L5R, it launched alongside playmats (at least they had them all at GenCon that year). Not sure why it would take 2-ish + months to get them out. I ended up going to Inked Gaming to get my own made.
  9. Negative. Even his link takes you to a 404 page
  10. In some LOTR LCG big multiplayer games, they have the players broken down into smaller groups and each group is facing a different "stage" that at the end of the round, all interact depending on the status/advancement. So you are heavily invested in your pod but also interested in the others because their performance indirectly (or sometimes directly) affects your future progress.
  11. True. That would make it a pretty unwieldy request unless they provided the decks, lol. I am just hoping for a larger player count scenario.
  12. I hadn't heard that. Thanks for the info! Makes sense now. Also makes it harder to predict! lol
  13. While true, they have had success with the LOTR and AH events and those are limited by who plays which heroes/investigators. To the point where people show up with at least 2 decks, just in case.
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