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  1. Merry christmas from Paris ! (Colorado, nice ! give a hello to Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny please !)
  2. I think mac means common capcitiies like, Flight or Poison or Terrain Walk, but many of them are already in the core set. So not a big deal.
  3. i'Ve seen player guide and vault, errata is in, for example Bright order has his modification.
  4. exciting, that's a real different format, more classical, I think for bestiary it's indispensable because there are all NPC/monsters actions (around a hundred at the total). There are three main parts, first the classical bestiary with opponent's description, in the second part the list of all actions, and finally the opponent's stats. All parts are very exhaustive, for a example you have 9 types of skavens (stormvermin, plague monk...) There are also many options: sorts of group capacity for opponants of the same type (Waaagh for greenskins) and new capacities for certains types (primal fury for beastmen). Just a question, anybody knows if Omens of war will be signs of faith type or more like guides ? For PCs i Think that cards are very importants.
  5. available in Paris;, i have the creature guide in my hands !
  6. thanks for the news ! I ordered it Monday evening and I'm waiting for confrimation of sending. If that's confirmed that will be a great exception, for this time european will not have roleplaying products 2 weeks after Americans. Indeed we will have to wait until march for a French version...
  7. you're right ! that was modified this afternoon, i think we will have it in France one weeek after US as for EON.
  8. any idea about the release date ? Please ! Seeing this post make more more excited !
  9. are there action cards for tzeentch spells ? What is precisely tzeentch marks power ?
  10. any stores at your knwoledge have already received the GM toolkit ? (not in France at least )
  11. i Just forgot a precision: i've canceled the limit of maximum advances in a career. Complete a career is useful to keep it special ability while changing for another and for specialisations. There is a fourth solution create your owns carrees: I will do that for Bretonnian knights ! (Bretonnia is very popular for french players).
  12. First of all, I'm french so I'm apologize for my poor English. I will add my opinion to that interesting discussion. I bought the game in december (at the incredible cost of 92€ !) and we have done around 15 game's sessions now, and this RPG is one of the best i've ever played. Yea there is a problem with long term play , but sincerely i found 2 solutions: 1) to consider certains carreers like simply a social role (example the carreer "soldier" mean a simple soldier as a great captain...skills are the same like leadership or discipline. 2) to consider advanced carreers like upgrade of status, nothing more ( an acolyte is a wizard and simply with that carreer you can be lord wizard or more...the career means only you have finished your class). And all of my team is happy with that. And the third solution is to wait for new careers, and i think FFG will do new carreer, now they catched us, they must increase the addict ! What do you think about my solutions fellows mates ?
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