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  1. I consider "tabletop quality" to be flat colors with a wash and maybe one highlight. Anything above that is "Pro quality" to me. But strictly speaking, yeah a person who gets paid to paint is technically a professional painter, regardless of quality.
  2. Hey folks, it's been a while since I have posted anything but I had a tournament coming up and 4 Stormtroopers left to paint. So I painted Veers instead.
  3. Also, it occurs to me that I haven't posted a photo of all three of my 501st Legion stormtrooper leaders with full designs yet:
  4. Ok, I've had a chance to paint up my snowtroopers! They still need proper bases, but I'm happy with how they came out: After the stormtroopers, I was sick of painting white so I went with something a little bit different.
  5. I've been away doing things and haven't posted in a bit but I did manage to get an AT-ST done.
  6. I used corax and didn't have that problem. You want several light sprayings from about a foot away. If the paint you are using is losing surface tension and running: -There is mold release or soap still on the model. If you've already washed with soap, soak for a bit in just warm water and let dry 24 hours. -Your paint is too thin, especially if you use water instead of medium. Or you may have pools of water in the recesses from not drying long enough after washing. -Your have bare plastic and should use a primer to give the paint something to hold onto. After that, maybe it's some weird batch of plastic, but so far everything I've painted has taken paint excellently.
  7. I don't understand. Where is the AT-ST in that picture?
  8. I've made no headway on stormtroopers. but a friend commissioned me to paint his Vader like mine. Apparently, lightning can strike twice:
  9. Thanks. The regular troopers aren't 501st, just under the command of Vader's retinue of elites. If we get elite stormtrooper squads as special forces, those units will be pure 501st.
  10. They won't be different. Just regular dudes in white armor. It won't be necessary to differentiate them 99% of the time. I don't really plan on mashing units together on the battlefield.
  11. Each leader model will have a different set of blue markings. The idea is that Vader shows up to take command with his elite 501st troopers and they take command of the regular troopers. So each unit leader will be unique.
  12. Hopefully they work now. For some reason Photobucket just plain stopped working.
  13. I just used Games Workshop Nuln Oil but as lightly as possible. Edit: I should also note it is only applied to the recesses with a thin brush.
  14. I've been painting for over 20 years. Mostly Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, but I also churn out the occasional mini for role-playing or other games. Not a lot of recent stuff but my ill-used blog has some examples: www.deepdarkdungeons.blogspot.com
  15. It's 1/16th inch acrylic rod cut to length, washed red and given a gloss coat.
  16. We had a blast playing games. I brought the only painted commander to my launch weekend, so I walked away with this:
  17. Well, Vader of course. Just in time for Launch Weekend.
  18. This may be threadomancy, but I wanted to point out that I suggested the idea of the new Gates of Arkham expansion over a year ago
  19. What about splitting each wizard into 3 hero cards with different abilities or even spheres? You would have to take all 3 cards as your heroes and they would all be treated separately. Losing one card would be like taking a major wound for the wizard rather than a death. As 3 separate cards, each wizard would have plenty of space for abilities and it would be easier to design instead of trying to shoehorn everything into a single hero card.
  20. It would be cool to see "Arkham Location" cards that could be opened up by completing adventures, kind of like Other World Cards. It would be nice to see some familiar locales in Arkham itself, and could represent investigators leaving the museum to fetch important items or allies, with few or no Elder Sign rewards, to keep Other Worlds important.
  21. What if the bomber (or bombs in general) could target ships it is in contact with? Basically representing it swooping upwards and opening the bomb bays as it passes.
  22. I have only recently begun playing this game, but I have written an article about my impressions of it on my blog: http://deepdarkdungeons.blogspot.com/2012/10/favored-enemy-dungeonquest-or-how-i.html Enjoy!
  23. I worked up a solo scenario on my blog: Nothing fancy, but here it is: http://deepdarkdungeons.blogspot.com/2012/09/star-wars-x-wing-episode-ii-bring-me.html Enjoy!
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