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  1. I'll second Army Painter brushes. Unless you are whipping up some Golden Demon models, they are great. Reasonably priced and (my favorite feature) have triangular handles so they don't roll away. Get the wargamer ones though. Their cheaper "hobby" line has round handles and is entirely trash. I also use the Regiment and Character as my workhorses and I have a Psycho for ridiculously small jobs, but it rarely gets used.
  2. This is also a facetious argument. Not using components for a game is not the same as using the components for a game but "ugly". Unlike chits, models have 3D shapes that affect gameplay, usually through line of sight. The reason to use the components for the game is to facilitate gameplay with a minimum of house ruling, i.e. as the game is intended to be played in the rulebook. The dimensions of a chit change that, a coat of paint does not. Once again, you can enjoy spectacle and want to achieve greater spectacle through your own efforts. Insisting that others do so to improve your experience is selfish and immature. If you don't insist that people paint their models then I don't see what we are arguing about.
  3. Unpainted is not the same as forgetting required components or not having a list. Both of those are required to physically play the game. Painting is completely an aesthetic choice and very optional for purposes of the game. You are insisting that someone else go out of their way to make your experience better for you. You view it as selfish to show up with an unpainted armies but is equally, if not more so considering actual work is involved, selfish to require it. I like to paint. I have a lot of things to paint. I only paint when inspired. I have other things in my life I'd like to do as well. If you played 40k against my Thousand Sons, you'd never see a painted model. I like the army and background but I don't want to paint them. Conversely, my Legion army is almost completely painted, as I actually work towards finishing them all. I'm not going to complain about someone showing up to a game with unpainted armies because they didn't feel like painting. They might feel like sculpting, or reading. Maybe in their spare time they tie flies or work on their custom cars. Not everybody devotes the same amount of energy to every hobby they have. And that's ok. It's their hobby too and they have the choice to enjoy it the way they want. Just because you've set the bar low for them doesn't mean they have to jump over it.
  4. All I can say is you can accept that people want to play the game different ways and everyone can play games or you can gatekeep and only some people can play games. Making people feel bad for pushing toy soldiers around the field to their own standards is way ruder than someone playing a grey army. It's ok to have personal standards but pushing those standards on others is wrong. And equating an unpainted army with a hygeine or behavioral issue is insulting to all parties in the equivocation and facetious in the extreme. But I fear this topic has gone off the rails.
  5. Honestly, I've found a fully loaded AT-ST with Weiss a fair waste of points. I recommend leaving Weiss at home and picking one weapon upgrade that appeals to your style Long range: Mortar Generalist: Cannon Aggressive: Grenade launcher Then you can use those points for more bodies on the field. An HQ uplink can be really useful to activate when absolutely needed but don't expect to use it more than once or twice a game. I wouldn't call it a necessity though.
  6. Do yourself a favor and download the learn to play book from the product page. It'll give you the information you need and help you better inform your purchases. If you have any questions not answered by that, the rules reference is also available for download.
  7. I'm not usually a fan of bright color schemes but somehow this really works!
  8. ImhotepMagi

    1.4 Laser

    That looks great! I love the idea of turning the base into a little vignette!
  9. Yeah I don't think they are any different but I'd lean toward bigger, so I imagine it's my imagination too.
  10. I don't really notice, but they might be a tiny bit taller if everyone were standing up straight. It's not something that's really bothersome unless you are incredibly anal about a mm or two.
  11. They're Blue Stars! They are based off a bootleg toy line from a Turkish company called Uzay. I try to pick in-universe or screen accurate colors where possible, but the reference to a reasonably famous bootleg toy was too much to pass up.
  12. Yeah, it just doesn't bother me at all. Rebels should look rag-tag and varied. Snowtroopers look great when painted up as elite troops and it's very easy to run all snows or all stormies and have a themed force. I just don't see the issue here. As far as competing with other games, all it needs to be is Star Wars. It has a solid system and mainstream appeal. There's no turn-off for the majority of people.
  13. I got my E-Web painted up lickety split with my Blue Stars color scheme. I really love how quickly the scheme paints up. And the family photo:
  14. The only thing I can really tell you is practice, practice, practice. Almost no-one is great right out of the gate. It's taken me 20 years of painting to get where I am and I'm still not as good as some. As some have said, look up how to do techniques, watch videos, thin your paints and just work on control. Ultimately, you just have to get comfortable with the idea of making mistakes and be happy with the level you can achieve. Challenge yourself to get better but don't expect to master a new technique right out of the gate. And don't rush. Some of us also paint slowly. I'm lucky if I crank out a new mini each month. Don't rush and you'll get there eventually. If you make it into a chore you won't enjoy it.
  15. I like to bling out my games, so I bought a Star Wars themed (Imperial of course) dice bag and put all my tokens in coin capsules. So satisfying to shake up.
  16. Thanks! I tried to make him as screen accurate as possible within the limits of my painting skills. Then of course I went and painted the emblem on the wrong shoulder! But that just makes him Episode IV Special Edition Boba Fett I guess. And the reference is from one of the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials. The enduring legacy of Fett I think really comes down to him just looking menacing and the intricacy of is costume. It's got so many little details he really looks "lived in" and it gets you really wondering what each bit does or where it came from. You start imagining adventures right away. Also, the great thing about a silent or nearly so character is it is easier to put yourself in that role, mentally, because there's very little pre-determined personality. That way, Fett is whoever you imagine him to be and I imagine everyone views him a little differently, a personal Boba for everyone. It's the same theory Nintendo has on why Link never gets a voice actor or lines beyond screams and grunts. Your Link is more "you" in your mindset. I also almost went ESB so I could paint less red (I hate painting red) but then noticed the blaster was the RotJ one and my inner OCD Nerd clawed it's way out. When I made the shoulder mistake I lamented it for about a day and a half until I could find an instance of it being on the right. Special Edition FTW!
  17. It has been shortened that way on occasion, yes. I prefer Vorpal or Noodle as shorthand though.
  18. I used to run a LARP where each game master was a powerful wizard called a Magi and my Magi name was Imhotep. So this user name is the user name I used on the groups for that game. I made this account before I started using the username I prefer now, VorpalPoolNoodle.
  19. He shot first, and last. He doesn't use the Force, he just uses force. He has never called anything "wizard". He has never had a bad feeling about "this". Boba Fett is: The Most Interesting Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy.
  20. That snowtrooper looks great! I love the colors.
  21. That last bit, I believe, is patently untrue. I have sold painted miniatures in the past and most of my paint jobs are applied with a hefty dose of profanity.
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