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  1. You have to understand, when you ask someone to paint miniatures for you, you are asking for skilled work. It's basically like commissioning a painting. It requires time, skill and materials. I would be taking a pay cut at $10 an hour for painting miniatures and my regular job is way easier. And then I'm supplying my own paints, brushes, etc. It's not unreasonable to charge well above, especially if you are good at it. Art is always seriously undervalued for the amount of work that goes into it.
  2. Is this the thread where we argue about whether it's rude if people don't paint their miniatures? Or is it one one of the many others that have come before? Only 2 things matter: 1) Follow the Adepticon rules if you want to play at Adepticon. 2) Don't be a jerk.
  3. I don't know but I'm honestly starting to wonder!🤣
  4. It's a known issue and has been since pre-launch. There are always going to be disreputable people who will abuse things like this. It's a lot like Pokemon boxes that can be mapped. Could it be better? Sure. But it's something that is driven by the secondary market and FFG isn't responsible for that, nor do I think that market will really be that robust once things calm down. The point of the game is to get a deck, any deck, and play it. As long as you get your decks from trusted sources, like any collectible product, it's something that won't come up but very rarely.
  5. It's the old "the flaps at the bottom are easy to reseal if you want to scam people" thing.
  6. Yes, anything worth doing usually takes extra work. But the bonus is that you can share those same pictures everywhere with the same links and don't have to rely on the forum to fix your problem for you.
  7. Use a photo hosting site like Flickr or Imgur. Then just post the img links
  8. Honestly, every time I see him, I imagine him bopping out a beat on the generator with his hands while listening to music in his helmet.
  9. "And now, young Skywalker...you will die." It may be bad planning, but I really want to put Vader and Palps on the table together.
  10. Legion minis have been my fave minis to paint in the last year. I play Imperials, so the limited palette helps speed things along. I just finished Palpatine in about an hour and a half, including the airbrush basecoat and wash drying times. The lack of crazy detail on them helps too.
  11. Shadows is my current favorite in theme and playstyle. Mars is super fun though, so that's my second.
  12. Regular Vallejo surface primers, sometimes with a little thinner. I use their acrylic Air line and GW's Air line mainly. The ventilation/mask is mostly for the paint particles, and like I said unless you are spraying a lot, you don't really get buildup in the air.
  13. I played with my horsemen deck at our store's launch tournament. We used a different deck each round. I won the round I played it but honestly it was the untamed side that won it. The Horsemen did very little.
  14. @TauntaunScout ventilation isn't really an issue unless you are spraying a LOT. A unit of 4-6 dudes can be done without a mask or fans as long as you don't stick your face right in it. Just gotta watch the over spray. If you're super worried about it, you can get a good mask for about $30.
  15. Get yourself an airbrush. Best investment I ever made and I'm just using it for priming and basecoats.
  16. I don't mind her being a commander. I actually like the idea of having all sorts of cool characters to use and different types of command styles to choose from. I was more saying her command style is more "you kill that stuff, I'll do my thing". She'll be a fun commander.
  17. I would like to see the Ghost crew just to add some variety for my Rebels, but I'm an Imperial player at heart so give me those Inquisitors! I think Kallus could be a fun unit. Maybe he could be a Rebel operative that replaces a unit leader in an opposing Corps unit. He could give negatives to that unit while in it and his command cards could mess with units within a certain range. If the unit gets wiped out he dies, but if he's the only one left, he becomes a single trooper unit under the command of the player who brought him, using his own card.
  18. As far as Jyn being a leader goes, with her abilities she's not much of a leader. She's very independent on the battlefield and pretty much just provides her courage and command range while zipping off on her own. I think that works for someone who inspired an attack but then went off on her own part of the mission. She's a leader in more of the Luke sense than the Leia sense.
  19. That's how I view it. The Rebels are making a surgical strike against odds they think they can manage before the rest of the legion is alerted to their presence.
  20. I know that and you know that. It's just that rolling, as defined by throwing it to gain a result, is the crux of the "not a die" argument since spindown dices are not "intended to be rolled". I agree that it's a die and that even if it weren't it wouldn't be legal. But it definitely is a die.
  21. The problem with this argument is that there *are* dice that are not thrown on a flat surface but instead picked up and rolled to a particular face. This definition is as out of touch with the current uses of dice as the one that says dice are six-sided and have pips and nothing else.
  22. It doesn't meet *your* definition of a die. It meets the commonly accepted definition of a die. Just because you want to call it something else doesn't make it not that thing.
  23. Well if we are not citing specifics, then I can say I've never seen a forum post that has suggested that it wasn't a die, just that it wasn't a *fair* die to use in a game. But there are all manner of sales listings, wikis and forum posts that describe spindowns as dice. And they vastly outnumber your opinion that they aren't, which is so far the only one I've ever encountered.
  24. So a die isn't a die unless it's allowed in a tournament? Loaded dice aren't allowed in tournaments either. They are still dice.
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