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  1. Your pool of friends and acquaintances are outside the norm. Once again, Google it. The entire world's opinion is available to you. Your experiences are not the only experiences and insisting they are the only basis for the definition is entirely absurd.
  2. Prohibited from being rolled in certain settings by certain rulings. A dog is still a dog even if "no dogs allowed" is fairly common. What joy? Why are spindowns so important to you?
  3. At this point, mostly to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. I've got my long ears and fluffy tail on and everything.
  4. As long as those faces have numbers or symbols and are being rolled to produce a result, yes.
  5. Anything you can roll with faces that have numbers or symbols on it that could produce a result, yes. You could turn a car into a die by painting numbers on each face and rolling it, though I suspect you wouldn't want to do that while driving it.
  6. Have you never rolled one between your fingers to find the result you wanted, pal?
  7. It is also foolish in the extreme to project your own opinions as held by the gaming community as a whole. Google "spin down life counter" and count the number of results that call it a die. The MTG Wiki lists it as a die, which is a pretty clear indicator that it is generally perceived to be a die, even within the MTG community. It will never not be a die. It may be a die that can be used as a token or counter, but it is still a die. It's ok to admit when you're wrong. Often people will like you more for it than bullheadedly sticking to an opinion when it is provably wrong.
  8. Hey, don't call him obtuse. He's just coming at this from a different angle.
  9. It's not belittling. I didn't say it was good or bad, simply that you were achieving the opposite of what I perceived as your goal. If your goal is not to prove you are smarter than the rules document or the people that disagree with you, then I apologize. For the offense I have caused, I apologize. I would very much like to know what your goal is. However, I do notice you have not refuted any of my legitimate arguments and have focused on this instead. Do you have any thoughts on those?
  10. There's no other reason to argue this hard over a line of text in a tournament document. 99% of people will see that and just assume they can bring any dice or dice-like object. In practice, bringing a spindown will 99% of the time will have it nixed by the TO. It is a functionally moot point. The only reason to work this hard on this is because you own stock in spindown dice or you want to prove you've beaten FFG at it's own game. There's also the rush of winning a debate, which proves you are better capable of forming an argument which can be perceived as being "smarter". That's the only reason I'm doing this and fully admit it. There's no aspersion here, just calling it like I see it.
  11. You could also argue, that picking up a spindown die and moving it to a desired side is still rolling as well. roll /rōl/ verb 1. move or cause to move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis. Even in it's "intended" use a spindown is a polyhedral shape that is rolled (between your fingers) to produce a result. In this case, you pick it up and turn it over to produce the result you wish rather than a random result. It's a die and always has been.
  12. He's not misunderstanding, he's willfully ignoring intent and focusing on black and white "legality" to prove to everyone how smart he is. He is, however, producing the opposite effect.
  13. No, the range it produces is just determined differently. It still performs the same function as a die: it can be rolled and result is produced. That result is still random within the parameters of the die's design. You could argue that a spindown couldn't be used as a stand in for a D20 because the result range can be narrowed with skill, but that just means it's not a true d20 and more of an altered die like a "cheater's die" with two 20s. Bad or illegal, it is still a die. Trying to use such a die would be cheating, unless that is the exact range you are trying to produce, just like using 2d6 to stand in for a d12 would be cheating. It doesn't change that dice are still involved.
  14. You can call it money. No one has to accept from you. Moreover, there are specific legal ramifications that prohibit the use of counterfeit US currency. But if you wanted to print up WAAAGH Bucks and try and trade them for things, you would have your own money. It has all the trade backing you can personally give it. Congratulations, now try and get someone to take it. However, even if we accept your argument that a spindown is a token, the ultimate legality of 3rd party tokens is up to the Marshall or TO. I can bring 26 pieces of rabbit poop to use as aember. It would perform all the functions of tokens as laid out in the rules. I highly doubt I would be allowed to use it. The Marshall or TO may disallow anything that isn't official if it is deemed disruptive or able to be used for cheating and that is their prerogative.
  15. If you go by the dictionary definition of dice, no die without exactly six sides and pips is a die. The commonly accepted definition of dice is any polyhedral shape with numbers or symbols on them that can be rolled to produce a result A spindown die can be rolled to produce a result. It is generally not allowed in competitive settings by the rules of those settings because it is laid out in a way that makes it able to be manipulated. It being less balanced or random doesn't make it any less a die. Weighted dice, "cheater's" dice with duplicate sides, badly balanced dice (either intentional or through poor production) etc. are still dice. The results they produce are produced within a narrower range determined by their design rather than their faces. They are still rolled and produce a result. Whether it was designed with use as a die doesn't change the fact that it also fits all the criteria of a die as well. Intent doesn't change function.
  16. "I'm Luke Skywalker! I'm here to rescue you!" Not 100% by best work but he's good enough to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. Painting Rebel scum feels weird.
  17. If you use the website you can see new decks as they are registered, and not alphabetical. My two personal decks that crack me up are: The Thrall That Forgives The Little Guy Cornerleaner the Sportily Acute
  18. In a casual setting with opaque sleeves, your friends might let you use a duplicate card from another deck. In a tournament, though, you would have to have all your cards for that deck.
  19. It's definitely consistent. I usually focus on aember generation with Mars; stealing, and protection with Shadows; and general disruption with Dis. But each faction has enough overlap in each of those areas to lend a hand. It struggles a bit against Sanctum but that's what Gateway is for.
  20. This was my very first deck. Quite fun learning to play on this:
  21. The more I see snows with brown or khaki cloth bits, the more I like them. Good stuff.
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